Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Requiem For A Shoe Salesman

One of the originals of the MAndrosphere has gone on to The Great Gig in the Sky.

My favorite Canuck from Canuckistan has announced the passing away of his blogging career with a final post that contains a cornucopia of links to some of his best works throughout the past 9 years. I've read all of those articles, several times each.

Rob was THE MAN of the manosphere, long before anyone called it such a thing.

He was the guy that first inspired me to begin blogging here.

He gave me my first shout out and has been one of the most influential bloggers to ever wield the keyboard against the feminazi hordes, and has certainly cast his shadow across the growing expanses of these fringes of teh Interwebz.

Don't miss his last words at No Ma'am.

Rest in Peace, Rob Fedders. You will most certainly be missed.

But please sir, as your departed blogger-soul wanders off into the ethereal wasteland of teh interwebz afterlife....I implore you to please remember THIS passionate exhortation you once wrote:

Of course, not all people will want to keep blogging forever. If you no longer feel the motivation, that's fine. It is a thankless job and the pay sucks. But please, oh please, don't delete your blog! Not only does it remove from the internet a significant body of work that others might find and read, whether old or not, but it also removes all of those links in the articles, in the comments, and on the sidebar, which support those of us who still are blogging.

Most guys who quit blogging have not lost the faith in the message, they simply are fed-up with blogging. There's nothing wrong with becoming a Man Going His Own Way (MGHOW) and moving on - in fact, it is one of the natural conclusions of MGTOW. But please, if you've found a path to enlightenment through MGTOW and the manosphere which resulted in you starting up a blog, leave your work up so that others may find it, and so that the links in your blog may direct others towards those who are still actively blogging about it.    

 A hui hou, Rob.


Anonymous said...

I first discovered NO MA'AM 6 or 7 years ago and read a handful of posts, finding them quite helpful. I lost track of it until I tripped over the androsphere about a year ago.

NO MA'AM stood out above everyone else. Thanks, Rob.

Deansdale said...

F_ck. I hope he stays around to comment... Or creates a new blog :)

Anonymous said...

By all means, don't delete No Maam.

The MRM has a tendency to become a circus at times and lose its focus. Archived material at Rob's blog like 'The Book of Bonecracker' is like going back to MRM fundamentals. (I haven't finished the 'Book of Pook' yet LOL)

xsplat said...

One of my favorite bloggers, writers, and thinkers.

Hope he comes back from time to time in some incarnation or another.

Anonymous said...

No Ma'am has probably been the most helpful resource in terms of my own personal Red Pill journey - Pook, Bonecrcker, Zen Priest, etc. as well as Rob's own Philosophy of MGTOW. Thank you, Rob.

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