Wednesday, August 19, 2009

21st Century Newspeak: Volume II


Newspeak: An irrational, bigoted fear of a group of people that simply wish to be accepted by the mainstream of society in order to have a family, get married and have children.

Realspeak: Any criticism, however small, with the gay lifestyle or the radical agenda of its most extreme advocates will not be tolerated.


Newspeak: A selfless person that celebrates community service and sacrifice over personal ambition and greed.

Realspeak: 1. A person that uses resentments, anger, and white guilt to shakedown whitey, grab attention for themselves, and climb the leftist agitator ladder on the way to bigger and better things. 2. A 'community organizer' is not someone that works to get people off welfare. It is someone that works to get people ON welfare. - Second definition submitted by Default User


Newspeak: Research has shown that people who eat a diet free of animal products, high in plant foods, and low in fat have a much lower risk of developing cancer.

Realspeak: The conglomerate of big business and big government have colluded into deliberately mislead the populace with a ubiquitous propaganda campaign into believing that the multitude of food products they manufacture, package, market and produce are healthy dietary choices, and that meat and dairy food are bad for the human to eat.


Newspeak: A system of oppressive hegemony created by men to benefit men by subjugating women into serving only their needs, so that women can never realize their full potential as individuals.

Realspeak: The very foundation of Western Civilization.


Newspeak: Providing the tools of education and learning experience to help an oppressed minority succeed in an inherently unfair, bigoted, racist, sexist, homophobic society.

Realspeak: Using the force of government to indoctrinate minorities into believing that they cannot succeed unless the power oo the government is used to oppress the majority so that the minority can than have an "even playing field" to succeed.


Newspeak: The process by which a female can discover her soulmate by socially interacting with a man who can demonstrate his thoughtfulness, caring, humility, and ability to provide for her every need.

Realspeak: A deliberately socially engineered idea to encourage female serial polygamy, so that the ultimate characteristic upon which she should base her decision on who to mate with should be determined by how he makes her feel.


Newspeak: Any assortment of individuals who may or may not be related by genetics, who decide to form a loving bond and share the same household.

Realspeak: The social and culture acceptance and legitimization of homosexuality and illegitimacy to destroy the foundation of Western Civilization; the Patriarchal Nuclear Family.


Newspeak: In an effort to take the acrimony out of an already painful process of a divorce, the matters that contribute to the divorce are no longer relevant, so as to avoid wasting valuable court time on determining who is wrong, but rather what is the most equitable solution regardless of fault as the most important means of determining how to divide up the marital assets and award child custody.



Newspeak: When a person in a household abuses another household member physically, mentally and/or emotionally.

Realspeak: When a man does anything a woman or child in the house does not like, the man has committed violence and needs to be removed by governmental authorities and imprisoned and fined for his violation as soon as possible.

** These Entries submitted by ganttsquarry


Anonymous said...

Your realspeak on no fault divorce was perfect. I can't believe I didn't think of domestic violence. That one is ubiquitous. I'm glad you mentioned plant based diet because shining the light on that myth is still in its infancy.

MarkyMark said...

Community Organizer = rabble rouser. Or, Community Organizer = Communist sympathizing agitator.

Default User said...

I do not know who said this first but I like it.

"A 'community organizer' is not someone that works to get people off welfare. It is someone that works to get people on welfare."

Keoni Galt said...

Hah! That's a good one...will update shortly!

Kamal S. said...

You hit the nose on the head about Romance.

Romance has been subject to a good deal of social conditioning and engineering for centuries, someone looking into its historical origins in the middle ages would note this.

To some degree a good deal of early romance had a benign and praiseworthy aspect. This was the case for the Arab Udhiri love poets, and the early Spanish troubadors influenced by them, to Romance's full flowering in the Court of Elanor of Acquitaine.

However even along with this there was a conditioning aspect that bothered me for ages. The matter of putting women on pedestals. Modern Romance differs greatly from its noble origins with Arab, Spanish, and French court poets.

But through it all has been a conscious motive to influence attitudes towards love along an idealized axis, and this may have done more damage to relations between men and women, over the last 800 years, than we could possibly imagine.

Amy said...

All of these are right on, but the romance one especially so. I'd laugh if the idea of "romance" weren't so harmful to individuals and society as a whole. The idea of marriage shouldn't bring about desires of being treated like a princess and finding somebody who will set your feelings ablaze, but rather sharing life with another person, with the mutual respect, hard work, dedication, and cooperation this requires. It's about accepting somebody, flaws and all, and loving and understanding them for who they are, not looking for a non-existent prince charming or a man to "fix" into what you want him to be.

*sigh* Sometimes I secretly wish romance books could be burned and censored, but even this wouldn't stop the perverse ideas surrounding "romance" I am sure...

Tanstaafl said...

Keoni Galt, I don't know what has caused you to question the multicult, in Hawaii of all places, but I am curious. Perusing your recent topics I get the distinct impression we're kindred spirits, confounded by the insanity that has become "normal", and fed up with being the whipping boy (as Whites are) for all that's wrong with the world.

The straw that broke my camel's back was genocidal levels of immigration. San Diego, along with the rest of southern California, is very rapidly turning into Mexichindistan. The rest of the mainland lags only by a decade or two. Even our European cousins, living where Whites should be accorded the special preferences of "indigenous peoples" are told instead that they are "nations of immigrants" and to reject muslims or islam is "racist". This is what got me thinking along lines similar to your own. About two years ago a major puzzle piece fell into place. Suddenly the mysterious and seemingly crazy behavior of "liberals" and "leftists" made much more sense.

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