Thursday, August 19, 2010

Linkage Is Good Fun, Yeah?! (NSFW...of course!)

Tomorrow is Statehood Day in Hawaii. It is the day in which we are too commemorate the colonization of ke 'aupuni by our Imperial Overlords of Pax Americana.

This means I will not be online for the next three days, as I purposely don't have internet at home, and I'm going to take full advantage of my 3 day weekend in the great outdoors of Hawaii Nei.

It's good to unplug from the interwebs on a regular basis.

The interactive portion of the internet can be as addictive and habit forming as any recreational contraband substance. There are times where I sit enthralled to the glowing flat screen, ignoring the needs of various bodily functions while reading, commenting, and blogging.

I've sat in the same room as my wife on two separate computers, with nary a word for several hours while we are both absorbed in whatever web surfing or emailing we were involved in. That is one of the reasons why I shut off our ISP almost 3 years ago. Our home life is much better because of it...even if it does get inconvenient on occasion.

But I digress.

I've enjoyed a lot of link love in the past year, from various since this is beginning of my weekend, I decided to return the favor for once. But rather than go with linking to everyone's most recent posts, I'm going to link to people's posts that I've read in the recent past, and select the ones that I think are particularly insightful, helpful and/or profound...IMHO, of course.

Oh, and I'm putting the NSFW totties at the end...since I will be linking to both male and female bloggers, I'll give two seperate, gender specific totties for your enjoyment.

First up, Ferdinand Bardamu's take on the "Ground Zero Mosque":

"While American Muslims are much more amenable to the local culture then European Muslims, they still insist on being an alien people within a nation that is not their own. The chances of them turning the U.S. into Baghdad West is slim, despite the Chicken Little crying of the neocons. Either they will cease to be Muslims and integrate themselves into the American tapestry or the natives will expel them with force, possibly violently. Humanity’s tribal impulses ensure that there is no possibility of a peaceful Lennonite paradise where we all get over our differences, join hands and sing kumbaya as the sun sets."

Next, we have a good anecdote from Ulysses at Hidden Leaves, about how women will often "support" their friend's which will help the friend feel better...but doesn't really help her to see how her own words, actions and behavior have played a role in her personal drama-trauma.

Rural gal told enlightened gal that she had been married three times. Each time, her husband had been drunk, abusive, and unfaithful. Rural gal said, “I’m the only common factor in all three of these marriages. It must be me.”

I’ll give you three guesses as to what enlightened girl said to rural girl. The first two guesses don’t count.

“You cannot control the actions of others.”

...No, one cannot control the action of others, but one can control one’s own actions. But, by framing the issue thusly, enlightened gal possibly sabotaged rural gal’s attempts at reaching enlightenment of her own.

Next up, Talleyrand over at STD, on Puppy Love:

Our culture is set to destroy the bonds that cement us to each other and it creates a pattern where love ends and what is reborn is not like a phoenix, but a specter of the older, purer love of our youth.

Talley has been on fire as of late, so I think I'll give him a twofer here. Here's an excerpt from his piece on the difference between expectations and goals:

I often see people complaining that they have to “keep gaming” a woman as if this is a fundamental problem with game. No this is a fundamental problem in the person’s thinking. Relationships are not static. If you get the girl, you don’t simply have her like a trophy. Many men act that way, they get married and its simply “Well, that’s taken care of on to the next thing. They expect things to remain the same. They expect to stay married and they expect fidelity. And they are deeply unhappy when they find their expectations are not fulfilled.

Our society feeds expectations and feeds the unhappiness of people.

Of course, Talley's STD partner, Alkibiades, has got some excellent contributions of his he is noting The Death of Las Vegas.

Vegas was and is now a destination for the girls to head to leaving their husbands and children behind. Quite the change from the time when men left their wives behind when they visited Vegas.

As a former resident and frequent visitor of Sin City since 1992, I have to concur with his observations. I was there when the changes began to pick up steam.

Next up is a BIG PICTURE post over at Chateau Roissy:

This is an excellent Public Service Announcement. Husbands, you’d be wise to monitor your wives’ social circles and act to limit her time spent with cat collecting, unmarried harridans. They will whisper poison thoughts into your wives’ brains.

When you monitor your wives social circles, and you detect what seems to be one such harridan, beat her to the punch and poison the well.

