Tuesday, August 18, 2009

21st Century Newspeak

Orwell foretold of our modern day mass media culture of thought control ala political correctness. What he called "newspeak" is not just some fictional construct, but a very real, socially engineered vocabulary of code words designed to illicit visceral, emotion based reactions designed to trigger certain behaviors when the successfully indoctrinated individual hears or sees the word in use.

Once you take the red pill and see our Brave New World Order Matrix for what it truly is, and you gain a full understanding of just far reaching into our collective cultural psyche they've implanted the mnemonic triggers via mass media's power of suggestion via repetition and institutionalized brainwashing of our educational systems, you begin to recognize them all over the place. They literally saturate our culture. In our books, magazines, newspapers, billboards, tv shows, movies, commercials and radio airwaves. BNWO Newspeak is the language of our 21st century culture.

In Orwell's prescient classic, he took great pains to emphasize the mnemonic slogans that permeated his fictional dystopia:


Is this not the prevailing paradigm of our times?!?!?!

Anyhow, I've decided to try and start a Glossary of Terms for our BraveNewWorldOrder.

Please feel free to suggest any additions you can think of.


Newspeak: Reducing or eliminating the impact of human economic activity on the environment.

Realspeak: Humanity is a scourge on the face of the Pagan Goddess of All Things Beautiful, Gaia. The human rodents must be de-populated and controlled so that the Goddess may exist in a pristine state. Better for humanity to die or live in soul-killing poverty than to exploit Gaia's Beauty.


Newspeak: All cultures that are of minority status living amongst an otherwise largely heterogeneous society have a perspective and contribution they bring to the culture that should be valued for it's unique differences from the norms of the majorities cultural hegemony.

Realspeak: White, Anglo-Saxon-Protestant culture that is largely responsible for the development of what we now refer to as "Western Civilization" must be destroyed. To do this, minority cultures must be imported, and their cultural differences emphasized as significant, while urging them to retain their cultural identities and to resist assimilation into the host culture, so that the host culture is diluted eventually to the point where it is no longer valued at all...so that it's destruction is no longer resisted by what was once the majority. It's easier for the one world government to manipulate and control a divided populace consumed with internecine struggles rather than a nation bound together by a common culture.


Newspeak: The state of perfect human cultural evolution, where everyone regardless of their race, gender, creed, religion or sexual orientation are treated as fairly as anyone else in the eyes of the law.

Realspeak: Women, female children, minority ethnicities, gays, lesbians and transgendered will receive favorable and preferential treatment over White Males.


Newspeak: The unreasonable and illogical prejudice and hatred of the female gender by people who haven't evolved into an enlightened state of higher consciousness.

Realspeak: Any attempt to criticize, marginalize, counter or supress female supremacy or superiority in relation to laws, culture and personal relationships between the male and female genders is a hate crime that must be penalized by cultural stigmatization and if the violation is egregious enough, financial and judicial punishment.


Newspeak: This word does not exist. Immediately report it's unlawful usage to the Ministry of Truth.


Newspeak: A woman should not be forced to bear unwanted children that may result from her sexual activity.

Realspeak: Woman have the right to practice infanticide and kill the baby that is growing within her womb. In this way, she can engage in promiscuous sex without worrying about the consequences of her behavior.


Newspeak: When an economy experiences a recessionary phase in the business cycle, only the Government can correct it by reallocating tax revenues to certain sectors of the economy to stimulate economic activity.

Realspeak: By raising taxes on the private sector, the government can than take advantage of economic conditions created and controlled by the Central Banking Cartel that uses fiat currency and fractional reserve banking operations to manipulate the boom-and-bust cycle, thereby giving the politicians in power an excuse to take money from the tax paying citizenry and give it to the cronies, corporations, non-profit organizations and collective bargaining unions that bankrolled and supported their election campaigns that got them into power.


Newspeak: The highest ideal of enlightened governmental philosophy. Everyone participates in creating and shaping the government policies to benefit society as a whole. By involving everyone, the citizenry will all be personally invested in making society the best it can be.

Realspeak: A pipe dream used to sell the people into believing they are free, but in reality is the method of manipulating them into accepting their enslavement under the tyranny of the majority...a majority that is bought, sold and controlled by the elite power brokers of society.


Newspeak: The idea that much of the world's population has been oppressed and exploited by the wealthy White Males hegemony through colonialism, and greedy capitalism. Action must be taken to redress these grievances and restore a balance of power and wealth to the disenfranchised populace.

Realspeak: The key word in employing class warfare rhetoric to induce the ignorant masses and useful idiots that they should surrender their individual rights and sovereignty, to advance collectivist communitarian government legislative goals.

To be continued...


Anonymous said...


Newsspeak: An irrational, bigoted fear of a group of people that simply wish to be accepted by the mainstream of society in order to have a family, get married and have children.

Realspeak: Any criticism, however small, with the gay lifestyle or the radical agenda of its most extreme advocates will not be tolerated.

Community organizer

Newsspeak: A selfless person that celebrates community service and sacrifice over personal ambition and greed.

Realspeak: A person that uses resentments, anger, and white guilt to shakedown whitey, grab attention for themselves, and climb the leftist agitator ladder on the way to bigger and better things.

Anonymous said...

how bout...

"hate speech or crime"
"nation of immigrants",
"no child left behind",
"the rule of law"
"undocumented immigrant"
"date rape"
"glass ceiling"
"alternative energy"
"Investment" as opposed to "tax"
"affordable housing"

Some of these are a bit more specific then yours, so I'm not sure if they are exactly what you had in mind, but they are terms designed to end the debate once you hear them. You mentioned diversity and misogyny so I left racism and sexism out of it.

Keoni Galt said...

Thanks for the suggestions ganttsquarry...will incorporate them in the next installment.

Anonymous said...

I heard somewhere that Orwell had originally intended to call his novel '1948', but it was his editor that suggested "Nineteen Eighty Four". The significance of this was that Orwell hadn't intended to write a prediction - he was writing a hyperbolic commentary of his own time. I suppose you could say that through his experiences and reaching middle-age, he had finally 'taken the red pill', and was able to see the true nature of the society he lived in, rather than the manufactured pfaff we are all fed from the cradle.

Anonymous said...

George Orwell had actually called his novel "Nineteen Eighty-Four" because that was the starting date of Winston's diary. I only know this because I read the novel. Take into note that that which you only hear about is not nearly as accurate as reading the text. Take the above for example. All that you are saying is that it is all hearsay. Now, that in itself is Newspeak, albeit a tad old.