Thursday, April 26, 2012

* Disclaimer

The Hawaiian libertarian blog is a work of fiction. It's entire contents is nothing more than the fevered imagination of an individual who is anonymous and therefore not accountable for any advice he or she appears to advocate.

This blog is nothing more than a means of self-entertainment for the writer who likes to explore ludicrous and insane ideas that no normal person would ever consider rational or logical.

There is no advice given at this blog for which you should follow, as the author is not a certified nutritionist, a medical degree-holding Doctor, nor any other sort of authority on any topic that has been written about here.

This blogger is actually a huge, obese blob with diabetes, gout and skin cancer. You didn't REALLY think this blogger actually lost weight, kept it off, improved health and found a better way of life following all the ideas written about here? Of course not!

Compelling fiction is fun to write. That is all you need to know about the motivations of this blogger.

All that meat, salt and saturated fat and sunbathing without sunscreen have taken obviously taken it's toll on this blogger's physical and mental health...obviously.

I mean, COME ON!!?!?!?

Only a lunatic would ever write about such topics as government-corporate fascism and corruption, conspiracy theories about the Federal Reserve and a ruling elite that purposely control mass media and educational institutions to mislead the masses so that they adopt lifestyles that are unnatural and unhealthy, so as to become revenue streams for various government-enforced cartel industries!

Raving lunacy! UFO's and Reptile Aliens!

Pay no attention to this blog, it advocates nothing.

The only real piece of advice this blogger recommends for which you should follow is this:

You should never make important life decisions based on the fevered delusions of anonymous internet bloggers!

Trust ONLY the certified experts and Government approved sources of lifestyle information.

They only want what is best for YOU!

After all, they are the Government...the very reason we have the privilege of living in the Greatest, most Free-est Nation in the History of the World!

Thanks for helping me see the error of my ways, Will S!


Anonymous said...

Are you implying the government doesn't have my individual best interest in mind? I am shocked and appalled. In fact, I'm offended. I'm sure that's racist, or sexist, or something like that. You're a horrible person.

Carnivore said...

Dude, that paleo crap better be your imagination. You've heard, no doubt, about the other paleo blogger who could go to jail if he doesn't recant:

Cul-De-Sac Hero said...

OK, so when are you and all these other paleo bloggers going to stop sending the mind-control beam through my computer? For some reason, I amd convinced that that I lost 20 pounds over the last year. Amazingly, everyone I know thinks I look like I lost weight too and they don't even read this evil crap. I guess the mind-control beam reflects off of me. Otherwise, I'd have to believe that I actually lost weight while increasing the fat and protein that I ate. I need help.

. said...

I demand a refund for this silly tin foil hat.

I am now a confirmed "coincidence theorist."

Matt Forney said...

Well, here I was, eating meat and vegetables and taking fish oil and apple cider vinegar in an attempt to lose weight. I was even going to take a hiking trip across the country and write a blog about it.

But you've convinced me that it's all a lie, Keoni, and that the government only has our best interests in mind. I'm gonna go back to eating bread and Coke and vegging in front of the computer playing video games.

OBAMA 2012!


Fidel said...

I really don't want to insult Americans, because you guys, and HL, are ideological brothers of mine...

But I can't help saying : " Al-Quaida hates us for our freedoms."

The USA Government must be one of the most intrusive regimes ever.

Alte said...

That is some crazy shit. And losing 40 lbs in six months while chowing down on bratwurst and butter was clearly all just a figment of my imagination.

I've got one year left in the USSA and then I'm out on parole. Gotta leave before they take away my passport and send me away to a reeducation camp.

Will S. said...

All who are ungleichgeschaltling, will be gleichgeschaltet!

Elusive Wapiti said...

Dude. The linked article is chilling. The worst part about it is the licensing we really need government--with coercive enforcement power--aiding the trades and professions in erecting barriers to market entry and to tamp down competition?

Apparently the answer is yes...and the State of North Carolina is willingly acting as the enforcement arm of the American Dietetic Association.

Chris said...

I bow before the LORD almighty and thank him that I live in a commonwealth country, and my children live in commonwealth countries, where the petty fascists of the United States have less and less authority.

And... I was thinking of coming to TX ove summer in a couple of years as I have sabbatical time coming up.

No way, Now how, Not now. Not until the Head of TSA is impeached, the institution demolished, and freedom again rings.

I see no need to enter the gulag, folks.

. said...

