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Feminism IS the Caustic Hatred of Patriarchal Society

In my last post about how feminism's depopulation agenda has affected Japan the same why in which it has affecte the Nations of what is considered "Western Civilization" , Mandy left a well thought out comment, but I must take issue with the following:

An important difference is that Japan has not thrown away it's culture and tradition. There will still be recognizable Japanese(not simply by looks but by customs) people in future generations. I wouldn't be surprised if Japan can buck the trend and encourage more babies.The feminism in Japan is not as caustic and hateful as our American grown variety. It is more about getting women into the workplace (although it has had negative effects in personal relationships - not to the same extent.) Yes, Japan is socialist but they still manage to inspire great work from their citizens, maybe from cultural pride.

Adopting feminism, and encouraging women to enter the workforce and forgo marrying, having children and raising the next generation IS throwing away their culture and tradition.

The very foundation for any culture and society is the nuclear family.

You tinker with the foundation, and you will inevitably change the culture in innumerable ways! The cultural traditions of the traditional family in Japan was an absolute Patriarchy - the Father worked long, hard hours to support the wife and children, and the wife stayed home and kept the home.

Feminism, whether it is subtly engaged in Japanese culture or given over to full blown public rhetorical expression as it is in the West, is always caustic and hateful, because the end result is caustic to the traditional Patriarchal family unit that was the bedrock of the Japanese culture.

Have a look at the prevailing attitude of the average Japanese single female...

From Japanese Women Wary to Wed

Ryuko Ishikawa, a family psychiatrist, believes 30-something women are not prepared to "repeat their mothers' mistakes" in settling for the role of housewife.

THE primary means of destroying the Patriarchal nuclear family unit is to subvert the feminine cultural mindset to demean the role of housewife. To reiterate the point, the typical Japanese women raised in todays culture does not want to "...repeat their mother's mistake of settling for the role of housewife."

What are all of the implications inherent in the proliferation of this base attitude? Women should not depend on men to provide, they need to enter the workforce and compete with men - and the only way to compete with a motivated, competitive man is to provide preferential treatment through laws to force employers to hire women, and for these women to avoid or delay marriage and child bearing...or if they don't, to dump off their children to daycare so they can maintain their careers.

Perhaps misandry is not as ubiquitous in Japanese media culture, but in the end, the results are the same - indeed, in a homogeneous country like Japan, the feminist mindset has proliferated to the point where they have reached the depopulation point quicker than in the US!

Take another feminist meme that has infected the Japanese cultural mindset from the previously linked article:

Ms Mizushima cited government research, from 1995, which suggested full-time working men spent 26 minutes each weekday on domestic chores, compared to 3 hours, 18 minutes by full-time working women. The data may now be outdated, but Ms Mizushima said the balance had not changed.

See, it's no less caustic or hateful to the institution of marriage in Japan as it is anywhere else...feminism sows the seeds of discord and contention in the basic relationship between husband and wife. Feminism has instilled the desire for Japanese women to overturn the traditional role of the female, and the predictable cultural chaos and inevitable demographic decline have occurred exactly as it has in the West.

Just as in the West, the Japanese male looks at the state of their society and wish they could find a "traditional" women to marry and find that the "New" Japanese woman is un-marriageable, because they value their careers more than the role of housewife and mother.

From Japanese Women are Increasingly Passing Up Marriage:

Men are also delaying marriage these days, but often they cite economic reasons: trouble finding a job that gives them the stability they need for married life, or reluctance to assume the responsibilities of family.

Many Japanese women, however, blame the typical male, who expects the wife to cheerfully surrender her job, or juggle a career with keeping house and raising the kids.

"It's not that we're set on being single. We're thirsting for a good marriage, but we can't find the right guy," said Sakai, a single 38-year-old. "Men haven't changed their old mind-set. Women have grown too powerful for them."

It's a dramatic reversal of the Japanese tradition that praises early marriage and criticizes women who delay marriage as unattractive and selfish.

Of course, one has to read the aforementioned and hyperlinked articles with an eye on the pro-feminist filter the writers bring to their reportage. Notice there is no mention of liberalized divorce laws...that all of the blame for the breakdown of the traditional relations between genders in Japan is given to the men.

Feminism has infected the mainstream female mindset of Japan just as badly as it has in the West. Men want the traditional roles, while the women want to have it all: the career, the kids and a husband that will assume 50% of domestic duties.

Whether it is in the West or in Japan, or anywhere else, this feminist meme that tells women they can and should "have it all" is the very root of destruction of the nuclear family and Patriarchal society.

Just because the Japanese do not have the spectacle of lesbian, man-hating college professors leading domestic violence protest marches, screaming anti-male epithets into bullhorns, basking in breathless mainstream media coverage, or do not have the same level of misandrist entertainment and commercial saturation as the West does, does not make the proliferation of the base tenet of radical feminism any less caustic or hateful to traditional culture and society.

The end results are exactly the same: men and women avoid marriage and the demographic decline that inevitably occurs.

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