Friday, October 12, 2007

Feminist Stupidity Kills

Here's an example of feminists jumping upon an unproven theory and promoting another "Informational Cascade" that ended up needlessly costing the lives of women...

Here's an article about the book "Overtreated:"

...concerning the aggressive treatment for breast cancer, Brownlee concludes (p. 141):

...insurers unwittingly made the treatment a feminist cause by refusing to pay for it. Breast cancer advocacy groups...threw their weight behind the embattled women...When transplanters like Peters testified in court that the procedure was established practice, when in fact it was not, they stoked the perception among patients that high-dose chemo offered a shot at cure.

Hope Rugo stopped performing transplants on breast cancer patients in 1999...she said, "We believed in it passionately. Now I think about all the women who died during transplant, who would have lived much longer without it."

Doctors and hospitals did not wait for clinical trial results before embracing what turned out to be an ineffective, painful, and debilitating procedure.

It's so easy to manipulate these foolish activist feminists into believing unproven theories as facts, and getting them to lobby for "solutions" that make problems worse than they were before they got involved.


Uncharted Thoughts said...

Feminism has degraded into a tool to apply political pressure to force others to meet there demands.

Whats frightening is these are the same morons who will demand the government strip us of our rights and liberty for 'safety' of women or some other bullshit.

They are useful idiots; whoever hands them a sac of money and a half baked idea, starts the next crusade. Ugh, we are in trouble...

Anonymous said...

"Feminism has degraded into a tool to apply political pressure to force others to meet [their] demands."

That's all any political movement that bases itself in identity politics has *ever* done. Sadly, I fear that identity politics will never leave us as a society. This leads one to wonder if some sort of 'masculinist' movement that boldly asserts itself in the interests of men, just as feminism unapologetically does for women, must become inevitable. The two political movements could then simply fight tooth and nail over every gender related issue in the same sort of one sided way that lawyers do in a trial. Perhaps equality could be found somewhere in the political stalemate that would eventually develop. At the very least, I certainly don't see the current gender discourse in which feminist perspectives alone are heard as being able to bring about anything remotely relating to equality. So long as women have a politically active wing working toward the interests of women exclusive to all other concerns, then men should support and maintain such movements of their own - unless they want to simply be brow beaten into submission, one at a time, by one wave of female 'activists' after another.

Unknown said...

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