Next up, we have a long time member of the Chateau commentariat, Dana, whose decided to recently start up her own blog. She frequently mentions that she doesn't have too many female friends in real life, because she won't lie to them to make them feel good about there mistakes. Than she shows us exactly how this is done with a blog post about another long-time Chateau lady denizen, lovelysexybeauty, entitled Are You Being Abused, or Are You Vying With a Man for Dominance?:

Lovely Sexy Beauty has recently posted a list of behaviors her man is displaying in their relationship, and that apparently OTHER men in the past have displayed towards her...

...Of course she is being told these behaviors are “red flags” of abuse in the comments and being unequivocally supported in the comments and as ALWAYS is not ONCE asked what behaviors SHE might be engaging in to cause these behaviors to come to the fore in MORE than one man.

While I don't know if Dana is right in LSB's case, she does make a point most people should always remember:

There is only one person whose behavior you can control, there is only one person that you can change...and there is only one person who is responsible for your happiness: yourself.

At best, I think LSB should take Dana's point and engage in some serious personal reflection and see if it is accurate or not. The best criticism you will often get is from someone else who does not care about your feelings enough to tell you the ugly truth you don't want to hear.

Another long time MRA Blogosphere commenter, Deansdale, also decided to wield the keyboard and join the is discussing "Conspiracy Theory" and how it pertains to feminism:

Feminism was a marxist movement from the very beginning and it still is now, so their goal is the marxist idea of building utopia on the ruins of society – but they’ve rarely admitted it openly. If the suffragettes would have said that their goal was something like Gramsci’s cultural marxism, Orwell’s 1984 and Huxley’s Brave New World combined together they would have been shot on sight. It’s a common argument against conspiracy theories that usually they take too much time to implement and to bear fruit, but the example of feminists is a perfect answer to this argument: yes, they did work slowly and gradually for ~150 years and now we are in this fucked up situation.

...Observe a quote from an article about Aaron Russo:

“Rockefeller also told Russo that the elite families created and financed the women’s lib movement so they could tax another half of the population and so that the children would be trained by them in government schools rather than in the context of the family unit.”

Pay no attention to the Reptilian lolzlzolzlizard Illuminati...nothing to see here!

Next up...a Maxim from the Man Who is Thursday:
Women like being led and hate being controlled.
That one reminded me of another Talleyrand Gem (OK, now Talley get's a three-fer. Can't help it, this post really struck a chord and stayed fresh in my mind!): Dominance is not the Same as Controlling

 When people talk about dominance and social dominance, inevitably women will think “controlling.”

Generally, women do not like controlling.  They will often think of an ex that was controlling and shiver with revulsion.

Being controlling is not a sign of dominance, it is a sign of weakness.  It is a sign of insecurity.

Next up... **** ***** over at Life in the Age of Byrony, on Perspective:

It's called life motherfuckers.

This shit isn't supposed to be easy. Living here, in the west, we have a skewed notion of what is poverty. We let TV and the Hills and MTV and media tell us we're losers if we have to sleep on the couch at our parents or at a friends place. You're a bum if you don't have a car or a bad person if you've been arrested. Hint: it's virtually impossible to go a week without breaking some law in America, whether it's speeding or getting high or the million other ridiculous laws we have.

Above all, media tells us you're poor and you should feel bad about yourself if you're still struggling to climb up the socioeconomic ladder.

Not all of us were born to parents with money. We have to fend for ourselves. Suck it the fuck up. Go to work. Do what you enjoy as much as possible. Rid yourself of a need for shit and stuff to put in a house that locks you into a 30 year fucking mortgage or a new car that depreciates the moment you buy it and does so each passing day.

If you cast all these things aside, and you sit, and objectively decide you want the creature comforts and ease these things provide in daily supplements, by all means, go for it.

Just don't buy into what they're selling....just because....just because you never considered alternatives or because it's simply what everyone else does.
How many happy people do you know? I mean genuinely happy? I mean fucking love their life.

Do what everyone else does and have what everyone else has (hint: it's rarely happiness).

Getting in debt to attain material consumption is modern slavery. Don't be a slave.

