Monday, October 1, 2007

The Banning of Boyhood

Today, a co-worker was playing the Michael Savage Show on the radio in my office. I normally do not listen to his show (I'm usually listening to Hawaiian Music on my PC while I work), but today I listened as he had on a guest, a columnist from the American Thinker, Selwyn Duke. Duke was reading his latest column, Banning Boyhood.

After listening to this for a bit, I decided to check out the American Thinker website and Selwyn Dukes archives...and though he writes on a wide variety of socio/economic/political topics, he has a few articles that address the folly of feminism and it's deleterious effects on society.

His latest column begins:

Huck Finn must be spinning in his literary grave. Just recently a Colorado Springs, Co., elementary school banned tag during recess, joining other schools that have prohibited this childhood pastime. Upon hearing this, I thought about the movement to ban cops and robbers, musical chairs, steal the bacon, and the kill-joys' most frequent target and this writer's favorite childhood school game, dodge ball. Then there's the more inane still, such as the decision by the Massachusetts Youth Soccer Association to prohibit keeping score in kids' tournament play.

There are many ways to describe this trend. One might say it's a result of the left's antipathy toward competition, the increasing litigiousness of the day, or the inordinate concern with self-esteem and hurt feelings. Then, if I am to speak only of my feelings, the word stupid comes to mind. Really, though, regardless of whether the motivations are good or ill or the reasoning sound or not, at the end of the day I find a conclusion inescapable. Slowly, incrementally, perversely, boyhood is being banned.

Make no mistake, the aforementioned examples are not isolated social accidents but part of a pattern.
Certainly...the pattern of feminists who are either communist collaborationists or useful idiots acting as foot soldiers in the War on Patriarchy.

One of the most effective strategies the collaborationists and useful idiots have employed is the infiltration and subsequent take over of academia. By churning out class after class of students indoctrinated in feminist propaganda and lies, generations of teachers have taken over public education in every corner of the nation, and with it, their instilled and reinforced misandry from years of "higher" education steeped in feminist ideology.

We now see the results for ourselves.

We should also realize that education has increasingly become a feminine domain. While in 1982 there were 1.4 female teachers for every male, now the figure is 2.1. This is not to imply that the fairer sex can't have a sound teaching philosophy, but the fact is that far too many young women today are in the grip of feminist dogma. Moreover, the type of women who become teachers is also an issue; for instance, let us consider graduates with degrees in Women's Studies. Such people are mostly women, and since there aren't many careers available to those with such illustrious qualifications, many of these ideologues decide to teach.

And the problem with such individuals is that -- just as an Afrocentrist views matters through the prism of race and a Jihadist through that of believers versus infidels -- they tend to see everything as a battle of the sexes. In their minds, the ever-present "patriarchy" will only be vanquished and women liberated (of course, they will never see this as having been achieved) once boys are sufficiently reprogrammed.

Put into context, I'm finding the phrase "Feminazi" more and more relevant and accurate in describing the zealous fanaticism of the misandrist matriarchs that are constantly working to subvert our society.

The liberals in question see masculine symbols and behavior and feel an aversion, in much the same way a person with a fear of heights may get a queasy feeling upon seeing airplanes or tall buildings. So, unwilling to confront their prejudices, they manufacture excuses. Dodge ball is dangerous, cops and robbers is violent, musical chairs is exclusive, tag terrorizes. If only they would be intellectually honest and reveal their true feelings: Boys are bad.

Perhaps this is why these social engineers will see a bevy of boisterous boys and want to douse their masculinity with Ritalin.

Read the whole's great to find another good source of MRA-related reading like this article written by Selwyn Duke. Also be sure and check out his articles like Extolling the Female Toungue, Abortion, Authority and Responsibility, The Dehumanizing of Men, and a part of his essay, The Tragedy of Natalee Holloway, all touch upon many of the same issues we find in the MRA Blogosphere.

Then there's the feminism factor. Because of politically—correct feminist imperatives, girls now know more about sex but less about the opposite sex. There was a time when girls were told that boys were vastly different from them, possessing stronger libidos and bodies. Girls were taught to avoid placing themselves in compromising situations; they were armed with the facts upon which good judgement rested and safety depended.

Now, though, such counsel is sacrilege. Girls' minds are filled with notions of the sameness of the sexes, with its corollary that they can go where their sisters of yore feared to tread. Why, God forbid that we should tell them that, like it or not, they are the more vulnerable sex, and that this fact of life should inform their thinking.

Not that I'm laboring under the illusion that modern girls are all sugar and spice and everything nice. Owing to feminism, which liberated the fairer sex from common—sense, morality, restraint, and chastity, quasi—harlotry now infects much of contemporary womanhood. A lady close to my heart said it best: 'Forty years ago you knew who the bad girls were; now you know who the good girls are.' And now we have a whole generation of girls—gone—wild.


. said...

I read Selwyn Duke quite regularly and he is an excellent writer & observer of the culture.

In fact, I think that many of us in the MRM could do well to follow the example of Mr. Duke and "branch out" from the MRM. This whole sickness is FAR bigger than just what is going on with men, and we should recognize that we are becoming yet another splinter group among many already that are failing to unite in a consolodated front against our one common foe.

This beast has many tentacles, and there are many more people opposed to these leftist assholes than not - it is just that we are horribly divided on the issues - a known tactic of our opposition as it is much easier to defeat 67% of the population if they are each only able to consolodate eachother into a 10% population segment and are unable to see past their differences to ally themselves against the common enemy.

MikeeUSA said...

They want the boys to be miserable and slaves. This is what you get when women have rights and power: their natural hatred of men and boys (anyone non-womyn) comes to the surface. The only option is to violently repress those tendancies (such as how the europeans did with the witches, and as the muslims do now). Such repression must be widly publicized so as to induce fear in the women so that they will not do what they would normally do to men and boys.

women's rights activists have gotten my email address deleted, my weblog at blocked (if you're not an author your told that this blog has violated TOS and is only visible to authors), and have reported me to the police and the FBI.

I've put a writeup of this on another weblog of mine at

Here's the women being triumphant:

I guess next is for me to be arrested and imprisoned. Oh well, that's what we get for being milktoast men and not overthrowing the gynoarchy.


Keoni Galt said...

Mike -

Calling openly for violence against feminists merely played right into their hands, and gave them the perfect weapon to use against you, and enabled them to censor you.

I hope you get your blog access back, and if and when you do, you should be a bit more judicious and not give our opponents anymore ammunition to use against you.

Anonymous said...

Being a non-womyn is ammunition enough.

Anonymous said...

Censorship by force and selfcensorship are the same end.