Thursday, June 25, 2015

On Towards Helter Skelter

In 1969, Charlie lead his hippy cult right off the reservation in trying to foment what he foresaw as an inevitable apocalyptic race war. Nearly forty years later, the komissars of our mass media are doing their damnedest to finish what the Manson family tried to start with their infamous murder spree.

Isn't it obvious? From the shooting of St. Trayvon to the racist policing policies in Ferguson, to the most recent Confederate Battle flag-adorned, white cis-Male gunman on psychotropic meds in a Black Southern Baptist Church, the overriding narrative in all these events are the same. Look closely at all the reportage, the talking points, and note the omissions of certain facts in all the infotainment reports of these various stories and a common theme emerges.  

Whether these events are false flag conspiracy theories deployed to socially engineer the populace or they are authentic, organic events and THEY are simply employing the Alinsky tactics of never letting a crisis go to waste, the end results are essentially the same.

It has never been more transparently obvious than now, that our corporate mass media cartel is the propaganda arm for the owners of society, and THEY are doing their best to get we the sheeple inflamed and enraged, so as to commence Helter Skelter. Make no mistake, the Manson family vision of racial Ragnarok in America Inc., is exactly the end game desired here. Once it finally comes to it, and the blacks, whites, browns, reds, and yellows are all fighting in the streets, a new season will commence...camping season!

THEY have always employed a Divide-and-Conquer strategy on we the sheeple, with mass media propaganda employed continuously to reinforce the institutionalized brainwashing of our public schools and university systems. THEY have inculcated this notion that racism is the premiere thought-crime for the rapidly receding majority of the citizenry (the Anglo-Caucasian Christians)...all while making it the only acceptable paradigm for the minorities of all other races, religions and any other group amongst the sheeple herds that accepts the idea that they must define themselves by the fun house mirror image of 21st century identity politics. 

But when oppressed-minority-class sheeple embrace the only officially acceptable form of racism, it isn't called that. Only oppressive majority members can be guilty of that thought crime! No, it's affirmative action, or reparations, or social justice or whatever euphemism they can use to delude the masses into cognitively dissonant compliance to the insane zeitgeist of our dystopian age.

The only way for a normal, well adjusted, white male to become accepted and celebrated in our Brave New World Order, is to trans-form themselves to trans-ition from the privileged-class sheeple herds to the oppressed-victim-class herds. The man our Fake President recently cited for courage on his twitter feed, shows all unjustly-privileged white Cis-Males the way to Post-American, social justice redemption through trans-oppression:

2015 Role Model of the Year

Dear Privileged White American Cis-Males, are your ready to follow your approved example of modern day bravery? You too can garner the accolades and approval from the likes of the leader of the free world,  if only you too follow in Caitlyn's footsteps of trans-courage!

Speaking of our Fake President, did you happen to catch him for the first time during his entire reign of error, finally making a public statement that was wholly truthful and honest? It only took seven years of presiding over the accelerating decline of post-racial America Inc., but it's great to see him finally say something other than a lie:

What is that, you say? Racism is in our DNA? Why yes, yes it is!

I'm a racist, you're a racist, we are all racists! It IS in our DNA. It's simply a matter of basic instincts for survival. In my not-so-humble opinion, racism is nothing more than a human being's instinct to be on guard and aware of any potential two-legged predators in your vicinity. It's basic biology to be suspicious towards THE OTHER, and to favor your own kinsmen or clan members.

The sooner you come to terms with the idea that we are all inherently racist, and that we are hard wired to be so, the better off you will be in understanding how the social engineers of our bizzarro world dystopia have manipulated and twisted all of our natural inclinations to enslave us all to our instincts and animalistic tendencies.

Because the real agenda at play here is actually quite's all nothing more than an epic play of psychodrama theater for the masses. A combination of bread and circuses financed by fiat usury operations of the company store, along with divide and conquer psy-ops. Between these cultural programs, we the sheeple are kept running in mental circles, oblivious to their machinations that are leading to our eventual economic, social and spiritual collapse, all designed to prepare us for the coming global authoritarian police state.

I'm past the point of tolerance and non-judgmental acceptance of deviance. I say, pick a side and get on with it. Since I'm a miscegenated mutt with the blood of oppressive-privileged Anglo DNA mixed with the minority Asian and Polynesian-Aboriginal DNA, I can't make up my mind which race I should fight for or against.

But since I do live in the Southern most state in the Union, I've enlisted with fellow Southron rebels against our present day Union of Yankee Social Justice Warriors and politically-correct useful idiot brigades.

Meme Courtesy of VFM #0109

To arms!


Black Poison Soul said...

Load sixteen tons, whadda ya get? Another day older and deeper in debt!

Raise that flag, Keoni. The governor who took that down should be kicked out. Her action reeks of opportunism and vote-grubbing.

SociallyExtinct said...

Love that "reincarnation" of the Confederate flag! A rebel statement, but perhaps it should be tweaked to differentiate it so people understand that your message goes beyond race or the Civil War.

Unknown said...

When War comes the Government is going to lose badly. All the Whites have bailed on Captain Simian. His sad army of fags and hoodrats are going to be mowed down like grass before a weedwhacker.

Anonymous said...

"Whether these events are false flag conspiracy theories ... or they are authentic, organic events ..."

They are neither ... I know it sounds unbelievable (and I myself certainly used to mock so-called "Truthers") but Charleston, Sandy Hook and the Boston Bombing (among others) were all psy-op hoaxes where nobody died or was even injured ... we are truly living in an Age of Deception where Relative Truth reigns supreme ...

Robert What? said...
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Anonymous said...

The Confederate flag isn't any more racist than the Stars and Stripes. What about the Rwanda flag? Obama has learned well from his mentor Frank Marshall Davis. The communist porn maker, who photographed Barry's mother and was also having relations with her mother. Even bears a strong physical resemblance to him(but you can look that up for yourself). Obama grew up privileged and used phoney black activism because it helped him achieve his goals. More people in the 20th century died by the hands of their own governments than all the wars. When the people have arms you have freedom, when the govt. does you have tyranny.

Retrenched said...

Behold The Cathedral:

Anonymous said...

It is interesting how little folks know about history; the war of northern aggression being chief among that ignorance. linclon was willing to protect slavery forever via the constitution if the South stayed in the union, continued to pay the majority of the taxes and have that tax money spent to make lincoln and his backers more wealthy

You must be th only anti SJW on the island, maybe all of them from what I witnessed living there