Wednesday, August 8, 2007

I'm 32% Feminist?

You Are 32% Feminist

No one would consider you a feminist. You believe women should hold on to traditional gender roles.
Well, that's not the world we're living in anymore. Time to wake up to the 21st century!

I don't think so!!! I would say I'm a 0% Feminist...though mildly amusing, the quiz, which I found via Vox Popoli, the wording of the questions are all "either or" propositions that are badly worded.

Here's the 10 questions along with the reasons for why I voted the way I did to arrive at the 30% rating...

  1. Women should be economically and socially independent. They shouldn't rely on men to take care of them.

    Strongly Disagree

    This gets to the very heart of the matter in which feminism has corrupted society and sparked the "gender war" we all endure. Under the old "oppression" of Patriarchy, men and women COMPLEMENTED each other by being dependent on each other when they married and created a family. Women did rely on men to take care of them financially, Men relied on women to take care of them by taking care of everything else like housekeeping and children rearing so he could focus on being the best breadwinner he could be.

    Women being economically and socially independent is the idea that women don't need men for anything...this is unnatural, and when one takes a step back and looks at it from an objective point of view, every single mammalian species that exists or has existed in this world consists of complementary genders that work together to produce, protect and raise the successive generations. Feminism seeks to push this idea that the human species is the exception to the rule that governs all other mammalian species on earth.

    And my answer doesn't preclude women from having a career either...I'm only concerned with the general attitude that our feminist corrupted culture has imbued Women with this idea that they don't need men. Men and Women need each other - that is the natural way of things. Going against this is unnatural.

  2. There is no such thing as a "man's job." It is wrong for men to be given preference for any job position, even if women traditionally aren't in that field.

    Strongly Disagree

    Feminists can get back to me on this question when women are subject to the draft, when they work in equal proportion to the hazardous jobs that men do, when they suffer the same casualty rate in those hazardous occupations, and when they no longer benefit from laws that give them maternity leave at the expense of the employer....because as an employer, and I had to choose between hiring a pregnant woman or a man, why should I be penalized for preferring the employee that is going to show up for work and produce versus the one that is going to take up to 3 months off, for which I have to cover all the expenses of keeping her job for her while she is not producing anything during that duration in return?

  3. Men and women should be held to the same sexual standards. If men can sleep around without judgment, women should be able to as well.


    I believe men and women should be held to the same standards of judgment for their behavior, I really disagree with the wording of this particular question, which is why I chose Disagree rather than Strongly Disagree.

    If men can...women should be able to as well

    The biological fact of the matter is this: no amount of feminist propaganda changes the basic facts that when men are looking for a spouse to create children with, they want to be assured that the children produced are genetically HIS. When a women is promiscuous, men will not value her for her potential to be the mother to his children, because her past behavior indicates that children produced from their marriage may in fact put the issues of paternity into at the very least a questionable category. Women have no such worries, as they gestate and birth the child. No matter how slutty she is, she knows the children are hers. So once again, we have another instance of feminism getting enraged at the natural order of life in the human species.

  4. Women should take an equal role in dating. Women should ask out people they are interested in and take their turn in paying.


    The only reason I did not put Strongly Agree is because I think one of the areas in which feminists have really messed up women is this idea that women need to act like men in the dating game...although women should certainly pay their fair share if they want to demonstrate to the men they are dating that they are more interested in his company than his wallet.

    It is a masculine manner to be straightforward and pursue a woman that interests him, and this is what feminists seek to emulate when they tell women they should ask people out they are interested in...but any women in the "age of oppression" had no such worries. Proper ladies knew exactly how to use her femininity to encourage a man she was interested in to ask her out. It's the same mating ritual dance one can see numerous examples of in gender seeks to attract the attention of the other they are interested in. For humans, it is the female that tries to attract and the male that pursues. Feminists are trying to flip this natural order on it's head and make women the overt pursuers rather than to use their innate feminine traits to attract a man.

