Friday, February 25, 2011

Now She's Thinking

Ok...after "attacking" Laura Wood and calling her the Emoting Housewife, I must give her just due when she does live up to the title of her blog.

As I first wrote in my initial critique of her criticism: "She has some good points for which I often find myself in agreement with..."

Sometimes, she really does "get it" when she's not defaulting to her sense of self-righteous, moral-superiority.

I only know Game second-hand. I do not read Roissy, who is an advocate of sexual conquest and freedom. I think of Game as Youngfogey described it, as “acting like a man.” When someone says a man should “use Game” in a particular situation, I can, with a fair degree of accuracy, predict what he means. Game strategies do make sense in some circumstances. However, I can’t comment on the ideas of many of those who write about Game.

Many men find themselves, because of feminist indoctrination, trying to appease and gratify the emotions of women. This can be a tremendous mistake and that is a valuable insight of Game. We live in a feminized, therapeutic culture where many people believe that if we are always sincere and let all our feelings hang out, relationships will thrive. This is not true. Neither men or women like to be involved with someone who is a pushover or who has no will or mind of their own. Women especially are better off when their spouses are more assertive than they are. But that is a simplistic statement. Marriage involves the whole of our personalities. It’s a complicated affair. Game is not applicable in many situations.

I'm sure she does not "read" Roissy, like she doesn't "read" the Spearhead...

...but here, she does demonstrate a grasp of the concept as to why so many men -- not just PUA's and aspiring PUA's, but Patriarch's and other God fearing, morally conscious men -- believe in Game.

She's right too, about it not being applicable in every situation...especially if the ONLY objective is to preserve the marriage, no matter how unhappy or abusive it is. Sometimes, when a man gains an understanding of Game, he realizes their is no "fixing that which is broken beyond repair." But this clear understanding from the insights gained from studying game gives him the courage and gumption to make the tough, painful decisions that must be made to finding the kind of relationship he wants. Some women are either grown so contemptuous and disgusted with their pedestalizing spouse, or are too thoroughly programmed by cultural feminized indoctrination to recognize the value of submission to a worthy man in marriage.

Game gives men involved with such women the awareness that he does not have resign himself to staying in that state of emasculated submission.


Simon Grey said...

Really, when you think about it, the essence of Game is confidence and leadership. You know what you want, you know what to do, and you set about doing it. And everyone responds positively to that. Even if someone decides not to follow, they can still respect you. The fundamentals of game, then, have universal application and appreciation.

Keoni Galt said...

'aint that the truth.

Anonymous said...

"are too thoroughly programmed by cultural feminized indoctrination to recognize the value of submission to a worthy man in marriage."

Perfect. Sums up exactly the dilemma a modern man has in trying to explain to his SO that he isn't trying to tame her, merely trying to expunge the feminist poison.

Unfortunately, men have pretty much been rendered irrelevant, and without the ability to use...more aggressive means to impose stability, it's either submit, or flee. Sad, really.

Soon though we will get to the next stage, likely too late for me (age 42) but I have played the field and have no regrets.

- Lovekraft

tacticalchrstn said...

One of the most important posts ever made on this blog dealt with the way that the Church damaged HL's father. A lot of social conservatives have a blind spot--they don't see how damaging it is to place women on a pedestal. Laura Wood does get it, but I think she also can see where game leads when all morality is thrown away. Genesis describes the state of fallen man just before the flood by saying that men married any women they chose. Lamech, father of the famous Noah, had two wives that we know of. Monogamy is not the natural state of fallen man--polygamy is. Hypergamy is the natural state of fallen woman. I need to do an entire blog post about this because Christian resurgence cannot take place until we accept some unpleasant truths about ourselves. Laura is getting there.

Elusive Wapiti said...

To me, the most attractive thing about Game is how it speaks the truth about the true animalistic base nature of men and women.

It quite handily knocked women off their pedestal, and that is a good thing, for Christians and heathens alike.