Tuesday, March 12, 2013


Anyone who thinks that the VAWA receiving billions a year in public funding based upon pure lies and sexism, wouldn't also resort to using plants for a few mere bucks to ensure the money keeps rolling in, doesn't understand basic economics.
- Rob Fedders, No Ma'am

As suspected, the truth about the deletion of The Woman and the Dragon blog would eventually come out. Some cognitive infiltrator or team of infiltrators probably earned a nice bonus check once Sunshine Mary (SSM) deleted her blog.

I ought to have been far quicker to boot anyone who tripped my not-quite-right radar. Now that I have shut down, the rather large and growing cadre of aggressive feminist trolls and shills masquerading as confused women looking for advice who had overrun my site may attempt to have an increased presence here.

Meh. It is more like the trolls and shills found The Woman and the Dragon through Dalrock's. They already have as much presence in Dalrock's comment threads as they can get away with, given his quick draw on comment moderation and IP bans of those he suspects are posting in bad faith or with ulterior motives. But rest assured, there are certainly  D E E P covert agents waging their guerilla wars on these fringes of teh Interwebz to earn their 30 pieces of silver.

Once a fledgling blogger begins to emerge into a higher level of influence and visibility from the red pill blogosphere, and begins gaining crossover appeal to the readers and writers of other mainstream blogosphere niches,  those who are paid to observe this, the last frontier of truly free speech, will take note and deploy their paid saboteurs and PsyOp agents of mis-and-dis info.

The Woman and the Dragon had recently begun to pick up some serious blogosphere momentum, and was developing into a sort of point of entry for bridge of understanding between the ugly truths discussed in the MAndrosphere and the genuinely curious Christian females surfing teh Interwebz who happened to come across linkage to her blog.

IMHO, SunShineMary filled an empty niche in these fringes of teh Interwebz - a female run blog that basically accepted and promoted red pill truths to devout Christians who are ignorant of how the blue pill of mainstream, secular progressive ideologies have infiltrated Christianity in the West.

Back when Vanessa was blogging as Alte, she had begun to fill in that role herself....until she shut down her blog, re-booted, then turned it into a group collaboration with the rest of the guys and gals over at Traditional Christianity. But, like SSM, as soon as they started getting some notice, the trolls invaded, sowed dissension, and they essentially retreated into their own private forum, with occasional forays into the comment threads around the MAndrosphere and posts over at TC where the comments are closed.

The emergence of SSM's blog into prominence was attracting readers and commentariat who were open to the messages of a woman touting Biblical submission and Christian Patriarchy. She was reaching an audience that was largely unreachable by most of the MAndrosphere's male bloggers. Blue Pill Churchians (especially women) are more likely to reject red pill writing of men out of hand. The perfect example of this is to note the reaction of popular Orthosphere blogger and commenter, Lydia McGrew, and her vehement distaste upon discovering Dalrock's blog via Zippy Catholic. (Even Zippy initial reaction was distaste of the MAndrosphere upon his first glimpse, he called it "The Death of Masculinity").

When it comes to possibly getting other women to see the ugly truths of the red pill discussed 'round these parts, there's just a certain segment of women who simply cannot be shown the light from a male blogger. Too much gender war baggage in the culture at large makes it far too easy for a random woman to find the MAndrosphere and dismiss it out of hand as a bunch of bitter, angry, hateful Men with nothing of value to be learned from. SSM began reaching those sorts of people in a way Male bloggers simply can't.

Thus, due to her effectiveness, The Woman and the Dragon had to be taken down.

One of them posted a comment using my real name, which I had opted not to associate with my blog. Being outed represents a marked increase in aggression and is the one of the main reasons I deleted my blog and its associated tumblr and facebook pages, as well as the associated email address. I was not afraid, but I was very angry at the sheer rudeness of it.

SSM, you just threw Brer Rabbit into the briar patch.

Now don't get me wrong - I'm an anonymous blogger too, and every person needs to weigh the value of being anonymous for engaging in politically incorrect, free speech and the real world consequences that could be inflicted on us by those who are paid to persecute Thought Crime in today's Brave New World Order.

However, SSM also stated her intention to perhaps resume blogging again under her real name after taking a blogging break for a bit.

My husband and I are currently discussing whether we wish to start a new site under our real names as a preemptive way of avoiding being outed. If we do so, I may repost some of the old essays and comment threads, which I have always saved in their entirety on my private blog. But for now, I am taking a break and wish everyone a blessed lent and Easter season.

