Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Teh Manosphere is Dead...

...long live teh Manosphere.

Several prominent blogs in this fringe sector of teh Interwebz have recently shut down, prompting several other blogs, bloggers and commenters to declare that the manosphere is dead, or dying, or failing or whatever.

Some folks even claim to be responsible for getting these blogs to shut down. lzolzlolozlzolzol.

Do I dare tempt fate?

There is only one way the Manopshere is ever going to die, and it has nothing to do with any particular blogger or group blog deciding they're done with it all and deleting their blogs.

The day the Manosphere dies, is the day the Government decides virtual free speech zones can no longer be tolerated and they flip the switch and turn off teh Interwebz.

That is the ONLY way the Manosphere dies.

Those who think otherwise are failing to understand the reason why the Manosphere arose in the first place, and what keeps it going...as some of our more favored bloggers throw in the towel and call it quits, others quickly arise with their own voices, their own stories and their own perspectives.

That is because the Manosphere is founded on people discovering and discussing TRUTH.

More specifically, it is an organic, grass roots response to all the deliberate lies, delusions and deceptions our mass media driven society has attempted to brainwash and blind us with since we were born into this Brave New World Order.

When folks like Mentu, Ashur, Mojo, Will, 7man, CL, Duncan, Solomon, Ferdinand Bardamu, and others decide to quit, other newcomers "take the red pill", and gain the tools to properly analyze their past and understand their observations of life in this feedlot we call "society."

Take this powerful testimony by Manosphere newcomer, M3.

I'm not excerpting or quoting any part of M3's post here. It needs to be read in it's entirety.

As Deti exhorts over at The Private Man's:
Go back and read it all the way through. And then go back and do it again.
Force yourself to do it. I did.

It’s that important.

It’s that important because right now, somewhere on this continent, a man writhes in agony, a victim of his parents and teachers who told him to “be nice.”
It’s that important because right now a man is trying to figure out why for the 17th time a woman has rejected him and said she “just doesn’t feel it”.

It’s that important because right now a man is preparing to marry a 28 year old former semi-professional cum receptacle. He thinks she’s the bee’s knees. She thinks he will be a great father for her kids and will soon buy her her house for nesting. He thinks she’s hot. She thinks he’s reliable. He is in love. She is planning how best to use him. He wants to make a life with her. She wants him as an accessory to her life. He thinks she’s a victim of failed relationships. She knows he is her last chance to lock down a man as she gets kicked off the carousel and The Wall looms large before her.

It’s that important because right now a wife is plotting her “I’m not haaaaappy” divorce from her husband of 10 years. It’s that important because he will not see it coming and it will flatten him like a Mack truck.

It’s that important because right now a newly divorced man, court orders in hand, is moving out of his 4 bedroom colonial in the suburbs, and into a studio apartment on the wrong side of the city with little more than what he could fit in his car. Tonight that man will eat a fast food dinner while sitting on a used recliner he bought with his last bit of cash. He’ll watch some TV before going to bed on the pullout mattress. As he rests his head, he’ll wonder how all this happened to him. He’ll fear for his children, and wonder when he’ll see them again. And he’ll ask himself how he will ever comply with the court orders he’s just been given.

Deti's comment is precisely right. It is why many of us do what we do. When any of us feel we have nothing more to contribute, or are in danger of losing something for speaking truth to power, others like M3 will inevitably continue to come forward and let their voices be heard.

As Ulysses remarked recently about all this turnover in the Manosphere: "The bards shall come and go, but the song remains the same."

To those who are newcomers to these fringes of Teh Interwebz, here's a quick rundown of how this place became what it is today.

The Manosphere is the bastard child of another blog that no longer exists.

That place was called "Roissy in D.C." The Manosphere arose from the comment threads of that place.

The Spearhead, In Mala Fide, and other blogs to numerous to mention have been inspired by both Roissy's blogging and the debates and commentary in the threads of  his daily blog posts that regularly got 800+ comments. Til this very day, people discover the archives of Roissy in D.C. over at Chateau Heartiste, and they find THE RED PILL.

The byline to that blog was "Where Pretty Lies Perish."

