Friday, October 12, 2007

Going on Vacation

I'm heading to the UK for two weeks of vacation tomorrow, so I will not be blogging at all until I get back. I plan on visiting a few Scotch distilleries and the Guiness Brewery...I may need some rehab when I get back!

To all four or you that read this blog regularly, thanks for your readership! :) I'll be back on October 30th!



MikeeUSA said...

Why the UK? It's the same as the USA.

Wordpress shut down my new weblog at now (this is about a week after I made it in response to my blogspot blog being shutdown by women's rights supporters (was at

Also there is a feminist on my forum telling me that the FBI is on my trail and I'm "going down". She/he also posted gay fantasies about "bubba" which she/he wishes me to live after the FBI railroads me for hating women's rights activists and supporting the Bible (which is against women's rights).

Keoni Galt said...

I'm goin' looking for the loch ness monster... :)

Seriously, I'm going to Scotland to drive through the highlands and hit up the Scotch Whisky Distilleries.

I love my single malt scotch!

Anonymous said...

Damn, sounds like fun. More fun than my trip across the American west looking for donut shops. My next one would be for gun shows, you never know what kind of wierd junk there.

Big Mike, keep up the fight. You know that you are a threat to them when they're siccing the paternalistic police organization after you. They never threaten you with direct violence, it's always "the FBI, the Sheriffs, the Marshals" etc. Just lay low for a while and come back. They can't stop us all.

Anonymous said...

Have a good one HL. I'm partial to Guinness myself. :-) I'll be tucking in tomorrow night lol