IF SSM and HHG do decide to resume blogging under their real identities to pre-empt trolls and infilatrator's from trying to out them, I would urge them to think long and hard about it.

For one thing, as Athol Kay warned: "Be advised that posting on your real name is a one way trip forever."

In terms of the MAndrosphere, the bloggers who've stepped out of anonymity and began using their real world identities have all been subjected to negative publicity, personal attacks, and real world persecution. But for most of them, they've also gotten at least some benefits as well. The most prominent ones are all self-publishing authors who have made money selling their books from their websites or soliciting donations to get paid for their efforts. Athol Kay, Roosh, Matt Forney, Bill Price, Paul Elam et al.

If you're not gonna make money or gain some other sort of benefit by blogging politically incorrect and highly unpopular viewpoints, it's probably not worth the hassle to blog under your real name and identity.

As Matt Forney noted, Anonymity is for Guys With Something to Lose. Yet even Matt found out just how far these bastards will go when they started going after his family members.

Be wary SSM and HHG. You may pre-empt another outing attempt by coming out and blogging under your real names, but understand that outing is not the only weapon these infiltrator's and shill's have in there arsenal in attempting to damage those in real life who dare to express 21st century Thoughtcrime in cyberspace.


Anonymous said...

TWandTD was one of the absolute best websites on teh interwebz, and I felt like I'd been gut-kicked when it went down. Many happy returns HHG and SSM, and come back soon. The world is a darker place without your contribution.

Aurini said...

Hey, I'm self-published too - I'm even on the League of Unemployable Bloggers! http://captaincapitalism.blogspot.com/2013/01/the-league-of-unemployable-bloggers.html

Seriously though, Keoni I've been wanting to send you a copy of my novel, but your email's all Secret Squirrel.

Anonymous said...

I figured that it was something to do with the Feminists since they are the most destructive force - the more they do this the fewer women want to be affiliated with their terrorist tactics.

Once upon a time the US was about Freedom - now it won't be till all of the jack-booted thugs have been buried 6 feet under...

This is why I recommend Tor to connect, and never use an Email that isn't multiply re-directed. Remember you're dealing with rabid dogs with no honor, who cannot handle anyone that disagrees with their little pea-brains.

Behave as you would under any tyranny... Because you are living under one...

sunshinemary said...

I am so grateful for everything I have learned around here. I have an enormous amount of respect for men like you, Dalrock, Deti, and Vox.

However, I am a little slightly stressed out because I fear that the abrupt closure of my site might make some people nervous about participating in this little corner of the web. It wasn't my intention to inadvertently do the trolls' and shills' work for them. I have been kicking myself for even mentioning being outed at Dalrock's and was going to email him and beg him to remove my disclosure when I saw that he had very wisely already done so. I don't suppose even if I say pretty please with bacon on top that you would decide to remove this post in order not to spread nervousness...?

I know that the trolls and shills found me via Dalrock. I just proved to be quite inferior to him in how I managed my comment threads. I owe all my readers an apology for that, and I am sincerely sorry for it.

It is past time for me to hush up, so now that I have had the chance to publicly apologize, I am going to stop yapping.

sunshinemary said...

Well, I thought Dalrock had deleted my comment there, but I was mistaken. I guess I will have to beg him after all.

black said...

SSM - don't beat yourself up. You broached quite a bit of stuff others wouldn't dare to.

Agree with HL and Athol - anonymity is necessary.

Keoni Galt said...

However, I am a little slightly stressed out because I fear that the abrupt closure of my site might make some people nervous about participating in this little corner of the web.

SSM, don't worry. You have to remember that most internet "participation" is simply those who read without comment. As for other bloggers...meh. The blogosphere resembles a post-apocalyptic Darwinian landscape. Nervousness is not conducive to survival.

just proved to be quite inferior to him in how I managed my comment threads. I owe all my readers an apology for that, and I am sincerely sorry for it.

You don't owe anybody anything, and certainly not an apology! The safety and well being of your family comes first! If being outed could have damaged you or HHG's living situation, finances or even social standing in your small town, then hey, do what you gotta do! It's just a "blog."

As for removing this post...let me ask you something: does anything in this post possibly make you and/or HHG getting outed and IRL trouble? If so, I'll remove it ASAP.

If not, I think this post is a great reminder to the rest of the Blogosphere that they should be careful, mindful and aware that there are in fact paid shills who's sole purpose is to sow dissension and damage those who would speak truth.