  5. Women should accept their bodies as they are. Women should not have to conform to wacky beauty ideals.

    Bah. This is another one of those whacko ideas feminists have that once again proves Rush Limbaugh's famous assertion that feminism is just about ugly women who are angry that they do not enjoy the perks beautiful women enjoy in society.

    The other point to consider is this: wacky beauty ideals pushed by society are not caused by "men" or the so-called "Patriarchy." Where is it exactly that one can look to find the "wacky" beauty ideals? Women's magazines written by feminist women for women readers and modeling fashion shows designed and produced by women or gay men to sell clothes to women. Couple this with the celebrity culture for which most women are obsessed with so that they can live vicariously through the lives of people who have the beauty they wish they themselves had, and we get the so-called "unrealistic beauty ideals that oppress women."

    This feminist notion that women should just "accept themselves" is just another way for women to claim victim-hood for their own behavior. Eat right and exercise and you won't be an obese slob no sane man wants to touch with a 10 foot pole. Is it really unrealistic to expect that women AND men should work at keeping themselves in shape and healthy? Societal pressure to do this is a good thing, not "oppressive" as feminists claim.

  6. A woman should be able to marry and have kids with anyone she wants - including another woman.

    Strongly Disagree

    Marriage is the model of Patriarchy designed to create families with Parental roles that are complementary to raise healthy, well-balanced children. Marriage by definition is the union between a man and a woman. A woman "marrying" another woman is an oxymoron. Of course, this is exactly why feminists support same sex "marriage." Because they are morons.

  7. Women should have the right to choose any path in life - from being a stay at home mom to a Fortune 500 CEO.

    Strongly Agree

    This is probably the one answer that probably weighs substantially in giving me a 32% rating. Women AND Men should have the right to choose any path in life. Why is this a problem? This was never a problem before either. There were no laws that said women couldn't be a Fortune 500 CEO...they just by and large chose not to because of the social pressure and expectations that women should get married and raise a family.

  8. Women should be encouraged to pursue education as much as men are.

    Strongly Disagree

    Women should have the right to pursue education as much as they want, but the societal pressure that now dictates that women SHOULD pursue education as much as men has now lead to the chaos we now live in, and is a major factor in why all of the Western countries that have embraced feminism as the cultural and legal paradigm all now have declining birth rates. Instead of having multiple children when women are in their prime fertile years, they are in school working on a degree than jumping into their careers upon graduation. By the time they feel "ready" to have kids, they can at most have two or three kids before they are no longer fertile, and it is more likely that they will only have one, and that child will often be raised by strangers on minimum wage at daycare while career woman goes back to work to get the most out of her "education." From a Demographic perspective, the feminist zeitgeist of encouraging women to work on education and careers while in their prime reproductive years is cultural suicide.

  9. Women should have legal, easy access to all types of birth control - including the morning after pill


    Well I'm pro-life, as I just explained in the previous post, so there's no further explanation as to why I disagree with this supposition. The only reason why I only chose Disagree rather than Strongly Disagree is that I see a very important distinction between birth control and the morning-after abortion pill.

  10. You would support a woman for president (if you agreed with her politics).

    I most certainly would...but I don't see any women Libertarian candidates running for President, so I'm certainly not supporting any women in this next election.

All in all, this is yet another one of those stupid, vapid quizzes that are ubiquitous in women's magazines and women websites...but it is certainly revealing when one looks at the questions to see just how intellectually shallow and unnatural the feminist mindset really is.


Outcast Superstar said...

Hi Hawaiian

Great Post!

I thought you may want to know I just launched a website and forum.

Male Samizdat said...

HL, you're 32% feminist?

You're slipping on us! Are you a MGTHSW (Man Going the Hugo Schwyzer Way)? ROFL.

Sorry, just had to give you a hard time. I agree, the questions were designed to force a particular answer. Typical femlib agitprop.

Anti Misandry said...

LoL, I beat you - I'm 30% - as much as even that shames me :'(

Anti Misandry said...

BTW, I spotted on your blogroll you link to 'deceased' blogs, Eternal Bachelor, Captain Zarmband, Fred X & AAFB.

The latter three are available here:


Fred X

Captain Zarmband (DHDIARY)

Feel welcome to link to them ;) *nudge nudge*

Kim said...