I bow before the LORD almighty and thank him that I live in a commonwealth country, and my children live in commonwealth countries, where the petty fascists of the United States have less and less authority. -- Chris

Heh, you know what else is neat about living in a commonwealth country? You don't have separation of Church and State. Only Americans have it and only as a technicality - the USA is designed to work in tandem with the Bible. The purpose of "Separation of Church and State in the USA is so that the Pope cannot also run for President - it was this kind of thing that led to all the BS burnings at the stake in Europe - One king was Catholic, and so persecuted the Protestants, then the next regent would be Protestant, and start persecuting the Catholics.

In the commonwealth, however, the Queen is your official head of state, and the Queen is also the Head of the Church of England - the equivalent of the pope, thus, there is no separation of Church and State in any commonwealth country.

It's not that I'm a Bible banger, but I like to point out to subversive teachers unions when they blab on and on about "separation of Church and State" that they are watching too much friggin' American TV and perhaps ought to read a history book or two... or even, you know, read the Canadian Articles of Confederation which are chock full of references to God.

We have freedom of religion, certainly, but we are fully intended to be a Christian country - quite clearly too.

. said...

I was really pleased this last Christmas that the city where I live, which is staunchly conservative, started a campaign to democratically change the name "winter break" back to Christmas Vacation in our schools. It was passed unanymously by city council.

Hoo boy, did the Teacher's Union shit their pants, as well as the Media giving them HUGE airtime on it. But, but... the Sikhs, the Muslims, we must not offend them by calling it Christmas...

Well, ladies, it was done democratically and legally and Canada IS a Christian friggin' country. So shove it up your educated, politically correct rear ends.

gallier2 said...

No'mam separation of church and state is not a US exclusivity. France and Turkey have it also. The old Soviet Union also comes to mind.
Funny, all 4 countries that had arevolutions fomented by freemasons.

gallier2 said...

As for offense about Christmas, if you look a little behind, you'll discover that the only other cult that is offended by it are jewish. The Sikh's and Muslims are only brought forward to hide that. Dig and you'll see it for yourself.

. said...


Yeah, I noticed that after I had written it. I should have said in the "anglosphere." Britain, Canada, Australia & New Zealand all have the Queen as their official head of state. Only the USA, of the major English speaking countries has separation of church and state. (Not sure about places like Belize etc, they used to be British and still speak English). But, whenever the subject comes up here in Canada, the PC tards quickly throw out separation of church and state.

Shit like this pisses me off. These two gay teachers equate ANYONE who might be opposed to having a gay agenda shoved down their children's throats against the parents' wishes as "religious" and start screeching "Separation of Church and State."

And yeah, I hear from people in other religions that they are not offended by it. It all stems from this "white guilt" BS that's been shoved down our throats. I don't really care what religion people follow - we have freedom of religion, and I agree with that. But if you move here from India or Hong Kong, you knew what kind of country you were coming to. We don't have to change our house for you, it is the other way around.

When my parents immigrated to Canada in the fifties from Europe, they were told to learn the language and become "Canadians" as fast as they could, and they did.

The only thing that really pisses me off is things like Hindus changing the Mounties to allow them to wear turbans, instead of the traditional hat. Get a different job then. The Mounties are a world-wide symbol of Canadian Culture - we're very proud of our once great Dudley Do-Right Mounties, and they shouldn't be degraded. Sam Steele would have delivered some frozen mitten slaps up the side of the head for that.

. said...

@ Gallier2,

Lol, since we are getting into technicalities, the old Soviet Union only sort of had separation of Church and State - only because they were confirmed athiests, and athiests argue until they are blue in the face that they are not a religion.

Marxism, however, is athiest because Marxism believes that MAN is God himself. It why they also link athiesm to evolution. The underlying point of Marxism is to hold everyone in 100% totalitarianism and then "evolve" them into a new type of human being, thus creating "Heaven on Earth."

So, it didn't really have separation of church and state, or rather, religious ideology and state.

This is also why they took millions of people and moved them to new districts within the country - to end their identification with their region (like forcing me to move from the West Coast which I identify with to the Prairies which I don't identify with) - forced multi-culturalism to end identification with the region. It's also why Lenin shoved feminism down the throats of Soviet Citizens, to destroy the family and all outside affiliations except to the state. The state would then try to "evolve" its people into something new... in other words, Man is God and can even create new kinds of humans. Lol! Well, that was the supposed plan anyway.

gallier2 said...

