Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The Misinformation Age

I remember while attending business school at the University of Hawaii, all of my Professors often referred to the late 90's up to the present as "the Information Age."

The explanation for naming the current epoch as such was the advent of the internet and the changing of the Country's economy from a manufacturing based one to one in which Information was the primary base for economic activity.

While there is some truth to this definition, I think those of us that have taken the red pill and see the Matrix of delusion that is our modern day reality, it would be far more fitting to call this the Misinformation Age.

So many business decisions, lifestyle choices, market dynamics, elections, government legislation and entire ways of life are now made on the basis of misinformation being accepted as conventional wisdom, and constantly reinforced by a mass media and pop culture deliberately and blatantly created for the mind control of the masses.

The Australian-based website, A Study of our Civilization, by Phillip Atkinson, has a page called:

How to Diagnose if a Community is Declining.

Consider the community's general attitude to truth; a civilization rises because it pursues truth, it falls when it suppresses truth. Our stance is revealed by the existence of popular delusions, whose absurdity has not prevented them from being adopted as truth by governments. The list of popular delusions include:
This is a pretty good list with links to detailed explanations of the misinformation that is now considered "conventional wisdom."

However, I believe Atkinson only touched on the tip of the iceberg. I find myself almost becoming paranoid in my cynical skepticism when I hear, read or watch anything being discussed in the public sphere.

I no longer accept at face value, a damn thing reported from any mainstream news outlet. Our doctors, medical community members, nutritionists, therapists, psychologists, psychiatrists, scientists, politicians, leaders, activists, teachers, professors, administrators, lobbyists, actors, celebrities...all the people in professions that are supposedly in the business of "HELPING" We the Sheeple, and supposedly advancing and growing the collective wisdom of human history to make our lives better are all compromised into serving in the roles of either deliberate malefactor or useful idiot for the social engineers that continue to strive to rule every facet of our lives.

Yeah, we are in the most technologically advanced epoch of human history. This, I think, is the basis for which I encounter so many people that are possessed of a humanistic hubris...that such technological advancement means we now live in the best, most advanced age of human achievement.

Like a bird distracted by the shiny objects, too many people fail to see how we've degenerated into a very real dystopia. Human beings in overwhelming numbers, now live isolated, stifled existences bereft of spiritual and emotional growth...psyche's permanently scarred by deliberately inflicted atrocities by our systems, institutions and government.

We now live in an existence for which the policy of providing bread and circuses in the ancient Roman empire to keep the masses distracted and mollified while their civilization declined all around them have now been reinstituted and profligated in innumerable ways... literally in too many ways to be counted.

But, when one with eyes opened to the realization of our modern existence takes a step back and tries to understand the true scope of it all, I think it really boils down to one very simple concept that is truly behind the proliferation of misinformation and mass delusions:

Population Control.

To control how and what we think, what we eat, how we live, commute, speak, fight, fuck, procreate and reproduce, how we die. This is what the striving for power in our world is truly based upon.

We are programmed to value "the environment" over humanity. We are programmed to not form nuclear families, or if we have, to break it up via the machinations of the State system. We are programmed to deviate from the natural order of procreation, to accept deviancy as normalized become disconnected from our fellow human beings, to cherish and nurture hatred in our hearts, to give over to the idea that we are an oppressed and vicitmized member of some sub-group that has a set of grievances that take precedence over every facet of our that we are permanently divided and conquered. These realities, these ways of thought indoctrinated into our mainstream consciousness by our mass media and institutions of education, are all nothing more than the symptoms of the population control agenda that is the very real paradigm of this, the Misinformation Age.


SSG_E said...

Great post. Very interesting. I have seen the decline as well over the years. If our society was a car, and the government was the driver, it is taking us over a cliff as we speak. Our leaders have just hit the accelerator.

Keoni Galt said...

Yep, SSG_E, we are going over the cliff without a doubt.

djc said...

That was one of the best explanations of "The Matrix" we live in that I have ever read. I agree with every point. When I try to explain these things to most people, they tell me that I'm crazy, Or I just have a bad attitude. And so for most people, it would seem, the wool over the eyes is complete. They don't have a clue how deep the rabbit hole goes.

Good article sir.

Keoni Galt said...

Thanks djc...that last post of mine came from a 3 hour DUI - debate under the influence, with one of my closest friends.

I could get him to see and agree with almost every individual point I would raise...but when trying to tie it to the "conspiracy theory" framework of the power elite that have socially engineered the country, it's like he couldn't get past his programmed indoctrination from our culture.

I've since decided that I'm no longer going to try to explain the overarching concepts to anyone and focus solely on the issues themselves.

MarkyMark said...


You should still tie things together here in your blog; that's good stuff! You explain things in sufficient depth without overdoing it; you give enough 'meat' to satisfy one's appetite for knowledge without overdoing it.

If you're talking about simply discussing the issues in your personal life, then that makes sense. Most folks ARE part of The Matrix, and they have no prayer of ever seeing things as they really are...


djc said...

I agree with MM. We need to keep hammering people with the truth.

Yohami said...

pretty brutal list, I was unaware of a few items

muciusscaevola said...

I find myself almost becoming paranoid in my cynical skepticism when I hear, read or watch anything being discussed in the public sphere."

i'm pretty much the same way. i can't look at mainstream news of any kind without throwing my hands up and going "wait a minute!" i've always been skeptical, but i try not to be a conspiracy theorist.

agree, pretty brutal list.

YOHAMI said...

to this list, add a few maybes

- that the holocaust´s gas chambers existed
- that men landed on the moon
- that europe was unaware of america until Columbus
- that earth was considered to be a plane
- that 11 september wasnt an internal job
- that the credit crisis ever existed