Tuesday, October 30, 2007

What a Vacation!

I'm back...and I had a great time drinking my way through the UK!

I had a great two weeks, driving through the Scottish Highlands, visiting the Dalwhinnie and Talisker distilleries, visiting castles and ending the trip with a day at the Guiness Storehouse/Brewery in Dublin.

Great experiences all around...but I must say, I had an eye for evidence of just how bad the matriarchal nanny state has gotten in Britain, and I do believe MRA folks like Fred X, Eternal Bachelor and Captain Zarmband, an Irishmen Against Feminsm et al are not exaggerating.

Just watching UK TV was eye opening to how femi-centric the mass media is. And PSA ads plastered all over Buses and public transportation stations about men who abuse women and children were everywhere. Dublin was especially bad...they apparently have a campaign right now about men who drink too much, and every one of them depict a pretty, but stern looking women with a serious look on her face with the caption "I've had enough!"

The television shows were something else as well. I watched a show at Inverness called "Love in Britain" and it was an unbelievable show...it followed the love lives of several women throughout their lives in the UK and Australia. Just about all of these women behaved like hussies and tramps in their youths, had illegitimate children from multiple men, and were portrayed as sympathetic victims of male predators and no-good womanizers.

UK television really is feminized more blatantly than American TV. I almost couldn't believe it, but it's true.

Anyhow, I still had a great time and am glad to be back! Time to check out the MRA blogosphere to see if I missed much while I was away!


Sociopathic Revelation said...

Welcome back, dear sir (raises a glass of Southern Comfort to toast HL).

Yeah, I'm a So Co fan, indeed.

UK TV worse than ours? That's a scary thought.

Anonymous said...

welcome back.

I agree with SR that it is a SCARY THOUGHT that UK TV could be MORE misandric than America's

Anonymous said...

Let me tell you that our remembrance day appears to have given way to a reunion do of the girls of st.trinians.