Thursday, August 23, 2007

Why Should the US Model Itself After Europe's Socialist Systems?

The liberals, so-called "progressives" and Democrats in American politics are the primary supporters of the implementation of feminism. All one needs to do is visit the fever swamps of leftist thought to see that this is true...sights like Democrat Underground, Pandagon and Daily Kos are overflowing with feminist propaganda and misandry.

What one can also see is frequent references to the so-called "superior" model of European socialist states, and that we need to move the United States in their direction in terms of social and economic policies.

What these useful idiots don't realize is that looking to such Euorpean "utopias" is quite instructive as to why their thoughts, ideas, platform and agenda are the means to destroying society, one family at a time...

From the Ludwig Von Mises Institute,
What Has Government Done to Our Families?

In turning to Sweden, we find a classic case of bureaucratic manipulation to destroy the state's principal rival as a focus of loyalty: the family...

...The rise of the welfare state can be written as the steady transfer of the "dependency" function from the family to the state; from persons tied together by blood, marriage or adoption to persons tied to public employees.

This is socialism is distilled: Government taking over the traditional dependency function of the nuclear family. Hmmm, where have we heard this before? Perhaps it was a certain politician who is a radical feminist masquerading as a moderate Democrat? One who wrote a book entitled "It Takes A Village?"

The process began in Sweden in the mid-19th century, through bureaucratic projects that began dismantling the bonds between parents and their children.

The article than goes on to outline the steps the Swedish Government has taken to accomplish this dismantling of the bonds between parents and their children...what's frightening is that when one reads how the Swedish Government went about this process, one realizes that those same measures have already been implemented here in America!

In classic pattern, the first assertion of state control over children came in the 1840s, with the passage of a mandatory school attendance law.

The next step came in 1912, with legislation that effectively banned child labor in factories, and to some degree on farms. Again, the implicit assumption was that state welfare officials were better judges of the use of children's time, and more compassionate toward children than parents were or could be.


The final step came at about the same time, when the Swedish government implemented a program of old-age or retirement pensions that quickly became universal. The underlying act here was the socializing of another dependency function, this time, the dependency of the "very old" and the "weak" on mature adults. For eons, the care of the elderly had been a family matter. Henceforward, it would be the state's concern.

Taking all of these reforms together, the net effect was to socialize the economic value of children. The natural economy of the household, and the value that children had brought their parents—be it as workers in the family enterprise or as an 'insurance policy' for old age—was stripped away. Parents were still left with the costs of raising the children, but the economic gain they would eventually represent had been seized by "society," meaning the bureaucratic state.

The predictable result of this change, as an economist of the "Gary Becker School" would tell you, would be a diminished demand for children, and this is exactly what occurred in Sweden. Starting in the late 1800s, Swedish fertility went into free-fall and by 1935, Sweden had the lowest birthrate in the world, below the zero-growth level where a generation just managed to replace itself.

Sounds familiar, doesn't it? The Swedish model of socialism...the system the Left in America wants to move us towards, is a recipe for cultural and national suicide. Plummeting birth rates, disintegrating families and a burgeoning welfare state that becomes increasingly bankrupt as the diminished younger generation no longer generates enough taxes to pay for the elder generations entitlements.

To all the leftists, socialists, democrats and feminists in this country that continually insist that we need to model our country like Europe...I say to you: if it's so bad here, and so great there, why are you still here?

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Anonymous said...

"I say to you: if it's so bad here, and so great there, why are you still here?"

Why indeed.

Down here in New Zealand, we've been hearing about the Swedish paradise from leftists for as long as I can remember.

I think they make half of it up (not many of us can read Swedish), and with the other half they conveniently leave out the attendant downside.

Sweden sounds like just the place we should be exporting all our feminists and manginas to. The rest of us will get along fine without them.

Rob Case