That is the ethos of the Manosphere. The paradigm. The zeitgeist.

The most  viewed post I ever wrote here at my own blog, was Game is the Red Pill.

I was wrong.

The Manosphere in sum total is the Red Pill. If you're reading this, you most likely have already begun your journey to see how far the rabbit hole goes.

As long as we live in a world for which lies and delusions promulgated by mass media indoctrination and institutionalized thought control systems are raising generations of deluded, unbalanced, sick and stunted sheeple, and we have THIS place where we can go to figure it all out, this "Manosphere" will exist.


Martel said...

I've no idea if the Manosphere is dying or not, although I doubt it (for the reasons you cited).

However, it's making me more alive than ever. Thank all of you. I hope to return the favor by saving other schlubs all the heartache I had to go through before arriving here.

Anonymous said...

What am I thankful for this year? Among other things, you, my brother. Keep it up please.

*** ******** said...

for those predicting the end of the manosphere: b/c most of the authors inevitably go through changes and phases that supercede keeping a f'ing blog.
a blog? you're the man b/c you write a blog?
no, you work, you have hobbies, you blog, you do x sport, you paint cars, whatever. you get marred, you move, you have a kid or kids, your life changes....whatever.
the writers mostly come and go b/c their lives changes. it's easy for a new blogger to come in, see the demise of a few blogs and say "look, see! they folded. i'm here! i'm the man."

for what bro? 2 months? if you picked 5 blogs at random, they'd likely be gone in a year. period. BLIND LUCK CHOICE.

there's only 4 blogs i can list that have been around since i started - craigslist, roissy, vk's, and rooshv.
every other blog that started since then that i've followed has closed. and if i picked more from my blog roll at random, in a year they'll be gone too.

Anonymous said...

Doubt that the manosphere is going anywhere. Kind of funny that you mentioned Roissy in D.C. as your post there led me to your site a few years ago. It will continue on as there are always tons of people like M3 that late or early in life discover the truth and want to tell others about it. There are an endless supply of these poor souls and always will be in this world.

Also, in a way M3 is lucky, nice guys like him usually end up fodder for sluts looking for a meal ticket. Then, once a few kids are squeezed out and she becomes unhaaapy he ends up being a wage slave for the next 18 years and having his heart ripped out along with his life destroyed with the only hope that he'll be able to see his kids once they reach 18.

Anonymous said...

HL, I place your wisdom and class with the best of the manosphere. Your analysis rings true. Evolution has fits of change, and we red pills oughta expect it. Besides gov. control, in theory the economy could crumble to the point that bloggers stop blogging. If rush-hour traffic still sucks, we ain't there.

Outcast Superstar said...

Part 1 due to 4096 character length limit

The Manosphere is dead or alive and well depending on how you characterize it.

If you are talking about MRA’s trying to fight the system and get laws changed against long odds. Yes the Manosphere is dead.

If you are talking about websites or blogs where one person is trying be the big rock star and have tons of followers through the internet. The Manasphere is dead.

But is the Manasphere really dead? I think it’s alive and well and MGTOW will be growing in big numbers even if most of them don’t realize they are a MGHOW.

If you are a young man, there is a good chance you have seen an uncle, a father, a older brother, a male friend, or a male relative get screwed in the legal system. An example would be my brother in law. My brother in law is a Christian, a very hard working man and a man with integrity. Well his first wife (my sister is wife #2) had an affair with another man and wanted a divorce. It turned out he had to pay the legal fees for both him and his ex wife, he had to pay her alimony, child support, and got the bigger of the two properties. On top that his ex wife brainwashed his youngest child where now his youngest child want nothing to do with him and it’s been years since he has been in contact with his youngest child. Now his first wife made out like a bandit but this is something I took notice of, and is one the biggest reasons I will never get married period in my lifetime. This means one less woman who will get to have a wedding day sometime in her lifetime.

Outcast Superstar said...

