Wednesday, May 21, 2008

The Enemy is Always the State

From Llew Rockwell's "The Enemy is Always the State"

Let me state this as plainly as possible. The enemy is the state. There are other enemies too, but none so fearsome, destructive, dangerous, or culturally and economically debilitating. No matter what other proximate enemy you can name — big business, unions, victim lobbies, foreign lobbies, medical cartels, religious groups, classes, city dwellers, farmers, left-wing professors, right-wing blue-collar workers, or even bankers and arms merchants — none are as horrible as the hydra known as the leviathan state. If you understand this point — and only this point — you can understand the core of libertarian strategy.

One thing is for certain - in American politics, the Democrat party, the liberal and so-called "progressive" movements are the home of the feminist movement. The conservative and Republican side is generally the home of the anti-feminist faction of America's body politic - but in the three-card monte game called the "Two Party System," the feminist agenda has continued it's long, hostile march through American society, leaving millions of lives damaged, destroyed and altered irrevocably, regardless of whichever party has had control. This is what's referred to as the dialectical process.

Whether the Republicans or the Democrats have controlled the Executive branch and the Legislative branches of government, the feminist, anti-family agenda has continued to proceed with it's implementation of reforming a country that what was once the land of the free and the home of the brave into the land of the Fee and the home of the Slave.

Remember this the next time you see a Republican politician standing in front of a crowd, or on your TV or broadcasting their voice over the radio, speaking of "family values" and "defending marriage."

While the Republican or so-called "compassionate" conservative talks about Homosexual marriage as a threat to the institution of marriage, we who have unplugged from the Matriarchy know damn well that gay marriage means NOTHING in the grand scheme of things. Two gays having a little formal ceremony and legal recognition like a heterosexual couple has, doesn't destroy marriage. Feminism's agenda of no-fault divorce; the extra-constitutional family court system; the peonage of husbands and fathers to ex-wives and their alienated children; the domestic violence industry racket; the anti-male, anti-father cultural zeitgeist and the subversion of higher education into centers of indoctrination by the feminists have done the job just fine in destroying the institution of marriage.


Because the game Republicans versus Democrats is really just a diversion to keep the nation distracted and divided so that the real agenda can continue to be implemented - the abrogation of American national sovereignty and subsuming of the USA into a Socialist One-World Global Governance.

This is why in my opinion that it is the Libertarian political philosophy that is the ONLY one tenable to the MRA movement.

Because the only sure principle in American politics is that whether it's Democans or Republicrats who control the government, the real problem is the size, scope and power of the centralized Federal government.

It is through this empowerment of the institution of Government that the ruthless, family-destroying agenda of the feminists have been legislated, subsidized, promoted and disseminated. And voting for the Republicans is not going to change this one bit, as they've already proven by their "compassionate conservatism" (i.e. socialism) that they are just as committed to growing the size and scope of the government as the liberal socialist Democrats ever were.

Of course, there are always exceptions to every rule...and in this case, that would be Ron Paul.


Kim said...

Good post, HL.

There's no doubt that the Republican party sold out some time ago. I wonder how many modern day Republicans even remember that the party was SUPPOSED to be about limiting the power of federal government.

Very few people seem to grasp the causes of the destruction of the family and connect it to the decay of society.

mandy said...

"Whether the Republicans or the Democrats have controlled the Executive branch and the Legislative branches of government, the feminist, anti-family agenda has continued "
I agree feminism has its claws in the allegedly conservative party. But you could also word it that the totalitarian, anti-individual agenda continued. Which is to say, yes ONLY libertarian principles can right this sinking ship of our society.

The Republicans and the Democrat are both statist. they want to make the decisions for the people. The only difference is the specifics of the decisions. They are equaly controlling and destructive.

This is a classic about statism:

"It may feel good at first when the trains start running on time, but the technocrats are soon swept away by the thugs, and the patina of idealism is swept away, and only fascism is left. Interestingly, the technocrats always cry "our only mistake was letting those other guys take control". No, the mistake was accepting the right to use force on another man. "