Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Are You Ready Boots?

Roissy's latest post, These Boots Were Made For Divorcing is another man-o-sphere blog's tour de force...putting the pieces of the puzzle together to reveal the picture of the final decline of Western Civilization as the unleashed chaos of female sexual empowerment destroys the once-great superpower built by a Patriarchal  society.

Goodbye America, indeed.

Several bloggers have already made their own posts riffing off of Roissy's, including Vox Day, in which he focused on the 2 choices Roissy offered at the end - either rescind feminism or follow it to it's logical conclusion.

I, on the other hand, found another section I'd like to riff on...

You want to save marriage? Learn game. What are the odds that these “great catches” the wives are unceremoniously divorcing are betas to the bone? The answer is in the last sentence.

“while the men are still too broken-hearted to date again.”

Readers, these wives did not marry “great catches”. They married pushover herblings with steady jobs. Any man with a lick of game and an alpha attitude would not be broken-hearted for long after a divorce, even a surprise divorce that caught him off-guard. He would be lining up dates while the ink on the papers was still drying.

There is one key aspect about learning Game by a man who is married or in a LTR...by learning what behaviors, attitude and demeanor are attractive to your wife or girlfriend, you are also learning what's attractive to all women period.

When you internalize this, you will begin to notice how women in general are attracted to you and enjoy your company.

Don't most men prefer to be surrounded by female beauty, given a choice? Even if you have no sexaul intentions...and you are in situations in which you must interact with women on a strictly platonic level...wouldn't you certainly prefer to socialize or work with attractive, easy-on-the-eyes, women rather than obese, butchy, short-haired, land whales?

Well, the same is true with women...but, as men's attraction is cued towards the visual, women's is cued for social dominance. Learn your game...and practice it on every women in your life. No, I don't mean seduce your wife's sister, your best friend's girlfriend or your mother-in-law...but certainly neg her and DHV and play up your cocky-funny banter whenever you're around your female friends, family and acquantances. It's one way of indirectly gaming your own woman.Of course, especially if you're dealing with friend's and families women, like your buddies wife, you certainly need to remain respectable about it...but that doesn't mean the principles of game don't apply when interacting with them.

Your wife or your girlfriend's friends will start to tell her that she's lucky to have you. They will flirt enthusiastically with you. And your wife or girlfriend cannot help but notice this - even if not consciously, subconsciously she certainly will.

Note the excellent commentary by TLM regarding his observations of a sad-sack older women who divorces her doctor husband because he was boring.

Once the papers were served and the beta hubby got over his grief, he now appears to be on the road to making some changes that are destroying the wife’s vision of her single-life good times fantasy. I’m not sure who’s guiding him through this, but he’s taking their sage advice.

Before he moves out the wife finds a new prescription for Viagra. Additionally, he also starts getting phone calls from some nurse.

Nothing, and I mean NOTHING makes a woman value her mate more than knowing he's attractive to other women.

Well this infuriates the wife and puts the hamster into overdrive. A few days after he moves out, all the utilities are shut off along with cell phones etc. She’s now panicking and reality is starting to set in. Of course she breaks down in tears at the terrible things happening in her life, incapable of accepting responsibility for her incredibly stupid actions. There was no reason to divorce him other than she was Bored!

Well she certainly got what she was looking for...she definitely can't say she's bored now! I do bet though that if he had not reacted that way, but instead went into breakdown mode, and begged and pleaded with her to reconsider her actions, she would have ruthlessly proceeded to crush him in divorce court without a second thought of remorse.

But that's besides the point. According to TLM, this lady was fantasizing for years about divorcing her boring Doctor husband.

I'd venture to guess her husband probably didn't have any sort of "game." He was most likely devoted, faithful, predictable, and routine. If and when they were around other women, he probably treated them as purely platonic, logical, straightforward interactions. He did not "broadcast" his attractiveness to other women...let alone his own wife. Hence the descent into boring territory.

As I wrote previously:,

Understanding what women find attractive has so many more applications than simply trying to seduce hotties into bed. See what happens when you "run game" on a waitress, or a bartender, or some other woman you interact with for which you have no romantic or sexual interest in. I'm talking about playful negging (cocky and funny), DHV's, comfort and rapport building, acting confidently and assertively, etc. while dealing with ANY women...including relatives.

