Saturday, September 17, 2011

Quiplinks II

Been so busy these past few weeks, I haven't had much to write about. But I still read a lot when I manage to get online, so I decided to do another installment of Quiplinks - this time with my own commentary thrown in.

"Modern government is the most ingenious form of slavery ever invented."
- Stephen Nichols at Strike the Root

This article was similar to a post I wrote in February, Feedlot USA. Nichol's calls it the 5 Pillars of the modern day slave system. In my own analogy, those pillars he refers to are the metaphorical barricades that keep us trapped in the system.

"Vagina is not authority. Don’t accept that her sexuality is the authority of the relationship."
- Rollo Tomassi at The Rational Male

It's great to see the highly respected Game commenter and SoSuave guru, Rollo Tomassi, decided to finally start blogging. In this piece, he discusses one of the ways in which Men who start out in good relationships with women, slide into being the Average Frustrated Chump doing her bidding: by allowing her to use the promise of either future sex or the threat of not having sex to control the relationship.

"Although it may be counter-intuitive given contemporary politics, the best way to restore a respect for fatherhood would be to emphasize the difference between mothers and fathers."
- Welmer at The Spearhead

In which W.F. Price points out that one of the ways the Feminists marginalized Fatherhood was to redefine the meaning of parenting to only encompass the nurturing and care usually provided by a mother. This deliberately and quite destructively ignores and marginalizes the different but equally important contributions that Father's make in raising children.

"Sadly, most Americans know very little about the Federal Reserve. In the United States today, most Americans graduate from high school without ever learning much of anything about the Fed. But if you really want to understand what is going on with our economy, it is absolutely critical that you understand the Federal Reserve."
- From "Unelected, Unaccountable, Unrepentant: The Federal Reserve Is Using Your Money To Bail Out European Commercial Banks Once Again" at The Economic Collapse blog.

End the Fed.

"We’ll just pause here for a moment so the men in the audience can enjoy the idea of a Victoria’s Secret model using coconut oil as an all-over moisturizer."
- Tom Naughton at Fat-Head


“God helps those who help themselves”

- Clarence at Traditional Christianity

Another good case for disaster of my favorite topics du jour. I've never forgotten the Boy Scout motto, despite being a BSA drop-out: Be prepared.

"Who would you trust can solve bad situations better? the guy crying, or the guy who doesn't seem to be that bothered?"
- Yohami

Men should never, ever cry in front of other people, except for under the most extreme of circumstances.  Like the death of a parent...or your favorite team winning the Super Bowl.

"Equally, the conventional liberal and conservative legions are mere slaves to someone else’s whim, living reactionary lifestyles consisting of defending vague ideas and flinging mud at the other side."
- Edward Wallin at In Mala Fide

This quote seems to perfectly describe the format of the split-screen television cable news program political debate. You know, the one with the right-wing talking head flinging verbal Pachyderm poo at the left-wing talking head; who in turn responds by flinging some donkey dung of it's own back at the right? This is how the television PROGRAM, programs us all to behave. Pick your side and defend it mainly by attacking the other side. And some wonder why civil political discourse is next to impossible in this country?

"Living in a world of polluted air, polluted water, polluted toys and other things we handle, and food polluted with commerce and science, renders each and every one of us very different from each other."
- Peggy at The Primal Parent

n=1. Find what works for you, and never simply follow the herd.

"In an age of blinkered specializaton perhaps we should revive the idea of the Renaissance man."

- Fred Reed at Fred on Everything

Fred is famous for his optimism and faith in the average intelligence and cultural tastes of we the sheeple. Pure philanthropic misanthropy.

"'Choice', the greatest freedom of all, separates libertarianism from all the other political philosophies. Libertarianism is the belief in and practice of self-governance, the freedom to choose while simultaneously accepting responsibility for the consequences of that choice."

- Brian Wilson at


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