Friday, January 22, 2010

Awareness is Percolating

I've been reading various forums of a wide variety of different topics on the internet ever since I got my first computer and logged online back in 1997...with the Manosphere (btw - great all encompassing term for MRA/MGTOW/MRM/FRM/PUA blogosphere) being only one subject matter I discovered in the last 4 years or so.

Up until recently however, I've noticed that in just about any forum regarding whatever topic it's supposed to be focused on, like NFL football, martial arts, science fiction, news websites etc., most participants generally adhere to the politically correct, mainstream, blue-pill mindset on most every topic. Feminism, misogyny, and "equality" are pretty much taken as articles of faith by 90% of the people online.

Issues regarding domestic violence, divorce, adultery, cuckoldry, slutty behavior, non-jugementalism, the family court system, and all the other topics we in the Manosphere are used to discussing and such almost always had a lockstep conformity to the Matriarchy's cultural zeitgeist.

But as of late, I noticed the tide has slowly but surely turning. Awareness is percolating. While most people still don't recognize the full truth in light of the media and the culture's imposed vision of feminist-based mind control, I see more and more people looking at particular issues and raising important points that contradict the mainstream ideas of the Gynocracy. The cognitive dissonance between observed reality versus the socially engineered indoctrination is starting to manifest more and more amongst the brainwashed sheeple.

Take for instance this little news item reported on the NFL tabloid-esque website, about San Diego Chargers Linebacker, Shawne Merriman:

"Merriman "excited" about fatherhood, "shocked" by lawsuit"
On Thursday, San Diego Chargers linebacker Shawne Merriman announced on Twitter that he's going to be a father.

"Wanted to wait until after the season to share some exciting news," Merriman tweeted. "I'm going to be Dad. I'm so excited."

But in speaking to the San Diego Union-Tribune on Thursday, Merriman's excitement turned to "shock": That's the word Merriman used to describe how he felt when he learned that the mother, Tiffany Horne, filed a paternity case against him in San Diego Superior Court.

"She's a great friend of mine and has been for almost six years now," Merriman said. "There's no denying of any kind of paternity. For this to be even taking place is a shock."

The case is under seal, and there are conflicting comments from lawyers for Horne and Merriman about what kind of case it is. Horne's attorney said, "It's not a paternity suit," while Merriman's attorney called it a "standard paternity case."

Merriman says he thinks the lawsuit stems from a breakdown in communication.

Of course even the tabloid styled website like PFT reports this news item in the neutral, non-judgmental tone of our age of permissive promiscuity and shameless bastardy. But the point I'm making here is found in the comment threads of PFT. A few commenters sound like the regular bloggers and commenters in the Manosphere!

Hey Dummy!
You know someone for 6 months, you knock he up, and you are a Professional athlete, you get served papers? CHA CHING!!!!!!!!
Keep up the excitement, you should be real excited giving $15,000 or more a month to a baby youll hardly see. Way to go dummy.................................


She sees $$$$$$$$$$$$.


She was "Horne" for Merriman's money!


Gold diggers! Mount up.


She's not interested in what's your pants anymore, Shawn... now she wants what's in your wallet!


Sounds like most of society today. Merriman "shes a great friend" ... I thought you were supposed to have kid with your wife and have a family e.g. the foundation of society.


I'm pretty sure Merriman could have the best communication skills in the world and he'd still get hit with this lawsuit. Mom is looking to legally document Merriman as father and arrange court-ordered child support. None of this dicking around with "talking" and whatnot.

One wonders what would happen if the courts stopped looking at men as wallets and codified the responsibility of pregnancy as solely that of the mother (after all the law is almost there now anyway re: Row Vs Wade) , whether you'd see a lot of decline of the phenomena of golddiggers and a drop in the single mom birth rate. I'd think it would be guaranteed. But hey, let's not do something to stop unaccountable behavior or anything.


It's all about child support. Probably a very good move because we all know the well documented history of black athletes and children.


oh i love when "great friends" turn into "money-grubbing whores"


This is about money -- lots of tax-free money.

The guideline in CA is that child support for a single child is 20% of the non-custodial parent's after-tax income. Merriman just ended his deal at about $2 million per season, so his after-tax income in 2009 was about $1 million. Based on this, the guideline will be about $200,000 per year, or about $17,000 per month, tax-free to the mother. The court will enter an order along those lines to take effect once the child is born.

That number will also go up proportionately when Merriman gets tagged (as a restricted free agent) or signs a new deal.

Of course, there are a few comments of folks that regurgitate the femtard/white knight/mangina sensibilities...

...but even a just a couple of years ago, you never saw comments of this sort on non-Manosphere sights!

Awareness is percolating.


discesse said...

All of that money will be stolen from him by the state, given to her and he will almost never see the kid. If it is his. He better get a DNA test before he starts paying.

Nick39 said...


I think it's part of a general tide of 80-year shifts in social opinion from left-wing to right-wing that last shifted in the Great Depressions (no conincidence). It takes about 80 years to forget the lessons, and then start relearning them. Like the Chinese saying of wealth does not last 3 generations.

Goes something like this:
1. Society is relatively open, free, capitalistic. It get's rich quickly. Small underclass do terribly.
2. More wealth to administer to underclass. Charitable usrges. Complacency due to wealth buffer zone leads to expansion of government and 'uman rights legislation
3. Self-feeding spiral of enlarged government and it's client state of beneficiary voters. Productive economy and self-reliance is squeezed. Wealth buffer / social capital buffer reduced
4. Socialism. A decade of absolute stagnancy. A crash. Collapse.
5. Reemergence of popualist right wing ideas. Belief that we can't keep tolerating the moochers and looters. Awareness that there's no buffer. Return to small government and self-reliance.

As many MRAs have pointed out, feminism correlates well with socialism and big government. I think this is just another manifestation of the broader trend.

A good example in the UK is the comments to the Guardian online newspaper (the bastion of liberals). Now the comment sections are in open revolt against the left wing writers.

Black&German said...

I've also been very encouraged when I read comment threads lately. Even the mainstream newspapers and magazines are picking up on this topic. I'm going to have a German translation from one next week.