@ Aurini - Funny enough, why my email address is not posted on this blog is related. Some time ago, I started getting emails from stalkers, freaks and assholes. Someone even tried to send me a virus hoping I was dumb enough to open an .exe file from a strange email.

Thanks for the offer, I'll email you shortly!

Anonymous said...

Yet even Matt found out just how far these bastards will go when they started going after his family members.

Keoni, You forgot to mention that Roosh, Paul Elam, and even The Community of the Wrongly Accused were targeted by the $PLC.


Stingray said...


Better to be warned and a bit nervous and than ignorant of this.

I'm very glad to hear you and yours are well.

Anonymous said...

"It's more like the trolls and the shills found Woman and the Dragon through Dalrock's."

FYI, Christian Reconstructionists like Dalrock and his henchman, Vox, advocate 'infiltration' rather openly. Maybe this wasn't as accidental as it was made to appear to be.

I wouldn't trust either one of those characters for a moment.

Wald said...

Maybe once a blog reaches a certain level of influence, they should disable comments and not reveal their email, but use a contact form.


Julian O'Dea said...

SSM and Alte before her were both very effective. The ideas are getting spread and they are finding their way into academic discussion groups, for example.

I was interested to read that Paul Elam is a real name. I had thought that Elam was simply Male spelt backwards.

I have recently started using my real name to blog and comment with.

JP (real one) said...

Eric (yawn). Vox is not a Christian Reconstructionist. CR is a tiny subset of Calvinism, which Vox abhors. I don't think Dalrock is a CR either, or at least I've never seen him talk about it.

Quit throwing around terms you don't understand. Braindead leftists like the SPLC do enough of that already.

Anonymous said...

Eric (yawn). Vox is not a Christian Reconstructionist. CR is a tiny subset of Calvinism, which Vox abhors. I don't think Dalrock is a CR either, or at least I've never seen him talk about it.

Quit throwing around terms you don't understand. Braindead leftists like the SPLC do enough of that already.

dannyfrom504 said...

SSM will be sorely missed. The community sucks w/o her.

I could never post anonamoose. The lurkers and trolls get with swiftly and harshly. Best to nuke them before I nuke the. Posting openly, I leave them no where to go.

Stay up Brubbuh.

dannyfrom504 said...

Jesus Lord almighty. Must quit posting half asleep.

Anonymous said...

I am still amazed by those dissenters and freedom fighters who act as though they are surprised when the potential wrath of the system is directed at them. Did they not understand the risk when entering into the battle? Did they really believe it wouldn’t be all that bad?

taterearl said...

SSM's blog was quickly becoming my favorite. It was great to see a woman's perspective be presented that way...and even forced me to think about the way the world worked a bit harder. She's good people.

Anonymous said...

KG (HL),

I ran across some of your comments at Vox ? and was moved to check out your blog. I was impressed to the extent that I've been working my way slowly through your archives from the beginning, now being up to Feb 2011.
I've especially enjoyed and benefited from your posts on meat, saturated fats
and dietary red pills in general.

One recommendation was a big hit and made some coverts. I usually bring cheese as a side to my church's cook-your- own-steak men's supper.
I got some Kerry Gold cheese - Wexford cheddar and blarneystone farmer's cheese - along with my ribeye. I picked up a stick of the KG garlic herb butter as well. Along with my steak marinade I spread a good bit of the butter on either side of the steak.

At the dinner I put out the cheese and the remaining butter. A lot of the guys are already going low carb, and I mentioned your blog to them. All the guys decided to spread some of the Kerry Gold on their meat before grilling, like maitre de hotel butter.

The results were fantastic; it turned my own ribeye from merely excellent to ambrosial. Everyone else raved about it, too. I'm sold on the stuff, and will definitely try it out on vegetables and pasta subs like spaghetti squash and shiratake.

Great call!

Houston said...

I notice that Joseph of Jackson's blog is now private. He was kicked out of his church for teaching Game principles to men. Presumably he's come under heavy pressure also.

Keoni Galt said...

Yes joetexx, everything and I mean EVERYTHING tastes better with butter.

Everytime I hear or see a commercial for a certain vegetable oil product from Big AG, I think to myself:

"I can't believe anyone would use anything BUT butter?!?!?!!"

Anonymous said...

JP, The Fake One:
I think that those two worthies don't need you, or any of their other toadies, to defend them. They can do it themselves (although unless they can do it from behind a ban button, they usually don't).

Winx Club Games said...

i agree aye, if you put butter on anything, i mean ANYTHING, it automatically taste so much better :P