Part 2

Now this is one of millions of stories how men get screwed in divorce court. Even if many men don’t read MGTOW/MRA websites, individually will bail out. Thousands or millions of men individually will see what a sham marriage is and will come to the conclusion even if they were the perfect husband; they could get destroyed in an instant once their future wife got bored of them. Now you got thousands if not millions of men bailing out even without stumbling onto a manosphere website. Is the manasphere really dead? I think not!

Another subject matter would be the theory that 80% of the women in their prime years are having sex with just 20& of the guys. This means 80% of the guys feel neglected and not appreciated for the hard work that they did to try to be a productive member in society. Now that many these guys finally made it into their 30’s. How many of them really want to get in relationships with 30 year old plus women who after being ignored and treated like shit by them when they were younger and hotter. Especially when you got escort and Asian massage parlor sites like myredbook where if they paid $200, these guys can now have the sexual experience with hotter and younger women. Now many would say these guys are losers. The reality is paying and escort or an asian massage parlor babe $200 once a week, every other week, or once a month. Compared to what a marriage or divorce would cost, is a bargain. Now they are getting to enjoy sexual experiences for life with attractive college age ladies at a fraction of the cost a marriage or a divorce would cost. Again many of these men will never read MGTOW or MRA sites but will bail simply based on their life experiences. I forgot to go into the rapid rise of internet port, development of Virtual Sex Technologies and Overseas sex vacations.

Now how many of these men worked hard and did everything they were suppose do but couldn’t get a career going but continued to get spited on for not having necessary experience or for other bullshit reasons like being discriminated against by feminist human resource departments. Now instead of getting a career in their mid 20’s their career might not start until their 30’s. This means in their 30’s they may see their first year of entry level pay rather than being on year 6 pay and having 5 years of full salary pay behind them already. Now many of these guys decides it’s just not worth getting married and having kids simply based on financials costs after these experiences even without the knowledge of the Family Court system or having any ill will towards women what so ever.

Now how young men in the following generations will see that college and working hard is no guaranteed path to success, will put minimal effort towards working hard and will spent countless hours playing video games or jerking of on internet porn or put all their effort into becoming a Pick Up Artist.

Now instead of carrying the burden of getting married and having kids, those who end making it into their 30’s unscathed may very well decide that if they had a college sweet heart who appreciated him and was loyal to him through thick and thin they most likely would have gotten married and had kids. Now these guys see the freedom of not being tied down to marriage and divorce and will have more financial resources and more free time to themselves. Should they get a uncontrollable sex urge they can get a attractive college age college escort or simply bust one out viewing internet porn.

Even though it’s young who are feeling the brunt of this hostility in their teens and 20’s. When it’s all said done, these costs will transferred to the women after big 30 hits.

Thousands if not millions of young men will bail out simply based on their own life experiences. Contrary to what some bloggers have say, the manosphere is alive and well and is growing by the thousands even if only a miniscule minority bothers reading MGTOW/MRA sites and blogs.

Anonymous said...

It's been said that the age of the dictator started with the invention of the megaphone - that is, as soon as you can outshout your opponents and dominate the conversation, your beliefs will prevail.

What, then, has the mass media been for the last 100 years but an enormous megaphone? They get to speak, while what we have to say on the matter counts for nothing. The media has been this way for so long that it's difficult to imagine it any other way. Until today.

The internet allows two-way communication. Suddenly the crowd can no longer be harangued into silence. We can shout back. And we are. Louder and louder.

We have 100 years of evil to shout back into obscurity. It's the same 100 years that brought Hitler, Mussolini, Stalin, Friedan, Greer, Steinem and all the other loud despots into prominence, and forced us to listen to their demented nonsense. Those days are over.

Unknown said...

There are alot of your posts I really like Keoni, but this one is my new favorite.

The post of the different circumstances of men who come here is me several years, and repeatedly inbetween as I go to court over and over again.

My kid, half way around the world without my knowledge or consent; and they think silencing us is going to do it.

It is imperative that we understnad that we are not made by the politicians who run like men hiring prostitutes in DC. No, it is imeprative we understnad that it is the mood of our country as a whole.

Like a great ocean, our opinion moes slowly with the tide; only occasionally do the politicians get hit with a massive Tsunami they did not expect.

