Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Quiplinks V: Anti-Christ 2012 Edition

Down-low brother getting the lowdown on the down-low, 666 style. - Tex Arcane

There are actually only two distinct candidates in the 2012 election. There is Ron Paul, who represents the U.S. Constitution, and there is Newt Romney O'Bama, who represents the Bank Party. - Vox Day

I’m happy to announce that I’ve declared jihad on fat American women. - Roosh

There is no way the Prophet could have predicted, with all his infinite wisdom, that one day a single woman would have the girth of two. - Muhammed V

By raising women’s status and emphasizing “equality,” feminism has performed the psychological equivalent of a clitoridectomy on our society’s women. - Welmer

The female strategy has always been to nag and manipulate until men stop doing what men want to do and start doing what women want them to do. - Jack Donovan

The military is really looking for stupid individuals who haven’t figured out what Empire wants from them so they’ve taken the example of video games and turned their recruiting into, “Join, it’ll be just like a video game!” - Simon Rierdon

Off the clock, who cares how you spend your time? My life away from work is my own. Only the slave concerns himself with the value of his non-earning activities. - An Unmarried Man

How can so many people not notice what is going on? - Alte

In other words, Jesus ain’t the reason for our present tumultuous and discordant season. - Ulysses

Most ‘professional’ women are forced into an uncomfortable choice in life. - Rollo Tomassi

The only way game works is if it takes a realistic appraisal of human nature. - Roissy

Roissy was the voice that clarified a unified theory of these three separate fields: Seduction, Sociobiology, and Conservatism. - Frost

One way to look at the history of feminism is consider it as men and women working to remove women’s fears. - Dalrock

For those waiting for my endorsement (and I know you are) it is, of course, Ron Paul. - Default User

There’s no point in trying to band-aid the bullet holes on this country gasping for its last few breaths of greatness. - Terry

People are funny creatures. They don’t care about real things nearly as much as they care about imaginary things. - Delusion Damage

And remember everybody - violence against women must be stopped...violence against men - like a man being drugged, tortured, abused and sexually mutilated - gets good ratings. - Scarecrow

Get ready for some amazing parenting advice from a dude who doesn’t actually have kids! - Bronan

Men should remember that when a woman’s reaction to something is out of all proportion to the stimulus, there is something deeper that is troubling her. - 7man

In the matriarchy, breast cancer is not about breast cancer any more than rape is about rape. - Alcuin

What patriarchy built, hypergamy has tore down. - Peacemaker

Makes me wonder what the remaining 60% are smoking. - Johnny

As with health care, costs rise when the government distorts the market. - G.L. Piggy

We have set up a system which guarantees that everyone will have their heart broken at least once. Why the hell did we do that? - Cassandra Goldman

If you start running from the truth no matter how ugly, you’ll have to keep running and it’s very tiring in the long run… - Omnipotron


ray said...

We have set up a system which guarantees that everyone will have their heart broken at least once. Why the hell did we do that?

you didn't set up the system, cassandra

somebody else did -- youre just a tool

as long as you think you (and the other members of the, uh, democracy) "set up the system," you won't be able to address the system

can't vote or clever your way outta this

Keoni Galt said...

Funny you should comment Ray...I was actually thinking the same thing, and was planning on a future blog post on this topic (I just wanted to link to her peice, as it was a good one, and I've always liked her blog).

Who's this "WE" You're Talking About?

Elspeth said...

Thank you kindly for the linkage, HL. To both blogs.

Default User said...

Thanks for the link.

Anonymous said...

Damned, I didn't make the quote cut. Note to self - be more pithy.

PA said...

You've really distilled everyone's quirks and personalities with those short quotes. Nice job. Makes me wish I had a blog.

Anonymous said...

The wisdom is strong in this post.

Anonymous said...

nice concept and execution. great quotes and links.