The Elusive Wapiti drove this particular point home rather well, in his post Set Free At Last:

Well, today, I wanted to announce my family's freedom from the yoke of debt. For most of my adult life I--I say "I" here a lot because most of the last decade I have been single/divorced, and it is during this time where I accrued most of my debt--have owed money to somebody or something. For the first time in 11 years, I don't have a car payment or house payment or owed several tens of thousands in attorney's fees. During this period, I have paid out just shy of $11,000 in interest to usurious banksters, money that could have been better used to save for a future home, invest in the future, or spend on my/our current wants.

My family and I are off the hamster wheel at last. We intend to remain so, and would like to encourage each of you to also know the peace of not being a slave to your possessions and having the spiritual and mental security that comes from knowing that economic dislocation isn't an immediate emergency and that, whatever comes our way via the Great Depression II, we will survive.
Excellent EW. I'm almost there myself.

Almost. I can't wait til the day I can say my family and I are free as well.

Here's Vincent Ignatius, on workplace equality for the womynz:

Girls cry over trivial shit that merely annoys men, and their tears are always meant to manipulate.  Think of them as crocodile tears.  If equitable workplace behavior brings a girl to tears, then she shouldn’t be working there anyway.

Here's an older post from grerp about feminist's claims that women like her are not willing to listen to their wisdom...Sorry, I Gave at the Office:

I was forced to listen ad nauseum, and I am done with the listening.

I went to a very liberal Big Ten university during the height of the PC movement.  Attached to my orientation was a mandatory two-hour reprogramming session on homosexuality. ...

...The female professor I had for my Politics of Eastern Europe clearly stated during the first session that her male students would have to work harder to get a good grade in her class because she didn't like men. ...

...I also took a Women in American History 1873 - 1920 class that I naively believed would be about the pioneer experience, etc.  I was actually excited about it.  Ah, me.  Instead, our feminist professor took our learning in a different direction....

By the time I got through undergrad, I had not only listened, but I'd learned to think like a good liberal feminist because I had so many professors who would downgrade if you strayed from the path of correct thinking...

...My college newspaper was a love note to the liberal point of view.  I read it daily....

...There were pro-choice protests on campus all the time.  I heard all about the importance of comprehensive sex ed and free birth control.  Clinton visited in the fall of 1992.  Hillary gave my commencement address, her stirring words being 95% about her health care plan and 5% about our commencement.

So, yeah.  I've heard it.  I've memorized it.  I regurgitated it at a professor's command. I just don't buy it.

But you can't say I didn't listen.

Next up, an oldie from the vacationing Athol Kay, called Nice Guys Finish Last:

Nice guys finish last. You’ve heard it like a mantra and it’s a cliché because it’s true. Women constantly pass over nice men for jerks, who more often than not mistreat them, and then if the cliché holds true to form, the woman runs back to the nice guy and cries on his shoulder. Tells him he’s a wonderful friend. Meanwhile the poor nice guy is hit with a triple whammy of anger, hard on, and nausea.

If that description sounds a little too close for comfort, you'd be well served to get over there and read Athol's archives.

This next piece is about field-tested routines by Krauser. These are great lines...Krauser calls them Chick Crack. Field tested and approved by yours truly, too. These lines will work in an LTR just as well as a pickup attempt of a strange woman.  Since reading it, I've managed to use two of these three lines on my wife so far. Yep Krauser...chick crack.

Let's Play a Game of You Be Quiet
Description: A short routine to establish dominance over the girl, pushing her into the child role of waiting for the adult to finish speaking. You are essentially telling her to be quiet and let the important person finish, but in a playfully rogueish manner.

We're Finished Here
Description: A way of maintaining a dominant leading frame on a girl, leading her and kinoing. It shows you do what you want to do and she is tagging along for the ride.

I've Got A Better Idea
Description: This is a way of re-framing her suggestion to make it sound like your idea, but doing it in such an obvious way that it’s making fun of the act. Can be used any time in set, but is best to use either for something completely pointless or when dealing with her shit test / frame control attempt of suggesting what to do next

Finally, Dalrock put together a hilarious short video clip serving fair warning to women contemplating going to the theater to see the latest Julia Robert's chick-flick, Eat, Pray, Love.

Hilarious!'s the totties (Click to enlarge):

Ladies First -

And now for the men: putting the NSFW into LIGFY:


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