Wow NO'MAM, your responses are so full of soundbites coming directly from the US propaganda division that it would take a lengthy essay to explain it. You light have looked through feminisit agenda, but let me tell you, you haven't looked through other agendas yet.
Just some ideas for you: association is not causation, it's not because an ideology declares itself as atheist that atheism is the cause of that ideology.
Atheism is only the declaration that someone doesn't believe in god(s), period. Nothing more, nothing less. You have atheistic religions like some forms of buhdism and you have some ideologies that say they are atheistic but in reality aren't like french freemasons (Grand Orient) who are in reality stoicists a deist religion.
Btw, you should read Marx, then you may perhaps recognize that people that claimed to be Marxists or accused thereof have not much in common with what he wrote. Don't get me wrong, there's a lot BS in Marx' especially the utopian views, but his analysis of the existing world order of his time is spot on and still applies today.
Imho, one of the beiggest sin (sorry for that religious word) most people commit is to not check the original texts. Reading Robert Atkins diet book for example will show that everything you hear of the Atkins diet in media is misrepresent and a lie. Reading "Mein Kampf" will only show you that it doesn't contain what everything accuses him of. Reading the Bible especially the old testament, will show you that people trying to follow its teaching are nuts.

. said...


I'm so fucking tired of people telling me what I know and don't know.

I'm also fucking GOD DAMN tired of people thinking I'm some FUCKING Christian Bible Banger just because one mentions Ahteism and it's relationship to Marxism and WHY. Then tells me I know nothing of Marxism or Athiesm. Lol!

It's only confirmed for me that Athiests are the most closed minded fucking religious zealots that exist. Supposed people that follow science and reason, yet can't anthropologically come up with a reasonable nor scientific explanation why there is not one historical example of a civilization/society getting off the ground without a religion to unify their moral codes.

I know, I know... it's all because of the Freemasons... who, you know, first convened when they got together to build the Tower of Babel (thus, Masons) in Ancient Sumeria.

I follow along HL's blog because I was one of his earliest supporters.

I have written so many articles on these subjects, I am just tired of another guy I've never heard of tell me I haven't looked deep enough or that I don't know what the hell I'm talking about.

I've got a whole blog that responds to your suggestions of what I don't know... and it would take you a few months to read it.

What you won't find on my blog is talk of illooominaughty, freemasonry, Zionism, lizards, the Rock Fellas nor Roth's Child. Why? Because it just doesn't matter.

To paraphrase Anatoly Golitsyn, "What good are all the names, if you don't know what they do?"

Have a nice day.

gallier2 said...


you extrapolate too much on what people write. Where did I mention illuminaties or the Rockefellers, where did I suggest you were Bible banger, and so on? Nowhere
Of course there were a lot of "trigger words" that are often associated with such ideas and you snapped on them like the little Pavlov dog you are.
Remarking that freemasons formed the ideology on which many nations are built (USA, France and Turkey), doesn't mean that every aspect of these nations are controlled by green lizards, illuminaties or ETs. You are conflating here.
As for atheism (for god's sake, the e is before the i) it means
a-the(ism): without theism, someone who doesn't believe in god(s) period. Nothing more, nothing less. If historical assholes were atheists, so what? It only says that that person doesn't believe in god(s), he can be a mass-murderer as he can be the nice guy across the street.
But you're right, I will stop lecturing here because it's a nice sunny sunday and I have better things to do. Bye, have a nice week.

. said...

"you extrapolate too much on what people write."

Pot, let me introduce you to Kettle. You've done nothing to me but your above accusation since you started trying to show how smart you were in your first comment to me.

Furthermore, since there is nothing but relative truth without a unifying moral code (ie religion), your truth is no more valid than my truth.

Perhaps an athEist can claim they can create their own morality without religion, based upon reason... that works fine in your own head and personal life.

For example, you could morally justify, via reason, that there should be private property and thus, stealing is wrong.

I as your athEist neighbour, however, have morally justified that all things in the world belong to all people in the world, therefore I'm taking your car to the store wihtout asking.

And what are you gonna do about it? After all, your truth is no more valid than my truth.

AthEism has never been able to create a civilization because there is no way to unify their moral codes beyond the brute savagary of "might is right." In other words, living like animals.

For all the "science" and "reason" AthEists claim which rules their lives, they cannot ever answer the reason why there has never been a civilization that founded itself on AthEist ideals... it is a scientific anthropological argument; it demands a rational and logical answer - and AthEists refuse to answer it with their own "moral code" because they can't.

If you claim to understand Marsism the way you brag you do, then you should understand how Hegel's Dialectic dethroned God by removing the Absolute Truth and replaced it with only relative truth. (All truth is equal and forever changing). Why do you think Karl Marx said his goal in life was to dethrone God and destroy Capitalism?

Also, you should learn to put spaces between your paragraphs if you are gonna nitpick spelling in trite comment posts.

Good day to you too, moron.

*** ******** said...

the safest way to live your life is following the approved, reliable, government sponsored, corporate run media. period.