Thursday, January 14, 2010

A Game Concept Demonstrated on American Idol

Yes, as I've admitted before, I watch American Idol.

On a tangential note, Uzem & Luzem's comment on that thread was pretty good, and he's absolutely right, I shouldn't feel the need to have to explain why I watch this show...nevertheless, I do feel that need to explain myself because I know that I often write about how Television programming in general consists of mostly feminist drivel and propaganda used as a brainwashing device for social engineering much of our society's present pathologies, and that I typically only watch football and MMA.

In addition to being a musician myself who enjoys watching real musical talent manifest in other people, I also find A.I. to be a pretty insightful look into the current state of our culture. The entitlement mentality, the narcissism, the solipsism, and the vanity are in abundance amongst the many hopeful auditioners...but than we also see glimmers of hope - jewels amongst the rabble - real people with admirable personalities, qualities and talent that still exist amongst the masses of dumbed down sheeple in our BraveNewWorldOrder...but I digress.

So what is this "game" concept I'm referring to here? Other than the most obvious, which is of course, that Simon is the perfect example of an "Alpha" personality that certainly has "Game," one particular audition really stuck out for me on Monday nights show, the first of the new season, in Boston, MA.

Auditioner Andrew Fenlon provided a perfect example of how a good looking, handsome man (my wife said he looks like a young Rob Lowe) with bad social self awareness or clue about social dynamics, quickly kills female attraction with his interpersonal ineptitude.

Watch the following YouTube clip and you'll see what I mean.

Andrew swaggers into the room, apparently brimming with confidence. Randy Jackson is the first to react to his presence with a "YYeaah!" You can hear it in Jackson's voice "Now HERE'S a DUDE!"

Note Kara DiGuardia's initial reaction when a tall, handsome man walks into the room with a swagger of the confident Alpha... you can hear DiGuardia's appreciation for his physical appearance with her enthusiastic "HELLLLO!"

Than watch Victoria Beckham sit up in her seat and say "Hi!" with a look of interest on her face. You could almost hear both women's thoughts "Aaaahhh, finally, we got ourselves a looker!"

Than the dude opens his mouth and comes across as a George Sodini type of psycho. His attitude and demeanor are precisely what even pre-teen girls recognize as "CREEPY." He alternates between socially autistic anger and contrite apology when Simon calls him on his demeanor.

While I can't find the clips of his pre- and post- audition interviews with Ryan Seacrest on YouTube, there was something about this guy in those clips that made me think that he was an act...a put on, to deliberately spice up the show. Nevertheless, I do think the reactions of the judges to his initial appearance and subsequent anger at his attitude were real.

This was in fact a very good demonstration in the differences between male and female attraction cues.

Men are primarily visual...most men would have no problem having sex with a woman whose looks were movie star grade, but who's personality was terrible. Such a woman is the perfect candidate for the pump and dump.

But from a woman's perspective, physical appearance is NEVER enough. An off putting demeanor, or a "creepy vibe" will quickly turn a woman's initial attraction into a gut-wrenching, seething disgust and contempt. While DiGuardia claims her anger is based on this guy's impatience when other people wait years for the same chance sounds plausible, I think this reaction from her demonstrates perfectly a female's visceral reaction of disgust at the idea of being fooled by the appearance of an Alpha who has the social skills of an Omega.

At the 3:27 point of the clip, DiGuardia pretty much says as much...

"You know what Simon, you have an attitude, but you're at least charming!"

If this dude would have been ugly and acted in the same manner, she probably would have laughed at him rather than get so upset at his lack of "charm."


Monad said...

Below is a video of Robbie Williams debut in the US. A great example of how and why he is so popular with women/girls. He builds himself up to be the Uber Alpha, from relative obscurity (in comparsion to his native UK), with this perfomance.

He also spectacularly AMOGs fellow Alpha, Simon Cowell who is a guest on the show.

But the annotations detailing how Robbie Williams wins over his audience from a Game/Seduction perspective is the highlight of this vid.

Aaron said...

One way to put it: when a man finds a woman physically attractive, he'll convince himself that she's smart, funny, caring, etc., even when all evidence is to the contrary.

Likewise, when a woman is attracted to a man's personality, she'll convince herself he's tall enough, good-looking enough, successful enough, etc. Even if she finds herself breaking what she thought were her rules only moments before. ("I never date ex-cons.......but he's different!" "I'm not attracted to bald guys......but he's different.")

Anonymous said...

Wait a second - isnt this a refutation of Game?

This guy comes off as arrogant, assholish, indifferent - in fact, this is how Id expect anyone reading Roissy:s blog for too long to behave - and it completely kills attraction. Shouldnt the women be swooing?

A most eloquent and final refutation of much of what passes for *game* these days I couldnt imagine!

Thanks for posting this!

Speaking non-facetiously, though, what this really shows is a very important, seldom discussed issue in Game - the idea that TRYING to act self-consciously Alpha is actually evidence of NOT being Alpha and the surest way of convincing everyone you are not Alpha.

This is such an important isse in Game yet so seldom discussed - how many guys do you suppose read all about Game, then go out and act self-consciously Alpha, and fall falt on their faces with women laughing at them?

I am sure it is many, and yet so much of the game advice on many of the most popular sites encourages flamboyant displays of Alphaness that do nothing but show the world you want to impress them - which is as un-Alpha as can be.

And that is the real secret - being overly concerned with impressing others with your Alphaness isn:t Alpha. A true Alpha is unconcerned with others.

Thats why I dont buy into the Roissy mystique - the guys tries way too hard to convince others he:s Alpha and encourages ostentatious displays of Alphaness. From a purely practical POV, this is bad advice to give others - The guy is a brilliant and entertainng writer, but if you go out into the world and translate the Roissy *vibe* into action - in short, try too hard to be impressive - you will fall flat on your.

Moral; don:t try to be impresive! Don:t be falmboyant and self-consciously assholish! Purge your mind of the desire to *impress* girls - a difficult thing to do - and you will give off Alpha vibes.

Anonymous said...

i read somewhere that the dude was a performance artist, and that kara was a retard for not picking up on it. apparently it was pretty obvious based on the stuff that was edited out.

anyway your point still stands.

Anonymous said...

I have noticed quite a lot of good-looking men with unattractive wives in my workplace and social circle. I used to wonder about this, but I now suspect they have potentially alpha looks and even jobs, but they lack the personality.


John Smith said...

i thought how the interviewee contestant swayed nervously, and how Simon did not move a muscle and grinned.....he out alpha'd the imposter.

Unknown said...

A TRUE Alpha doesn't need to impress anyone in the first place - he one.

In fact, I'll go one step further and say that ANY wanting a woman in your arms and especially a particular woman (or type thereof) is actually beta behavior at best. After all, if you don't NEED a woman, then why should you WANT a woman at all? IOW, concentrate on improving your own life - meaning YOUR definition of "improve", not women's or mainstream society's definition thereof. Find non-sexual/romantic interests that you can lose yourself deeply into for hours (the litmus test is that when you engage in that hobby, sex isn't even within your mental universe). Then, become at it. Afterwards, if you're so inclined*, find a group of people who share those interest and hobbies. Believe me, it will work wonders for your inner confidence, self-esteem, and self-assessment -- and very likely your chances with women whom you clique well with in the first place (as opposed to the "if at first you don't succeed, try and try again" method of picking up an 8 or hotter). Hell, you're probably better off with a "just attractive enough" type anyway (they're less pretentious, especially if they are NOT thrill-seekers or social butterflies).

*I say this because I'm very much a "social life optional" kind of guy - friends are a nice extra to have in your life, but not anything to live or die for.