The masses never learn; they are like cattle; corraled by exit polls, corporate owned news stations that operate like NGOs, and an elaborate yet deceptive financial system that hides behind all the governments of the world.

Like the matrix, the blue pillers as I use to be need to open their eyes. For what lays at the bottom of their trough; as scary as it might be is just what they need.

A true freedom with boundaries; that we all know ultimately every society fails to maintain its grasp.

I sadly feel we are like sheep in the slaughterhouse of entropy. Like the recess of my mind when I am in deep running out of oxygen I wonder which breath will be our last?

I am not melancholy, overtly introspective; but actually frightened at how I can be a father to the children I love; and maybe the wife I married. When so much can befall me on behalf of the greed of people I may never meet.

Anonymous said...

The "Manosphere?" The Androsphere?

Like it's a country with borders and laws and Customs & Immigration.

First, people come and people go. Some blogs are good and some suck. ANYBODY with a PC can have a blog. A criminal in jail. A lunatic in an asylum. Damn near half of the blogs on the "Manosphere" are SHIT! Captain Capitalism yaps 6 days a week on how English majors are worthless degenerates, and on the 7th day he panhandles to people who know how to spell to volunteer their services as editors for FREE so he can upload another self-published pile of his superfluous SHIT with the words spelled right, because he slept through English class (too girly for his cigar-smoking ass). Koanic Soul belongs in a mental ward. Alek Novy could sell crack in his spare time.

There are so many rotten blogs in the manosphere, I can't begin to count them. Some, like The Spearhead, define excellence. A Voice For Men, despite flaws, is a flagship of the manosphere. Some oddballs, like Roosh V, are just a guilty pleasure. Others, like Roissy/Heartiste, are closer to my heart than Christmas. And can that bastard write! Hands down the finest writer around, with the sole contender being W.F. Price from Spearhead (Paul Elam has his day quite frequently).

I think the Manosphere needs to adjust and evolve. Mostly it needs to figure out what dog shit looks like and stop feeding the 'tards who put up shit like Koanic Soul and Omega Virgin Revolt (is that guy serious or is it thermonuclear satire???).

Anyway, Hawaiian Libertarian is one of the better blogs, and though I have never commented until now, I like your viewpoint.


/Now Deal With It, Bitches.

Outcast Superstar said...

Well Hawaiian,

You just got me to make my first blog post in 2 1/2 years, although me making blog posts will still be a rarity as I don't want to get to wrapped up into it. Still have commenting disabled

I cleaned up my opinion in my comments and made a blog entry with a couple music videos to go with it.

I think you will like it a lot

it's called 'Is the Manosphere Really Dead?'


Unknown said...

@anonymous, yeah, that one can write. I love most everything he postss; even what I don't agree with. LOL

Tim said...

It is truly amazing how much we need to unlearn.

And its not just somewhat obvious stuff, like don't be yourself if that doesn't work. Even things that you'd never think that we've been mislead about...we've been mislead about.

Try starting a forest fire with a burn out cigarette, and a gallon of gas. Without exactly the perfect conditions you won't be able to burn anything. And yet we've been led to believe that all cigarettes have the potential to burn down whole forests.

We're lied to about everything.

Thanks for the linkage.

Anonymous said...

The Manosphere is a state of transition as its mission becomes more focused.

I've often compared our struggle to that of the French Underground. As victory approached, the various factions started coalescing around their various ideologies. If things take their natural course, then it's a sign that feminism is on the defensive.

However---note that I said 'natural course'. As you correctly pointed out, our femihag leaders like Michelle Obama and Hillary Clinton may well decide on a coup and bring down the whole Manosphere by brute force. Even so, resistance will continue.

Anonymous said...


I might disagree about some of the blogs you mentioned as 'excellent'; but the point is well taken.

There's always going to be someone to take up the cause. Granted, the loss of bloggers like Snark, Mojo and Ferdinand are felt. Others, like Mentu and the Christian Mens Defense Network, actually BENEFITTED the men's movement by folding.

Feminism is exactly like Communism or Fascism: a doomed ideology because of its contrariness to civilization and nature.

Unknown said...

