Tuesday, June 16, 2009

We the Sheeple

I had an idea for a blog post, and I was going to use Jeff Foxworthy's "You just might be a redneck" schtick to castigate the cultural zeitgeist of our Brave New World Order. The first idea I had was this one:

"If you believe Obama will save the economy with his fascist, corporatist policies...you just might be a Sheeple"

However, while googling for some pictures of "Sheeple" to accompany my original post, I came across a blog that was far better at putting the same point I was going to try to make, in a more direct and pithy manner. Check it out: Votestrike.com: Sheeple on Strike

Today's teens are being attacked by popular culture like no other generation. Hollywood, the music industry, advertisers, and even the mainstream media are using their arsenal of tools to win the battle for our teens' hearts- and so far they are winning! In order to defeat our enemy, we must know how it thinks and understand the weapons it uses. It is critical that we realize how far-reaching the crisis is- and then we must work together to stop it.

This generation views 16 to 17 hours of television each week and sees on average 14,000 sexual scenes and references each year. That's more than 38 references every day.

This generation spends three hours a day online and is the first to grow up with point-and-click pornography. Almost 90 percent of teens have viewed pornography online at one of the 300,000 adult websites, most while doing homework.

More than 25 percent of teen-targeted radio segments contain sexual content; 42 percent of the top selling CDs contain sexual content

With more than $128 billion dollars in their pockets, this generation has been targeted by corporate America, who does everything it can to grow brands and profits without any regard to the moral decay of a generation.

Sheeple: You are free to do as you're told

FREEDOM OF PRESS: All media outlets owned by 5 Mega-Corporations. CNN controlled. CBS controlled. Fox controlled. MSNBC controlled. ABC controlled.

And that means your entertainment too.

Decades of controlled TV and radio indoctrination has brainwashed us into lifestyles and thought patterns of ignorance. Polls revealed that Americans know more about the Simpson's than the 1st Amendment. Most don't even notice when they shred or manipulate our rights.The two political parties have merged into one system. They have become a hybrid.

What exactly are they trying to conserve? Now both parties embrace both "big government" and "big corporation". Corruption, how is that good for "the people"?

Damn straight. This is how the social engineers of of Brave New World Order were able to effect the cultural changes of the last century. The advent of feminism was and is an artificially created ideology, indoctrinated into We the Sheeple. This is precisely how our modern day reality has been deliberately designed.

I've now reached the point where I hear the thoughts and ideas that people around me express, and I have to stifle making a visible reaction of visceral disgust. I literally hear the "B-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-a B-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-a" in my head when I here some person repeating the tropes of our Brave New World Order's indoctrination cues.

Think Green
Go Green
Carbon Footprint
Environmentally Friendly
Global Warming
Climate Change
Equal Rights
Social Justice
Hope and Change we can believe in!
My body, my choice!
War on Terror
War on Drugs
War on Poverty
Men are Afraid of Commitment

It's ALL the mindless bleatings of brainwashed sheeple.

Don't be Sheeple.


Alphadominance said...

Television does warp the way people see the world and acts as a drug on their minds: http://alphadominance.com/?p=493 Most people just recite tropes and lack any rationale for their beliefs. They fail to question anything.

Great pic by the way.

Unknown said...

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