Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Here's an article written for the liberal/leftist website, Alternet, entitled Sleeping Around Craigslist.

It is a collaborative effort written by two middle-aged women who celebrate their descent into sluthood.

This is EXACTLY what the feminist movement has worked so long and hard for, this Liberation.

The liberation of the female gender from the strict social mores that used societal shame as the primary mechanism to prevent promiscuity, broken marriages and the proliferation of bastardy.

The liberation from having to take full responsibility for making a choice in what was supposed to be your lifetime partner, and for striving in earnest to give it your best efforts to make sure the marriage you entered into, worked.

Celebrate women of the are free to be as depraved, deviant and promiscuous as you want to be...these two craigslist tramps are the perfect embodiment of the paradigm your feminist forbears fought for! You are fully liberated from any shame, guilt, or responsibilities for your own behavior! You are fully liberated from having to fulfill the duties you supposedly agree to when you sign the marriage contract!

Your femi-nazi forbears fought long and hard to change the cultural zeitgeist, the legal environment and the mainstream consciousness to create the perfect condition for you to enjoy this liberation.

Never mind that your "liberation" comes with a price...a price that by and large men, children and all of society pays for; the divorced men who are reduced to indentured servitude via alimony and child support, and the children twisted, scarred and cast into dysfunction by the pathologies that inevitably arise from the proliferation of broken homes.

These children of today's broken homes are the inmates of tomorrows industrial-prison complex and the predators of tomorrows mean streets.

Has this price for "liberation" been worth it?


Anonymous said...

Good article. Society has collapsed and any 'liberation' truly is hard to find. Stable marriage and an end to feminism would be a start to liberation in my book.

Now HL, I want to run something by you but you don't have your email address listed in your profile. Please could you post it so I can email you with regards to a pro-male project I am running.
Thanks, S.

Keoni Galt said...

You can email me at:

Anonymous said...

Thanks, I've added you to my mail. Feel free to delete this and your message if you'd rather keep your email private.

I'll be emailing you soon (it's really just to trade links on an entertainment, mainly for men, site I'm working on).

I've got to sort some server issues but will email in the near future, and thanks for the quick reply.

Anonymous said...

Great site, and a great post. I can see that you are as passionate about spreading the truth as I am... I hope that you'll consider checking out my blog, and adding it to your blog-list.