Friday, December 12, 2008


Some of my fav's after I discovered the MRA/MGTOW/PUA/Men's Rights/Father's Rights websites:

The age-old bargain was that women exchanged sex for whatever they wanted, and men exchanged whatever they had for sex. Part of the deal was that the woman would be reasonably agreeable. A career woman today, being independent, no longer has to be agreeable, and frequently isn’t. On the other hand, a man doesn’t have to commit himself to anything to get sex. So the man dates his secretary, and the career woman sits in her apartment with the cats. - Fred Reed from Fred On Everything

Question: What are permanently unmarried women, whose illegitimate children have been taken from them to be raised by the state, good for anyway?

Answer: Work, Pay Taxes, Go Home, Feed Cats, Repeat until death. - Rob Fedders from No Ma'am

Government and big corporations have created a society where men work and then hand over their money for women to spend. Traditionally men have always done this but recently the government has acted as a third party to control this process. The money is either removed from men's back pockets as tax and then redistributed to single mothers or done via the courts and the CSA following divorce. The outcome is the same: women end up controlling men's money. - Captain Zarmband

We don't need a legislature or judges to fall in love, have children, have a loving family, to build a home, or to be happy with the fruits of life. So why do we need legislatures or judges for marriage? - Da Pook from Pook's Mill

I remember back when a family consisted of a father and mother, and if you screwed up, your father beat your might be called child abuse now, but it at least kept kids in line. Now, government is these single moms' "husband" and these kids' "daddy", trying to discipline them through "progressive" disciplinary methods like juvenile detention centers - which is only preparing these bastard kids for a life in the government's prison system and wasting tons of taxpayers' money. Nothing like having a father to beat your kid's ass when he or she screws up - and much more cost effective to the taxpayers. An entrepreneurial individual might consider opening up a service that rents out "fathers" to beat these bastard kids' asses for these single moms - it would definitely save taxpayers' money and enforce discipline on the kids, while simultaneously making a profit. - Mirror of the Soul

If your car was as reliable as marriage, every time you got in it you would have a one in two chance of crashing. But let’s not beat around the bush here...let’s rephrase that...if your car “was as reliable as a woman…” -- because women file the vast majority of divorces. - Reality2008 from LoseLoseProspect

On Heather Mills divorce settlement from Paul McCartney:

The family courts in any sane society - that is, a proper Patriarchy - would have handed the daughter to her loving father and then just given Heather a shiny pound coin for the bus home and then told her to hop it. - Duncan Idaho from The Eternal Bachelor

One thing that modern western women don't seem to understand is this: most men in their mid-30s do not feel any deep instinctive desire to commit to a woman in her mid-30s. Whenever, in the history of the world, has there been any society in which the men longed to marry women in their mid-30s? - Darren from Cool Tools For Men

So in Europe between the World Wars, we had a generation growing up without fathers, a circumstance which consistently leads to delinquency, and a couple of dictators playing father figure to the masses who had been deprived of real fathers. And we all know where that led.

And now we have a large percentage of Americans and Europeans without fathers. And it seems that the Islamic world is willing to offer father figures, ones with a sinister agenda that is nonetheless at least not weak and feminine.

Whatever the future holds, I can't say I'm looking forward to it. - The Female Misogynist

Any self-respecting man of intelligence despises feminism, knows that the state is his enemy, and treats women by no other standard than his own personal honor and goodness, be this what it may. - Fidelbogen from The Counter-Feminist

Given that the pool of wealthy men who view career women as marriage material is shrinking while that of wealthy women is increasing, one wonders how many eggs must drop out of the hatch before career women shelve their elaborate delusions. Perhaps an increasing number will discover their inner dyke and/or alternatively stock up on Meow Mix…. - Davout

Each woman is a double agent until proven otherwise. I’m not of the view that they are helpless creatures who can’t help but take part in a giant sisterhood where the only bond is to be born with a set of female genitals. - Pete Patriarch

Unlike western women, asses are intelligent enough to understand the importance of the nuclear family, including a doting mom and a dominant dad ready to kick some ass if / when necessary. - Uzem & Luzem

If you allow a woman to make the rules she will resent you with a seething contempt even a rapist cannot inspire. The strongest woman and the most strident feminist wants to be led by, and to submit to, a more powerful man. Polarity is the core of a healthy loving relationship. She does not want the prerogative to walk all over you with her capricious demands and mercurial moods. Her emotions are a hurricane, her soul a saboteur. Think of yourself as a bulwark against her tempest. When she grasps for a pillar to steady herself against the whipping winds or yearns for an authority figure to foil her worst instincts, it is you who has to be there… strong, solid, unshakeable and immovable. - Roissy in D.C.

