Tuesday, February 3, 2009

"He Was Controlling!"

Seems like that's one of the number one justifications women use to rationalize their behavior.

Check out this article that Field Marshall Watkins posted about on his End of Men blog:

In the article that was the basis for his post, One in Ten Men Could Be Victims of Paternity Fraud, he details the story of a man who is informed by his cheating whore of a wife that the eldest of three girls that he's raised into adulthood is not his. She cuckolded him straight up.

But get her quote from the article...it really takes the cake:

He was the son of a painter and decorator, she the daughter of a tyre fitter and secretary. Lydia was 15 and still at school, Mark two years older and studying to be a baker.

He says: ‘It just worked. She was quite artistic, musically talented – a very good singer. She was basically an innocent girl from a small town who hadn’t really been anywhere, and my history wasn’t so dissimilar.

‘She was my first serious girlfriend. Until then I’d been more interested in cricket than girls.’ They married four years later in 1982.

Lydia has since said that Mark quickly became controlling and manipulative, hitting walls when he was angry and constantly threatening to leave her.

She also claimed that the gradual chipping away of her confidence left her emotionally vulnerable, which is why she was drinking heavily the night Elspeth was conceived.

Lydia, then a secretary with a computing company, was at a conference and ended up in a hotel room with an older colleague, Allen Mottram, known as David.

So let's get this straight: when he got angry, he'd hit the walls (probably because he wanted to hit YOU but he knew that would be wrong).

And he "threatened to leave her."

How is that "controlling?" If he threatened to leave you, tell him "GO THEN."

Instead, you take no personal responsibility, claim you were "emotionally vulnerable" and than cuckold your husband.

Isn't female empowerment in our Brave New World Order wonderful?!?!


Anonymous said...

he says in the article he cheated on her as well. they're both whores pal. she's one-up'd him though with the paternity fraud.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like she drove him to do it, I've been married to a woman who turned out to be bat shit insane in more ways than one and I can tell you I was tempted to, but did not cheat on her before I left her. As for him punching walls, when will women ever learn that they you go up to a tiger and yank his tail, he's going to be seriously annoyed and would tear them to shreds? That it's never smart to constantly goad or provoke men, especially when they're extremely angry, upset or drunk? When it comes to men, women have about as much sense as a box of rocks!

Anonymous said...

It's not just that individual women are provocative; the entire culture is geared to denigrate men and encourage a collapse of what used to be common courtesy but would now have to be called rare courtesy.

Anonymous said...

HL- you're articles are the BEST. So I want you to see my new music video - it's called 'Twenty First Century Female' here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vIVHGDvR8UA

Keoni Galt said...

Hah...all I can say reality is Sad But True.

Anonymous said...

Will you put it on your blog?

Anonymous said...


A little off topic, but I would love to get more of your insights about husband/ wife relations. I have read a number of your posts here and at Roissy. I was particularly struck by your recounting of your own marriage and how gaming your wife made you both happier. I am trying to figure out how to incorporate some of the PUA stuff into my own marriage but as I think you said it can feel a bit awkward to all of a sudden change your behavior toward your wife who already knows you so well.

After reading Roissy and Mystery's book and getting a grasp of the general evo-bio premises pua are based on, I am at least partly convinced. I have also been fascinated to realize how both my wife and I have been so successfully indoctrinated by the radical feminism we grew up soaking in. To some degree, we have been trained to act against our true natures, and I believe this make us both less fulfilled with each other and ourselves.

My question is how to go forward in a pretty happy marriage. I would hate to ruin what has been a twenty year success in the effort to make it perfect. I truly love her and part of me feels, "If it ain't broke, don't fix it!"

What do you think are the most important and easiest changes to make to one's own behavior? Should one change all at once or make a plan to gradually implement one little thing at a time? Also, what about a situation where both members of the couple used to accept the liberal feminist paradigm, but the husband is now secretly drifting toward a more traditional, patriarchal attitude.

Any of your thoughts would be much appreciated as would any recommendations of other sites that cover these issues.

Thanks in advance,

Anonymous said...

A culture that denigrates men like ours is one whose days are numbered. That is because there is a growing number of men who resent their status as sperm donors and blank checks. They have no reason to participate anymore than necessary in society to get by, and they are a ghost army that can bring the whole works down. They have total contempt for the current society and it's rulers, and that is where terrorists, revolutionaries and gangs come from. Why shouldn't they when they're regarded as at best redundant?