The Manosphere isn't going anywhere anytime soon, especially when you still have the many manly podcasts and radio shows that continue to spread the word. I even saw a new blog created by a conservative sociologist that has been recently added to the Manosphere community. Even if one or two of the bloggers decides to shut down their blog, there will be others to replace them and your message will still be heard and read by people like me, who are frustrated with the abysmal way the government has handled the student loan and college industries. This is just my two cents on the issue. Keep on blogging, man! People like you, Clarissa, Aurini and Captain Capitalism are making me have greater faith in humanity.

Outcast Superstar said...


Look what just got me into, I didn't make one blog post for 2 1/2 years and now I made two blog entries with in 10 hours

First it was me responding to this post.

Now just published a blog entry called 'Dissecting Womens Sexual Currency Value'

You won't be bored reading that entry, I promise!


Bad said...

It's obvious that some of the commenters here have not actually read Keoni's post.

ray said...

The Manosphere is the bastard child of another blog that no longer exists.

That place was called "Roissy in D.C." The Manosphere arose from the comment threads of that place

the Manosphere was going full-bore 10 years before "Rossy in DC" ever showed up

heck, i remember some Manosphere webpages from the Nineties! richard doyle's The Liberator comes to mind, tho there were a few others...

disrespecting the men who built the roads is exactly the attitude that permitted the consolidation and victory of feminism

dannyfrom504 said...


THANK YOU for linking M3. i've been trying to get people over to his site for a while. glad he's on everyone's radar now.

Anonymous said...

I have to agree with you on this one. Roissy was an early contributor to the Manosphere, but quickly devolved into guruism. Today, he's just a pathetic copy of Hugh Hefner, with his corny 'Chateau Heartiste' or whatever it's called.

If anybody deserves credit for opening up the Internet to men's issues, that should be Angry Harry.

Warren Farrell, Dave Thomas, Richard Doyle and Rookh Kshatriya were working for mens' rights before the Internet even got going.

Anonymous said...

Good point on 90's Liberator. Not everyone knows it, because as a commenter said men don't look at those who made the roads.

In the 80's, there were a number of men's newsletters. You had to subscribe and they came monthly in the mail, but they were much of the same stuff you see on men's blogs and boards today.

Anonymous age 70

Keoni Galt said...

To clarify: the comment threads at Roissy's in 2009 era is where the "manosphere" as we currently know it was spawned.

I certainly do not disrespect the many blogs that came before it.

Hell, I started this blog after first immersing myself in the original MRA blogosphere which included the likes of Outcast Superstar, Eternal Bachelor, Angry Harry, Captain Zarmband, No Ma'am, Kumokugare School, Cool Tools for Men, Mirror of the Soul, Pook's Mill, An Irishmen Against Feminism, The Black Misogynist, Field Marshall Watkins....that was the era that inspired me to start my own blog. These are folks most of you, I'm sure, have probably never heard of.

When I say "the Manosphere" is the Bastard Child of Roissy in D.C., I'm talking about the current manosphere as we know it.

Prior to Roissy, it was all fringe, underground. None of those previous blogs I mentioned approached the hits, page views nor comments that Roissy in D.C. did back in '09-'10.

Some of you have a great distaste for Roissy the blogger. Whatevers. We are all entitled to our own tastes and preferences.

MY point is that this "manosphere" as we know it...the one that has started to attain some mainstream recognition..the one to receive the attention of groups like the SLPC and the feminists at Jezebel et al....THAT is this place that came from that original breeding ground of Roissy's blog in that particular time frame.

I know. I was there. Other than Outcast Superstar brief return from his hiatus here (nice posts BTW, glad to see I got you motivated to resume at least for this much OS! Outcast Superstar is certainly OG!), there are not too many bloggers left from that era that are still going at it.

Prior to that time, there was no "manosphere."

It was all fragmented, niches. Fringe bloggers with minimal hits and page views.

It was Roissy's comment section that was the breeding grounds for a wide number of blogs like the Spearhead and In Mala Fide that were so instrumental in creating the current day manosphere.

Crediting Roissy in D.C.'s comment section for the birth of todays manosphere is by no means an insult to those who've come before.

