Friday, June 19, 2015

Hoist the Black Flag and Join the Culture War

I have been really busy with several different things going on in teh Real Life, which is why I haven't done much blogging lately, other than my Spearhead re-runs. Nevertheless, I have been greatly amused and entertained to watch the Rabid Puppies engage in the front lines of the culture war against the Socialist Justice Weasels over the turf of Science Fiction and Fantasy literature.

For far too long, I've been one of those who has just assumed the culture war for the mainstream consciousness of the masses is lost, the progressive leftards and Cultural Marxist useless idiots own the public domain of mainstream ideology, and that only the politically correct narrative is the only allowable thoughts anyone can express in public without any real consequence to their personal lives.

Well, the Supreme Dark Lord of the Evil Legion of Evil is proving what I once thought of as a forgone conclusion wrong. The SJW's may have won many of the battles in the recent past...but the war is still being fought, and it's still far from over. I've decided it's time to step off the sidelines and do something besides blog about this culture war.

As Vile Faceless Minion #0160, I hereby declare that I'm joining in on the boycott.

Just to be clear here, I've always been an avid reader and purchaser of books. I've got several book shelves full of sci-fi and fantasy books, as well as several large cardboard boxes full of books stored away in the basement. I have always purchased books on a regular basis, although I never once gave two thoughts to publishers, nor conventions, nor awards such as the Hugos or Nebulas. But since Vox first called for anyone supporting the cause to assemble and take pictures of everyone's personal Tor book collections, I began looking at my own bookshelves and realized I have quite a number of books published by Tor that I have purchased over the years.

Boycott Tor? No problem. I've already stopped purchasing entertainment products from other entities for whom I find their advocacy for SJW horseshit has killed my desire to consume their products. I was once an avid MMA fan, and used to order every single UFC pay per view and watched all of it's cable TV offerings. I haven't ordered a UFC ppv in almost 2 years now, and I've also cancelled my NFL sunday ticket...and cancelled my cable tv subscriptions to boot. I'm done supporting the mainstream PC bullshit.

But not only am I going to join in the boycott of Tor, I'm also going to take the suggestion of VP commenter Thucydides:

"Let's use some basic economics against them. If they are going to start buying Tor books to make up for the loss of "other" customers, then start flooding the used book market with the Tor books that are cluttering your collection."
I think that's a stellar's doing much more than just simply refusing to buy Tor in the future. As soon as I get the time, I'm going to go and sell all of my Tor books to the used book store in town. For those who have seller accounts on Amazon, (I don't) sell all your Tor books at $.99 or whatever.

And for those of you Sci-Fi fanatics who insist that they must get the latest Tor books from their favorite authors....just do as others have suggested and buy those books used. And if you really want your favorite authors to get paid for entertaining you, go to their personal blogs and websites and hit up their tip jars.

This way, you get the latest books while still denying Tor the revenue to affirm their decision to stand by their douchebag, left wing, progressive libtards and their politically correct orthodoxy.

We may not win this culture war, but then we've got nothing to lose really.

It really is just another way we can all do are part in starving this particular beast.


Unknown said...

I don't own one Tor book, which leads me to wonder how that happened.

Hank Brown said...

My own boycott began a few years ago without fanfare. Welcome puppies.

Dirtnapninja said...

No war but the Culture War.

Keoni Galt said...

Bob - Like I said, i never did pay attention to the publisher of any book I owned...ever.

But when I actually did began to look at all the books I own, I realized I had quite a bit of Tor books in my collection. I've always followed particular authors, and amongst them, Orson Scott Card has well over 20+ novels published by Tor. I have his entire anthology taking up two shelves on my bookcase. I also have the entire Wheel of Time series, and a whole slew of other books published by Tor....including a copy of Moby Dick published by Tor Classics, that I've now read thrice.

Hank - I've never joined a formal boycott before. I've gotten so much entertainment these past few months reading all the blogs related to both the sad and rabid puppies, I decided I just had to enlist.

DirtNapNinja - You've got the best commentor handle I've seen around here since "GreatTVShowsForMen."

Unknown said...

I did find two of F.Paul Wilson's early Repairman Jack novels.

Black Poison Soul said...

Enjoy the Culture War. Its interesting - most of the books that I have are second-hand.

The thought of a Culture War brings up an interesting idea. A similar Culture War against those who broadbrush MGTOW for their own agenda. Somehow I don't see it happening that much.