Friday, January 9, 2009

Could They Be Anymore Obvious?

Now why do you think our Federal Government Overlords are so concerned about making sure everyone is prepared for the switch from Analog to Digital TV broadcasting?

Federal subsidized coupons to ensure that even the poorest of the poor can afford to get the converter box for their TV that?


TV is the primary means of indoctrinating the masses of we the sheeple so as to continue the social engineering goals of our Brave New World Order.


MarkyMark said...

I have a TV, but it's not connected to the outside world. I could set it up with the DVD/VCR player I also have, thus enabling me to watched taped programs. Overall though, I don't miss my TV...

Deadbeat Dad said...

Very sound observation, I think, HL. I gave my television away almost 20 years ago, and have scarcely watched one since. Back then, it was simply because I had more interesting things to do with my time; these days, in a country which is probably experiencing the most rapid erosion of civil liberties anywhere in the Western world, my aversion to television is motivated as much by mistrust of media manipulation by government than anything else (and there is mounting hostility even towards even the BBC here now).

Four years ago, out of disgust for the disinformation and outright lies spread about the Fathers 4 Justice campaign for family law reform here in the UK, I also stopped buying newspapers. Ironically, the so-called 'qualities' were probably the worst offenders, because they play host to a particularly prolific and virulently misandristic feminist commentariat (check out this article in The Observer for an idea of what I am talking about).

And, finally, earlier this year I cut the umbilical cord connecting me to BBC Radio 4 (thanks to Woman's Hour et al). That did hurt (a little).

All of these media channels produce some extremely high quality content, but I felt that they had become compromised way beyond the point where I was prepared to tolerate the constant intrusion of mindless and doctrinaire dross.

Great blog, btw. I don't necessarily endorse your perspective on gender issues, but it is always articulate and thought-provoking. I discovered it a little while back through your contributions to MIsForMalevolent, and have been a regular reader ever since, although I don't believe I have commented previously.

Please keep up the good work. I am confident -- judging from the views I hear expressed by men (and a few women) that I encounter in everyday life -- that there is a rapidly growing appetite for alternatives to the feminist bullshit expounded by the mainstream media, and blogs such as this one are needed now more than ever before.

MarkyMark said...


The folks in TV call their shows 'programming' for a REASON...