Outcast Superstar said...

Anonymous Keoni Galt

Thanks for the compliments on the posts. Obviously divorce law, divorce court settlements of men getting screwed, how women behave before and after marriage and how women behave in their youth and post youth very well have been pretty well covered over all in the manosphere.

I do think the next topic the manosphere should cover more thoroughly is women's sexual currency or point total. Where we allocate currency or points based on each year in their prime to post prime until its zero.

In the post I did, I deemed a typical 27 year old has 10% sexual value left. Meaning a guy who marries a 27 year old puts his entire financial wealth and earnings at stake while only receiving the remaining 10% of that 27 year old woman's sexual currency value. Meaning other men received 90% of that woman's sexual currency. This alone to me is fraud.

I believe the feminists will freak out more if more bloggers in the manosphere discuss this topic more thoroughly meaning we allocate currency values or point totals to the ladies 18-35 years. As there is no doubt they will freak out if we talk about 27 year old plus women having little or no sexual value left based on a currency or points based system.

Somewhere down the road you may want do your own blog entry on this subject matter. I guarantee you would get more than your fair share of comments on a topic like this

Outcast Superstar said...

I meant to type Hi instead of anonymous next to your name on the top line. Sorry about that! My eyes are getting sleepy which means I should go to bed now.

Justin said...

Echo Ray above. The Game-o-Sphere started with Roissy. The Manosphere came way before him, and will last long after the pornographers in the GameSphere pass away.

As your own examples indicate, the most important reasons the Manosphere exists all have to do with MRA issues.

Gamers, by contrast, uniformly mock and belittle MRAs every chance they get, basically labeling the whole Husband and Fatherhood path as "beta" and MRAs as whiny losers.

For you to even connect Roissy with the real Manshere is offensively inaccurate and misleading.

Anonymous said...

You're absolutely right. Roissy might have started the current trends in the Manosphere, but as the title here says, 'The Manosphere is Dead.'

The Gamecocks pushed the movement onto the rocks and it's up to the anti-gamers to rebuild it again.

Optimum Awareness said...

In God's eyes, everyone in the manosphere are one. The existence of internal groups within the manosphere is natural and that is not the reason it is falling in fact it never will fall. It will never fall, like sale of cocaine will never stagnate. There is demand. In our case there is a reason for us to exist; lest all that are wrong in our society against men seize to exist, then the manosphere might indeed seize to exist as well. While there is fuel, there will be fire

sharpcool said...

Ignore the anti-gamers. Deep down they want men to fail with women. They're not on your side.

Roissy is one of the best anti-feminists on the entire internet.

Anonymous said...

Playboy 3/85,article by John Gordon:What do feminists really want?

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 4:41

"Captain Capitalism yaps 6 days a week on how English majors are worthless degenerates..."

lol! Looks like someone is biter about their worthless English degree.

Yes anon, I would like fries with that.

Anonymous said...

Hi, I am Lee from Don't Marry. Been doing this since about 2003/4.

Back in 2000-2003 Men's News Daily was basically the only place online. The rules were insane - men had to cite peer reviewed research to make a point, women, Radfems and Manginas could just shame away.

MND had it's forum erased 3 times and the guys there created two of their own, then some other sites.

Things were good from 2003-2007 and then many blogs shut down from burnout and moving on.

Then a rebirth from that occurred and many new blogs and fora were created.

2008-2012 was another good period.

Now it is 5 years later and that 2nd Wave is burning out and moving on.

This is normal and natural.

Men, most men, don't read these blogs and forums forever. We re-orient our lives, values and outlooks, take the new information, and then go back out into the world and Live Our Lives with the new outlook.

Many of the 'crazy' ideas we wrote about 13 years ago are now commonly mentioned in passing on any forum where men talk about sports, motorcycles, weightlifting, etc. Men have adopted our attitude and knowledge w/o coming to sites like this.

This is just another phase.

In a year or two another wave of men will begin to write ever more, raising the bar yet again.

Jual Masker Spirulina said...

Ignore the anti-gamers. Deep down they want men to fail with women. They're not on your side.