Friday, March 16, 2018


So on Wednesday, they laid down another layer of well worn, shoddy and rotting astroturf, to set the grounds for our eventual disarmament.

From March 17, 2018 Honolulu Star-Advertiser's front page (you can't view back issues online without a paid subscription, so I quote from hard copy fishwrap):

"Thousands of students at campuses across Hawaii intend to walk out of their classrooms today at 10 a.m. along with their peers nationwide. The 17-minute walkouts are a tribute to the victims as well as a rallying cry for an end to the violence.

The movement is organic, popping up at schools large and small, public and private."

Organic astroturf!! 

After T.H.E.Y. spend weeks laying down the rotten gun control astroturf, T.H.E.Y. tell all to look at the wonderful, beautiful, vibrant and luxuriant grass that's growing from the spontaneous roots of righteousness that spring forth from the purity and innocence of our youth.

Yesterday's headlines from the Honolulu hamster-cage liner tell us exactly how we need to admire the new sod campaign they are laying on real thick:

Youth Rejuvanate Our Democracy *

"There’s nothing but inspiration to be drawn from the stunning movement by the nation’s youth to marshal forces around the issue of gun control."

Inspiration drawn? For whom? T.H.E.Y. who want to disarm we the sheeple, that's who.

Next up for students: ‘March for Our Lives’
Hawaii students are gearing up to “March for Our Lives” on March 24, building on the success of the student walkouts Wednesday protesting gun violence in schools.

* Subscription required to read full articles...but why do you need to pay to read what we already know the message they both contain - MOOOAARRRR GUN CONTROL!!!

The Emperor has no clothes, there is no rabbit hole, abracadabra, it's just a matter of time until you willingly give up all your arms to us.

I think I can state with pretty good confidence that similarly worded articles were published and broadcast in all 50 states of USA Inc. While the contents may vary somewhat to account for geographic locations and local-flavored lingo, the core message still remains the same:



Andy said...

Do you remember how Australia did it after the Port Arthur shit show? I guess it started out as some sort of buy back program before armed goons started going door to door for confiscation. I am betting people on the list for confiscation got zero media attention except to be painted as pedophiles or something like it.

Anonymous said...

You were right about students being threatened if they didn't participate in walk outs. I've had talks with 5 teenagers here - all say they were threatened with unexcused absences, tardy slips etc...

Jack Russell said...

Public school is not much different than prison. Rules to follow, told what to do and when. Older students should take as many courses as they can online and graduate at 16. 12 years is a waste of time and money.

MichaelJMaier said...

I do not want my friends and family in a civil war.

But if it must be so...

Unknown said...

Well since those kids were shot in a Gun Free Zone while the cops stayed safely outside, the obvious answer is more Gun Free Zones and trusting the cops.

Seems legit.

Saracen III said...

I make a Curmudgeon's Prediction: this will not go as intended.

The County Sheriff's "outstanding leadership" and the SRO's outright cowardice
are too bitter a pill. Enough students will be cynical enough to be reluctant enough.
My money is on cancellations, non-refunded donations and non-delivered merchandise.

Atlantic City Stadium Security said...

i really don't want my family and loved ones to be in a civil war...