Excellant post. I really enjoyed reading all of it.

The other point to consider is this: wacky beauty ideals pushed by society are not caused by "men" or the so-called "Patriarchy."

This is so true. I think we all know that nobody is more critical of a woman's physical appearance than women. I've seen more than one article where men and women were both shown various pictures of women and asked what they found most attractive. Time and again, the women picked the stick-thin models, while men actually preferred a healthier looking woman.

Kim said...

Just wanted to add...

I just took the quiz. I got a 32%, too. I love the synopsis, particularly the "Well, that's not the world we're living in anymore. Time to wake up to the 21st century!" part. Yes, I noticed that's not the world we're living in...that's the a problem.

Uncharted Thoughts said...

I love the quote, "if men can sleep around without judgement, women should be able to as well".

If men jumped off a bridge...

Fact is, just because a minority of men are sleeping around, doesn't make it ok and everyone should start doing it.

Yeesh, these feminists aren't too bright.

Keoni Galt said...

Thanks for the links anti-mis...I've already got the links to the Eternal was the Captain Zarmband one that I couldn't find anywhere.

Kim: Yeah, I just loved that "21st Century" quote too. As if the difference in divorce rates, broken homes and ghetto poverty associated with illegitimate birth rates of the 21st Century indicates how much better off we are than the "horrible age of Patriarchy" of the 20th century.

Anti Misandry said...

Glad to be of service.. ps - love reading your blog, very good read!

MikeeUSA said...

I just took the test and got:
You Are 3% Feminist
You are definitely not a feminist. In fact, you are every feminist's worst nightmare.
You believe that women belong in the kitchen.... barefoot and pregnant.

For some reason it doesn't tell me to wake up and join some new century.

Sociopathic Revelation said...

Feminists, included those of the male stripe, seem to think that women should be economically independent. Even if in the past, when I was younger and more naive, I believed this should be true, over time I realized that what a sham that really was---women that rely on CS, governmental funds and grants, and deference and special rights via federal laws and practices are NOT truly independent. Maybe they are as rare as an albino deer that manages to survive in the wilderness. They still expect to be supported by someone else's bank account, whether it's by Big Brother/Big Sister government, or a surrogate father they can sucker into performing cuckolding to raise someone else's brats.

And it's funny how those career women still cry and moan about supposedly finding men of their own self-perceived caliber. If we were so dispensable as they claim, why are women in the 40s and 50s screaming on their blogs and at the heavens about desiring us "horrible" men so badly?

You gotta love cognitive dissonance.

Anonymous said...

You Are 0% Feminist

[Pic of some chick doing the dishes]

You are definitely not a feminist. In fact, you are every feminist's worst nightmare.
You believe that women belong in the kitchen.... barefoot and pregnant.

Those questions irked me so I just strongly disagreed with all of them. They showed a complete lack of understanding of both historical and current reality.

Women should be taking care of men financially to balance out millions of years of sponging off of men.

Having seen plenty of women at construction sites I can categorically say they can perform certain tasks as well as men. They make great supervisors, standing around while the real men do the heavy lifting and manual labour.

It's physically impossible for a woman to have kids with another woman. Sure you can get fancy and have one implant her eggs in the other, then inject her with chemicals so the body doesn't freak out about foreign organisms, but you're still only halfway there.

When women lust after fat guys they can whinge about their body images.
Women: STFU about how "hot" some guy is. I'm tired of you turning every conversation into how much such and such is a "dish".

No one should have the right to expect to get the life they want just because they want it.

Women get more than enough encouragement about education, at the expense of men. They had plenty of encouragement in the 19th century too contrary to feminist BS.

Women paying for dates wouldn't be such a bad idea if they would pay for dates of comparable vale
Paying for some stale bread to through at ducks in the park is not the same as paying for a 5 star restaurant meal. And no, buying yourself yet another pair of new shoes isn't part of paying for a date.

I wouldn't support a female president just because she had the same political ideals. Just like I wouldn't automatically support a reformed child killer who had the same political ideals.