Friday, July 11, 2008

Connect the Dots

Fair warning - all of the subsequent links in this post link to sites, blog postings and pdf files of online books that are substantial and time consuming. I've read them all, most of them more than once. They are all worth the time and effort.

All through my twenties, I was self-identified, registered Conservative Republican; a Rush Limbaugh & Michael Savage listener; a FOXNews watcher, and an enthusiastic George W. Bush voter. I was a GOP kool-aid drinking Iraq war-monger.

I like to think that as I got older, I also got wiser...not just from experience, but through self-actualized education. The kind that most of the institutions in Western Civilization are incapable of providing, no matter how much money you waste on their tuition, or how much time you submerge yourself into their cesspools of indoctrination and mind control. (Full disclosure: I myself attended 13 years of public education, and 7 years in the State of Hawaii University System).

As I watched the disaster that has been the Bush Administration unfold, I became more and more Libertarian in my thought process.

There's an old saying that Libertarians are nothing more than Republicans that love to smoke pot and Democrats that love their guns.

This was the extent of my "libertarianism" for much of my adult life.

But the discovery of the MRA movement online, and the subsequent eye opening I experienced from reading blogs such as No Ma'am and Henry Makow's "Save the Males" as well as all of the other sites in my blog roll have given me mental clarity on the macro-view of how and why Western Civilization is in decay.

We are in the death throes of Western Civilization's run as the era of the age of reason, freedom and liberty. We are ever closer to the age of madness. The grand experiment begun by the Founding Fathers of the Free Republic once known as the US of A is almost over.

Social dysfunction is proliferating, and we in the West are inexorably moving towards a very real, one world, Democratic Socialist dystopia as predicted by such doomsayers like Orwell and Huxley.

While I am hesitant to say that I believe that Makow's in depth expose of the Illuminati is factual...I do believe that much of today's social pathologies are in fact the very real results of deliberate social engineering that have been enacted by a cabalistic conspiracy. Call them the Illuminati, call them the Globalist Socialist Marxist movement...hell, call 'em communists, I don't care; they are all names for what HAS to be a very real secret society of super-wealthy elitists that has in fact corrupted almost every facet of society to suit their own, nefarious agenda.

The strands of the web these evil bastards have strung are all encompassing and visible to anyone who cares to take a step back, look objectively and connect the dots.

DOT - Proliferate Useful Idiocy: Subvert the educational system to create a mass of sheeple, easily swayed by propaganda into willing dupes and cogs in the machine. See: The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America and The Underground History of American Education. After 13 years of public school brainwashing, young minds are than ripe for indoctrination in the institutions of "higher education."

DOT - Depopulation: Corrupt the food and water supplies and propagate myths, misinformation and lies about proper human nutrition to promote degenerative diseases, early death and the creation of industries dedicated solely to profiting off of the death and misery. Promote birth control, abortion, and changing the social paradigm of marriage and family formation in young adulthood into an extended adolescence of partying, avoiding responsibility and engaging in promiscuity; all things that are now the primary features of young adulthood and the "college experience."

DOT - Destroy the Foundation of Society: Attack the institution of the traditional nuclear family, based on the construct of Patriarchy. Use the vehicle of "social justice" to promote Feminism to kick the Father out of the home and create single mother households dependent on the nanny-welfare state, easily manipulated and controlled. Promote social chaos by throwing an entire generation into social upheaval. Subvert the family through the creation of an unconstitutional Family Court system built with the sole purpose of offering incentives and subsidies for mothers and wives to become active participants in destroying their own families, enslaving men through peonage, psychologically scarring their own children and providing an endless grist of lucrative profits for the mill of the State and all of the various components of the Divorce Industry.

DOT - Subvert Freedom and Liberty and Promote Dependency: Convince the masses that the ideal governmental paradigm is Democracy. Relegate the carefully designed Representative Republic that the Founding Fathers created in founding the USofA to irrelevancy by fostering disrespect for the "Dead, Rich-White-Misogynistic-Slave Owning-Males.