Even women who are not interested in you in a sexual way will still eat it up, and you'll find that this "tool" of Game will serve as a social lubricant that can get you a freebie dessert from an amused waitress, or perhaps some banter with a receptionist might find her able to "slide you in" an overbooked schedule...or a female bartender might give you a drink "on the house." Furthermore, if you do this in front of a women you actually do want to seduce, you will also increase her own attraction for you as well, as it will validate to her that you are authentic, and not just putting up a front to get into her panties. As I've said before, understanding the concept of game is life changing, not just sex-life changing.

You see, just as a woman with a pretty face, a great rack and a plump ass finds such favors are regularly given her simply by men who find her physical appearance easy on the eyes...

...so too do women react to men who use the tools of "game" in a no-sexual-intentions sort of way.

Game is not just a tool...a trick...a routine used to get laid.

It's a way of life.


Athol Kay: Married Man Sex Life said...

Agree, agree and agree. It's really just a flight of fantasy for so many women to be divorced. The reality is quite different for many.

All a husband has to do is create a little excitement once in a while.

Might also like http://www.marriedmansexlife.com/2010/05/what-it-means-when-wife-says-im-bored.html

Miles Anderson said...

That is why calling it game is not that descriptive. It is more about understanding social dynamics. And that is not entirely about women. Although that is the more fun part being the socially calibrated guy helps with other men and life in general. Athol Kay's description of gaming his daughters is one interesting discussion of how knowledge in this area can be useful outside of just getting more pussy.

Keoni Galt said...

There Athol, fixed it.

Yeah, I've read that post before. Actually, when I first discovered your blog, I read pretty much your entire archives. Good work!'

Miles, I agree completely. It IS social dynamics and where your role as a man fits in to the group dynamic. This is what I was thinking of upon reflecting on a dinner party I was at recently.

I was joking around with all of my guy friend's wives and girlfriends. I was negging 'em with cocky/funny jokes and getting the whole group to laugh.

My wife's reaction later that night was all the confirmation I needed that "game" is more than just seducing a woman for sex.

Anonymous said...

Game has a place in marriages and perhaps its most salient contribution is the realization that one must constantly romance their wife.

But like all things, game is not 100 percent effective and many comments on game blogs veer into victim blaming. It's one thing to talk about acting alpha and "controlling the frame" and its another to expect men in long-term marriages, esp. those involving children NOT to be devastated by divorce, and to immediately be able to play the role of care-free and happy bachelor. Men do bond you know.

So of course there's many things men can do to improve their marriages, make divorce less likely, and if divorced get back up and on his feet as much as possible -provided of course he doesn't end up in jail for the crime of being impoverished by the divorce or allegedly hurting his kids.

But women are people too, and are not just bundles of instincts. How many women are behaving in marriages and long term relationships these days is disgraceful by any metric and I don't fool myself that game by itself is more than an individual pallative.

dana said...

My stupid fuckin' baby boomer mother calle dme after the announcement of al gore's divorce to tell me she was going to divorce my dad (41 YEARS of marriage) and LITERALLY pointed to an article about baby boomer women divorcing to back herself up. thank god i talked her out of it

Keoni Galt said...

Damn Dana...yeah, my mom is pretty crazy too.

Anony -

But like all things, game is not 100 percent effective

I vehemently disagree with this. So much so, I'm going to make my next post about it.

Anonymous said...

Dana, check out my post "Exploding Grey Divorce" for some more info on what the media has manufactured. The AARP study being referenced found that women who divorce late in life often fare very badly. The media took that and spun it to say that it was some exciting new phenomenon.

Along similar lines, I've created a warning label for Eat Pray Love on my blog. Hopefully the networks will adopt this on all chick flicks.

Whitney said...

I was in a Viet-Thai restaurant with my wife one day (I had been there the week before with my 18 YO daughter and gamed the waitress) and the waitress recognized me and started talking to me "All excited like". When she left the table, my wife said "Somebody needs to control herself!" to which I replied "Why do you have to be such a cock blocker?"

True story, my favourite (still) and I get laid.