For the feminist movement to claim that they freed American women is a lie. You were permitted to become feminists by virtue of righteous men. Let the men of this nation become too indignant or unrighteous, and see how long your self-proclaimed liberation lasts. Why don’t you ask the women of Afghanistan what happened to their liberation, which existed prior to the national radicalization of angry men with weapons? - Nancy Levant, Author of The Cultural Devastation of American Women

The astounding fact is that, with the exception of convicted criminals, no group today has fewer rights than fathers. Even accused criminals have the right to due process of law, to know the charges against them, to face their accusers, to a lawyer, and to a trial. A father can be deprived of his children, his home, his savings, his livelihood, his privacy, and his freedom without any of these constitutional protections. And not only a divorced father or a unmarried father: Any father at any time can find himself in court and in jail. Once a man has a child he forfeits his most important constitutional rights. - Dr. Stephen Baskerville, Author of Taken Into Custody

If we are to deal meaningfully with crime, what we must do is reduce the number of female-headed families; what we must do is prevent the divorce courts from expelling half of society's fathers from their homes; what we must do is terminate a welfare system which displaces millions of men from the principal male role, that of family-provider. What we must do is make the father the head of the family. - Dr. Daniel Amneus, Author of The Garbage Generation

The Institute for Women's Policy Research finds that life has improved for American women, but "big inequities persist" (November 17). So that's why 80 per cent of suicides are males, 95 per cent of workplace mortality is of males, and men live an average of 7 years less than women. Oh, and 82 per cent of consumer spending is done by women. Kind of makes up for the so-called wage gap, doesn't it? - Lisa Scott from REAL Family Law

A man who wants a family can't have it without a woman. He would prefer a young, fertile one. She will have the energy to keep up with kids, and her body will recover quickly from pregnancy and childbirth. Men know that a woman's sex drive and looks decline. We'd like to start with one where the decline hasn't already gone on for a couple decades. - John Ross from Ross In Range

It's time we deconstructed anonymous sex. Somehow the females have got the upper hand. Much like the diamond cartel ,they have hoodwinked males into thinking that a commodity as commonplace and plentiful as pussy is rare and precious. It's not. In Andy Warhol's words, "Sex is the biggest nothing in the world." I'll never understand why a man would ever pay a woman for sexual gratification. Why shouldn't she pay him? Sex is just as necessary for her. What fools we men are. - Henry Makow from Save the Males

Marriage is a patriarchal institution. Hey guys, if you were designing a world to your specifications, would you design it something like marriage? Would you build a society in which you were with one woman for all of your life, even if she did cook and clean for you and raise your kids? Me, I'd design a society in which I stayed home, watched my kids grow up, and my wife could go work. I'd be allowed to have girlfriends on the side even though I was "married," and when war broke out we'd send all the ladies off to do battle while we stayed home and wrote letters. Anyone who thinks that men invented monogamous marriage or a lot of other things that pass for "patriarchy" is kidding themselves. - BusterB from The Men's Center

The Transportation Security Administration screens all carry-on and checked bags. Why? They are heavy and can be explosive. Because of rising fuel prices, American Airlines is now charging $15 for the first checked bag. Accordingly, every man must screen his woman’s baggage, because it can be heavy, expensive, and explosive — ask any divorce lawyer. - Marc Rudov, The NoNonsense Man

Thirty-odd years ago someone hauled patriarchy into the dock and charged it with a long list of crimes against womankind. The jury was rigged, the defendant was never given a chance to testify, and the verdict was foregone: Guilty as charged. The sentence? Put the loathsome patriarchs in the pokey and bring on the matriarchy. - Columnist Carey Roberts

If women genuinely wanted marriage and family, they would make a more sincere attempt at making themselves agreeable to men. They would be more appreciative of the husbands they had, and not be divorcing so readily. They would be treating men with respect and listening when men try to tell them their view of the world. They wouldn't be supporting laws that relegate men to powerless eunuchs in homes in which they have no legal stake. But instead, they're conceding nothing. If anything, the collective impression of women is that of a sex that becomes less respectful of men and less considerate of male aspirations or interests. - Rob Case from One Man's Kingdom

Regarding "boats or votes", as far as I'm concerned, it's a mutually exclusive, binary choice between one or the other. Women cannot, in fairness, demand preferential seats on the boats on one hand while still exercising preferential rights on the other. Sorry, sister, you gave up the "boats" when you accepted the "votes", and this Christian man feels no obligation to you other than to treat you like another man. A better looking, probably better smelling one, but a man nonetheless. You can jockey for your place in line for the lifeboats with me and all the other men. There's equality for you. - The Elusive Wapiti

Understand that Feminism is the symptom of a larger sickness; an illness that has infected the Western Psyche for generations. The struggles that we as Men have to fight today, have already been fought by our fathers long before. - Toku from Togakure School

After years of feminists stating they don't need us men, reigning judgment on us and acting like we are second class citizens at best, now that they are playing the victim card and bitching about us not wanting to be their valiant knights, they can permanently and implacably fuck off. - Sociopathic Revelation from Feminist Apocalypse

Sometimes I look at an attractive young woman who is determined to change the world and prove that women are truly equal to men in {every possible way} the eyes of the law, in social access, and in opportunity, and it makes me feel as if I'm standing on the edge of a very high precipice with a beautiful kitten in my hands. She's a brave little kitty, a courageous bundle of strength and independence, and her claws are sharp indeed. I cannot help but admire her as she bares her cute little fangs and meows her bold defiance of the uncaring world and all its unfairness and inequality.

Then I extend my arms out over the chasm, and I open my hands, and I cry: "Fly, little kitten, fly like the wind!" - Vox Day from Vox Popoli

And finally....last and certainly not least, a quote from an MRA legend...

UP YOURS, FEMCUNT! - Retired MRA blogger, Fred X


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The Vox Day quote made my day.

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