Friday, August 24, 2007

Feminist Myopia

Read this following myopic viewpoint from this whining feminut:

Are Men More Intelligent Than Women?

A professor in Canada has recently released the findings of a “scientific” survey which claims men are more intelligent than women. According to the test results of 100,000 participants men scored 3.63 IQ points higher than women across all levels including family economics.

Although these findings are controversial they could also be the breakthrough that the fairer sex has been seeking for generations. If the male is now considered to be more capable than the female in family economics then maybe the 21st century will bring about a complete role reversal whereby the woman will go to work and earn the main income whilst the man maintains the home. He will be able to display his newly discovered expertise by juggling the housekeeping money to pay all the bills, doing the shopping, the housework, getting the kids ready for school each morning, preparing a family meal in the evening, getting the kids ready for bed and then washing up and tidying before finally finding the time to sit and relax for a while to watch his favourite television programme. Even then there will still be things to do so the man will need to multitask by watching the TV whilst ironing his wife’s clothes ready for her to wear for work in the morning, sewing the tears in the children’s school uniforms that will only need doing again after their next bout of exuberant playtime and subconsciously planning the following days family curriculum.

Whilst the man will be expected to manage the household right up to the last minute before crawling into bed for a welcome rest the woman has also had her share to do as well. On her return home from an eight hour day at work, kicking off her shoes and flopping onto the sofa she may have to endure the inconvenience of getting up again to go to the fridge to retrieve a beer and even open it herself because the man is too busy cooking the dinner in between repeatedly separating the kids who are arguing over who’s turn it is on the Xbox.

Dinner is served up at the dining table but the woman wants hers on the coffee table in the living room so she can still watch the football on the television. The match is vital, everything depends on the result; it could mean relegation to a lower division for her supported team! Like most other women who are fanatical about their football team she supports a Premier League side based three hundred miles away from where she actually lives. The man cannot understand the reasoning behind her over enthusiastic support of Liverpool when they live on the Isle of Wight.

Dad and the kids eat like civilised people in the dining room whilst mum lounges on the sofa with her dinner just about within arms reach on the coffee table. Whilst her eyes are firmly fixed to the TV she attempts to load a fork and guide it to her mouth but drops the lot on the carpet as she jumps up shouting profanities at the referee for failing to award Liverpool a penalty after a gust of wind made one of their players fall over.

Dinner is over and half of hers is on the floor where it will stay until dad can make the time to come and clear it up and take away her empty plate. She is too tired to do anything; she has been to work all day making important decisions so in her opinion she has done her fair share. At five ‘o’clock on Friday she finished her work period; great, no more work until Monday morning!

Her husband is exhausted but she cannot understand why, after all, he’s just been at home all the time doing whatever he wants to do while she has had to work a 35 hour week. It’s ten ‘o’clock and he announces he is going to bed for an early night. Her eyes immediately light up at the thought of an early night; to a woman an early night means sex and she sulks childishly when her advances are spurned because the man complains he is tired and has a headache.

Notice in her attempts at being clever by reversing the sexes, she goes into lengthy detail about just how onerous and difficult it is for the "husband" doing the traditional housewife role, while the "wife" is a sports obsessed slob acting like the "husband" is simply a domestic slave to make sure dinner is ready, cleans up after "her" while catering to "her" every whim, while STILL managing to cope with child rearing and domestic chores. This is feminist myopia on plain view for all to see...barely a mention of the often difficult and dangerous work a provider may endure to support the family.

Oh the inhumanity and oppression.

One could easily reverse this cheap, transparent tactic:

After sending the kids off to school, the "husband " loads the breakfast dishes into the dishwasher, throws the laundry into the washing machine and vacuum's the house with the state of the art Kirby his "wife" just bought for him. This takes about an hour or so, after which he sits down with a cup of coffee and enjoys an hour of his favorite Soap Opera. After this, he gets on the phone and gossips for an hour with his "boyfriends" before planning to meet up with them at the Starbucks at the shopping mall.

After a few hours of shopping and gossiping, the "househusbands" all leave the mall to pick up the kids from school and head home to ensure the homework gets done and dinner is ready for the "Wife" when she gets home from her day of hard, manual labor in the coal mines that leave "her" completely exhausted, risking "her" life to put food on the table and to make the minimum payments on "His" credit cards that are all maxed out to support "his" shoe and jeans collection that stuff their closets to overfull.

But when "she" gets home, her duties are not over...the minute she walks in after a mind-numbing day of sheer physical labor in horrid conditions, he greets her at the door with immediate nagging about why the yard work hasn't been done yet, the garbage needs to be taken out and "HER" kids were misbehaving again.

All she wants to do after such a long hard day at the mines is take a shower, eat some dinner and watch the game with a beer or two before dropping to sleep from exhaustion from earning a living for her family from the sweat of her brow...but "he" never lets up with the nagging and it drives her so crazy, she leaves her dinner to get cold and her beer to get warm, and she misses the last quarter of her favorite teams playoff game so she can finally take the trash out and mow the lawn with the last rays of sunlight left...just so he'll finally stop nagging her to death.

Than, after finishing her cold dinner and warm beer, she has the NERVE to expect sex! Doesn't she know how tired he is from taking care of the kids and cleaning the house!?!??! (That's not even mentioning how tiring it is to walk around the mall with his boyfriends for a couple of hours, maxing out the credit cards for new clothes and the absolutely VITAL nicnacs and trinkets that adorn the house).

See...aren't cheap, rhetorical essays so much fun!??!


. said...

What a disgusting sack of shit this writer was. I didn't see where she stipulated the high level of education needed to earn the $131,000/yr that women feel they should get for these tasks which a fucking baboon could do.

Stupid cow, perhaps she should describe the woman's day, waking up at 4:00am, 400 miles from home in a crapped out trailer in some God forsaken winter hellhole out in the bush, spend the day swinging around a 30/lb chain saw, bucking trees, working your ass off just to stay warm until 6:00om... only to return to the crappy trailer, no family to see at all until Friday night, and pass out from exhaustion... all just so the wife can complain that she needs more money for a NEW dishwasher, and NEW trash cans, so she can complain to him about how much harder her life is than his.

What a filthy pig this woman is.

Keoni Galt said...

Oh..if you follow the link and read her blog post, you'll see that she actually gets worse by stating the common meme feminuts often recite: that men are responsible for all of the wars in the world, and that if only women are in charge, we would never have wars and everyone would get along so wonderfully....

Davout said...

There isn't anything controversial about these findings, particularly in light of the facts that men have an extra brain gene, have a brain that is 10% larger and don't experience 10% brain shrinkage due to pregnancy.

Since she has accepted the 3.63 point IQ superiority of men ACROSS ALL LEVELS, perhaps she can get on to explaining why women should be allowed influence in any sphere of life, let alone home economics.

Some time ago, I would have been convinced that such females despised the role of housewife. Now I also consider the possibility that they might be envious of them. It is also possible that this woman is not pretty enough to attract a decent provider.