Monday, July 26, 2010

The Manginas at Amnesty International

Dr. Stephen Baskerville has been one of the preeminent men's rights activist actively working for years now. I've cited his works previously on this blog several times in the past.

He recently published a new article called Human Rights or Wrongs? calling out Amnesty International for caving in to Swedish Feminists demands that a movie regarding the unfairness of Swedish family courts in dealing with Father's be removed from the competition and dropped from Amnesty International's website completely.

Amnesty sponsored a film competition, but when some finalists produced a film that angered feminists, the film was pulled from Amnesty’s YouTube site. Amnesty denies that pressure from an Uppsala women’s shelter was responsible for suppressing the film, but the shelter itself is gloating about its political clout.

The film, created by four high school students and titled, The Right To Be a Father, is a powerful depiction of how children are taken from their fathers by Sweden’s feminist family courts. Separating children from their fathers is not only a bedrock principle of the war against "patriarchy," but also the bread-and-butter of the lucrative child custody industry, so it is not surprising that the sisterhood would come down hard on the heresy that feminists violate human rights.

The film was nominated for the final stage of the competition. Amnesty posted it on YouTube, and the creators were invited to the film gala in Gothenburg. "But our film was never shown at the festival, and the day after it also disappeared from Amnesty's YouTube channel," says Sara Sivesson, one of the creators. Further, the students claim they obtained an email from the Uppsala feminists bragging, "Thanks to the protests Amnesty did not show the film at the festival and they also dropped it from their website."

Here's the short, 8 minute documentary the Feminists where able to badger the mangina's at Amnesty International to remove from their competition -

Baskerville than expands his indictment of AI in highlighting the way in which they re-define "domestic violence" as a form of torture to allow authoritarian and totalitarian action by Governments.

In domestic violence cases there is seldom a trial, almost never a jury, and no one is ever acquitted. One study published in Criminology and Public Policy found that everyone arrested for domestic violence receives some punishment. Special "domestic violence courts" now exist for the express purpose of processing more convictions.

It is based on this presumption of guilt that Amnesty can claim that in the US "a woman is battered every 15 seconds." Amnesty provides no documentation for this preposterous figure, because none exists. We also learn that "Amnesty International considers domestic violence a form of torture," demonstrating an Orwellian willingness to redefine words and cheapening their own campaign against real torture.

Amnesty is quite clear that it is stretching the meaning of "human rights" into a backdoor penal instrument. "A human rights framework…enables Amnesty International to use international human rights standards and laws…to hold governments accountable if they fail to meet their obligations to protect women." In other words, far from limiting government reach and repression, Amnesty is working to expand them.

If you were/are a supporter that gives donations to Amnesty International, you may want to re-think you're support for this organization of mangina feminist lackeys.


Anonymous said...

I don't think it's any secret that feminists manage to apply influence in all sorts of situations where their malice is publicly exposed. Clearly, AI went along with this film as a legitimate depiction of feminist violation of human rights - until it started getting circulation. Obviously, it was then that somebody decided to take the hammer to AI, just as they have successfully done to so many efforts to expose the truth about current feminist government policy before.

The big story is not that they do it, but how. There are people in AI who will have seen how this film got pulled from the competition, probably to their surprise. They will know names and the means by which pressure was applied. We desperately need to know more about this process if we are to understand it, formulate responses and eliminate it.

If anyone from AI is reading this, and knows how this manipulation was brought about, anything you care to offer would be appreciated. You needn't compromise yourself.

. said...

Article on Amnesty found at

Fem Think and the Civil Rights of Men

Hughman said...

HL, this is just a drop in the ocean of Amnesty's crimes.

The London Times ran a massive expose on them being in league and funding Muslim and nationalist extremists across the world.

As you can imagine, everyone shat breaks on either side of the support line.

ioan said...

Strange how the feminists didn't seem to have any problem when Amnesty teamed up with harcore jihadi and woman-hater Moazzam Beg and his despicable "Cageprisoners":