Friday, July 23, 2010

Conspiracy Stuff


Anonymous said...

I saw a cartoon in National Review back in the 1990s where two pigs are watching another pig walk along, and one of the two pigs says to the other, "Talk about your conspiracy nuts - he says the farmer is going to kill us and eat us!"

Athol Kay: Married Man Sex Life said...

That's a good picture of New Zealand!

Miles Anderson said...

Many things that appear to be conspiracy in our society are probably not (at least directly).

The border collie is genetically predisposed by breeding and training to be super focused and just control their hunting instinct so they can do the farmer's bidding. At this point it is a "natural" symbiosis.

There are examples in our society where groups have found financial arrangements that are optimal (at least locally) for them. I think the interaction between the grain and beef industry is just that. Once there is enough money involved in one of these interactions it appears like a conspiracy although one that occurred with malicious or often even explicit intent. Another example in our society are the various drug user laws and the prison lobbies.

Miles Anderson said...

Bah. "that occurred without malicious or event explicit intent"

dienw said...

The border collie is both natural and artificial in the Burkean sense: natural as is of nature and of the wolf; artificial in his manipulated nature and appearance: an artificiality expressly determined in order to participate in collaboration with the human shepherd - a conspiracy.

The conspiracy metaphor holds up.

An Unmarried man said...

Can't we say all the players in this photograph are straddling the natural/artificial divide and the ensuing tension and incongruity is eventually manifested in suspicion?

What is suspicion but lack of cohesion between the mind and reality?

dienw said...

Good enough: we'll send that definition into Art Forum.

Miles Anderson said...

I was disagreeing that the metaphor held up. More that this conspiracy is closer to what happens in real life then the black and white type that HL or Hollywood tend to talk about.

FWIW, I have a border collie. She is crazy fun, a ton of work, and can be very willful. There is definitely a conspiracy to blow the top off of all of our adventures.

globalman100 said...

you might want to read this.

Take particular note. Aldos Huxley said in 1962:
"We are in process of developing a whole series of techniques, which will enable the controlling oligarchy – who have always existed and will presumably always exist – to get people to love their servitude…"

He didn't say they were 'thinking about it'. He said 'we are in the process'. He said they were doing it. I guess the guys at Spearhead would rather do their bullshit talkfest rather than actually declare themselves sovereigns and then free themselves.

Any man who does not declare himself a sovereign? What is he then? Well? You and I know he's a slave. But he has been trained to love his servitude and he will attack anyone who is NOT a slave because he does not want to admit to himself he IS A SLAVE. ;-)

Deansdale said...

Everybody (conspiracy believers and deniers alike) should watch this video.
NWO Conspiracy Bullshit - Deek Jackson
He's an asshat, yeah, but very thought provoking.