Connect the dots and the picture emerges. Those who would be our overlords, the cabal of socialist democrat elitists, have attacked our Civilization and way of life on multiple fronts to reduce the most advanced and prosperous way of life ever developed in human history into a depopulated mass of Proletariat easily controlled and enslaved for their own personal wealth and power. It's all right there for you to see if you can face the ugly truth.

The problems cannot be solved by Government...because the Governments as it exists today in every single country of the "first world" IS the problem. They have ALL been infiltrated and subverted.

What we once had is lost, and there is no movement, or organization that can restore Western Civilization.

The only answer IS to spread awareness to those receptive to the raise consciousness wherever and whenever we can, and to go your own way: work towards creating a life based on independence and self-sufficiency. Prepare for the imminent breakdown of social order in Urban areas, because it is inevitable.


Elusive Wapiti said...


A great connecting of the dots. A few thoughts to add to your treatise:

"We are in the death throes of Western Civilization's run as the era of the age of reason, freedom and liberty"

I would contend that this end is the inevitable result of the age of reason sparked by the Enlightenment. The Enlightenment vehemently rejected religion as a source of objective morality and sought to replace it with a moral system developed by men. By definition this moral system is faulty, and we've seen the products of these moral systems in scientism / atheism, which gaves us eugenics and other utilitarian / objectivist horrors. With this rejection, the people themselves ceased to be good, and when the people ceased to be good, the society itself ceased to be good as well.

I guess the trick for future generations is going to be how to reject priestcraft without rejecting the religious system behind it.

It's interesting that you mention the compulsory schooling system as a necessary, if not sufficient, pillar of the attack on Western civilization. I keep Gatto's seminal text on my bookshelf. He makes the case that the schooling system is not intended to promote idiocy per se, but in fashioning the proles into controllable sheep who do what their masters tell them to do. Relative stupidity is a handy by-product; the real goal is training obedience to authority.

Another one of Gatto's theses is that the powers deposed by the Founding Fathers started working almost at once to restore the Old World class system, and one of the ways they could accomplish this--other than destroying individualism via imposition of Hindu-style compulsory schooling--was to promote direct democracy. This was accomplished primarily by expanding the franchise, most notably to women, but also by democratizing politics via vehicles such as the 17th Amendment.

Those who would be our masters know that men and women, particularly women, would rather live as comfortable slaves rather than risk true freedom. Perhaps they also took Adams to heart, who quipped that democracy always murders itself, and tyrrany always waits in the wings to replace it.

. said...

That No Ma'am site is junk, and the author is a complete buffoon!

Anonymous said...

Speaking of the end of Western civilization, there has been mention of a book, SEX AND CULTURE, by Unwin, 1934, which allegedly tells of his review of material which shows that the first generation of women of any society which has complete sexual freedom, sees the end of that society.

Someone finally posted a link on MABTW. Thought I'd pass it along here.

It is a zip file, and when you unzip it, there are five folders, each one apparently showing the book in different format. PDF; word; text; html; Mhtml.

I was led astray by the introduction which seems to say he only studied uncivilized societies, but glancing through, it refers at least to Rome.

Anonymous age 66

Anonymous said...

"I would contend that this end is the inevitable result of the age of reason sparked by the Enlightenment. The Enlightenment vehemently rejected religion as a source of objective morality and sought to replace it with a moral system developed by men"

Obviously not all men. That generalisation is ofcourse incorrect. Political correctness is the effort of a few ignorant short sighted cretins determined to still all opposition and deny natural democracy whatever you deem that to be. It's not about to be expanded on by liberals and feminists as they have already demonstrated quite clearly..

Anonymous said...

I got fooled into voting for Bush twice. I used to listen to that fraud Rush Limbaugh. Can't believe I did but I did. That guy doesn't run on principle like he says he does. He claims to be a true conservative that believes in the Constitution yet totaly ignores Ron Paul who not only believes in the Constitution but shows it in his actions.

The so called conservatives and liberals in Washington, on the radio or cable have it figured out. They just pretend to fight each other while saying whatever they think people want to hear to get elected or to get ratings. All they care about is money and power so nothing ever changes.

Anonymous said...

Hi HL,

I want to run something by you but you don't have your email address listed in your profile. Please could you post it so I can email you with regards to a pro-male project I am running. Thanks, S.