Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The ERA is Dead...Long Live the ERA

I've posted a few times in the past about Phyllis Schalfly who championed the movement to defeat the Equal Rights Amendment that the Femi-Nazi's (with apologies to the National Socialists) of the 60's sexual revolution movement tried to foist on the American people.

Like the mythical, multi-headed hydra, the ERA Fem-tards (with apologies to retards) simply reared their ugly heads in a variety of different fronts to get the same platform of the ERA passed when Schalfly cut off the giant head off their movement back in the hey day.

Family Law Reform Advocate and columnist David Usher examines just how they used incremental gradualism to achieve the initial goals of the ERA over a long period of time, once they failed at getting it all at once...


The final defeat of the ERA June 30,1982 did not mark an end to the pogrom of feminist activism. It just meant feminists had to change their game. Instead of demanding vague equal rights, they began hawking hyper-sexist victim-fear campaigns designed to achieve the same ends targeted in the ERA. The 2008 elections prove this chicanery has been horrendously successful.

Post-ERA Lesbians and gays magically became victims of their genetic proclivities and supposed oppressors. Feminists began to make allegations of sexual improprieties against anyone who disagreed with them -- blackmailing politicians into granting feminists the very economic rights, civil unions, and same-sex marriages that brought the ERA down.

“Trapped” housewives fearfully excommunicated themselves from the safe-haven of marriage, convinced that husbands are unnecessary rapists or abusers. A woman’s right to be supported and cared for by her husband became an ongoing public entitlement burden to be supported by Congress and screaming taxpayers. The mutilated beggar children highlighted in “Slumdog Millionaire” have their American counterparts – leveraged away from one or both parents by feminist policy and then used to beg for more marriage-destructive entitlements.

Post-ERA feminist legal scams such as the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) were marched through Congress by feminist trial lawyers in 1996. The legal trade profits immensely by destroying the marriages and futures of America’s women. VAWA destroys marriage on allegation alone. This is why lawyers in Congress (on both sides of the aisle) automatically pass anything that A.B.A. feminists want.

A very convincing body of evidence proves that the American Bar Association’s approach to domestic violence is founded on feminist agitprop, and directly violates peer-reviewed science. And, an overwhelming body of scientific fact proves that VAWA does not reduce domestic violence.

The official A.B.A. “Standards of Practice For Lawyers Representing Victims of Domestic Violence, Sexual Assault, and Stalking” is a gross violation of ethics and Constitution. It consistently pre-declares the victim as “her.” Imagine, for a moment, what would happen if A.B.A. documents officially named victims “white” and criminals “black”?

$16-billion in TANF seed money is given to states to fertilize illegitimacy and divorce. States are rewarded for seizing it all back by locking up poor or unemployed fathers. Our jails are full of them. The vast majority of America’s 1-million gang members were raised absent marriage.

Why do Conservatives keep losing these battles, many of them fooled into supporting the feminist agenda? It is because post-ERA conservatives forgot how to fight feminism.

I'm reminded of this every time I hear or read a so-called conservative justifying our imperial corporatist wars in the Middle East are justifiable because the Islamic societies don't have 'women's rights.'

Recall that the ERA battle was won against all odds because Phyllis Schlafly constantly talked out how ERA would hurt women, in addition to pointing out the principles. Most women (and politicians who fall over backwards to help women) ended up agreeing with Phyllis. Modern conservatives and libertarians contest the principles only, and never get around to showing everyone how feminist agenda hurts women.

The result of Conservatives' failure to stress the damaging consequences of feminist agenda is a nation of deeply troubled unmarried mothers, fathers, and children, who still think that feminist-liberalism is the answer.

Don't forget, conservatives are too busy worrying about same sex marriage...which is decidedly a policy that directly affects a very, very small percentage of the population. It's akin to arguing that the barn door hinges are broken and how they should be fixed...while the horses are all still in the process of running away. How can you save marriage from the homosexuals when no-fault divorce and the divorce court industry created by the fem-nuts (with apologies to nuts) are absolutely destroying normal, opposite-sex marriage?

Politics have changed in the post-ERA era. To restore America's ethical, economic and social dynamism to a level worthy of world leadership, two things must be done:

First: Feminism has controlled America for over forty years. During this time period, every social indicator measuring the well-being of women and children has declined substantially. Marriage remains the most likely safe haven for living the American dream. We must constantly remind women of this truth.

Second: Conservatives must formulate and aggressively socialize attractive pro-family “Marriage Values” policies, get them passed in the states, and later in Congress.

Can you say 1984? War is Peace! Freedom is Slavery! Ignorance is Strength! Feminism improves the lives of Women and Children!

The National Organization for Women has a freight train of radical legislation set for passage. With über-feminists Barack Obama, Joe Biden, and the National Organization of Women running the White House, Congress fearfully passing anything feminists want, and 2010 another impending Waterloo, the RNC must make "Marriage Values" its top priority yesterday.

If you're counting on the RNC to fix this, don't hold your breath Mr. Usher. They'll be too busy saving marriage from the gays to not even worry about normal marriages utter destruction thanks to the efforts of the divorce courts and the Femi-mafia (with apologies to the mafia).


Anonymous said...

I fear there is no political solution. I fear that most Western countries, including the USA, will implode. However, the USA is very unique, and it's the biggest military power, so its implosion will be the least predictable and the most important.

Elusive Wapiti said...

"I'm reminded of this every time I hear or read a so-called conservative justifying our imperial corporatist wars in the Middle East are justifiable because the Islamic societies don't have 'women's rights.'"

When I suggest to others that it sure seems like our country is the militant wing of radical feminism, people just look at me funny. Somehow it doesn't occur to them that our going to war because overseas women can't vote and have to wear sheets on their heads just may not be worthy of American blood. Sure, it's dressed up as 'democracy', but really it's militarized Suffragette-ism.

George said...

You are right about the damage the feminists are doing.

Anonymous said...

Now might be the time to get ready to do what my paternal grandfather did when he realized what was going to happen to Ukraine in the late 1930's. he took his family and got out of there before the **** hit the fan. If I could do so, I would be getting ready to leave the U.s. before it becomes the late, great wasteland US of A. It already is when it comes to American women, which are to be avoided if a man wishes to live his live happy, free and sane.