Friday, September 17, 2010

Engineering Planned Obsolescence

Fedrz resumed posting at his blog several months ago, and for the most part, he's been simply re-posting excerpts of old MRA message board postings from some old-timers. Good stuff.

But the other day, he actually posted an original piece, which covered the topic of Cultural Marxism, entitled Divide and Conquer.

Fedrz was the first blogger I read that connected the dots regarding the advent of feminism and the Cultural Marxism movement. His blog states the case that much of the problems with feminism and intrusive and the civilization-destroying family law that we are all familiar with today, come from the Marxist Social engineers of the Frankfurt School who effected the long march through western institutions with active measures to normalize the west.

Fedrz deliberately avoids the more "conspiracy theory" aspects to avoid "the Illuminati-shriekers." It's a good strategy to keep the focal point of the discussion focused precisely on the agenda of cultural marxism and how it's shaped our modern world.

Nevertheless, it does speak to the idea that there does exist an "elite." A class of people who have deliberately shaped our current reality through mass media indoctrination, controlling the curriculum and environment of the public education system, and advancing Marxist-Socialist laws and values in the Government.

To take a step back and attempt to comprehend the big picture, I was struck by the idea that these devious, influential and powerful social engineers have done something that is rather common for Engineers in mass commercial manufacturing to do as well - deliberately planned obsolescence.

What else can you call it? Let's look at all of the factors that would lead one to this conclusion:

* Implement socialist redistribution schemes for which one section of the population has their wealth taxed and given to another section of the population.

* Promote the erosion of Patriarchal family formation as the building blocks of society...which leads to even greater numbers of the citizenry becoming dependent on the Government for sustenance (replace Dad with the Welfare State).

* Promote Brave New World sexual attitudes, mores and practices; i.e. - widespread promiscuity, disconnecting sex with reproduction, mass acceptance of birth control etc.

* Promote the false notion of "equality" so that women pursue college educations and careers instead of forming families and making babies.

Now I'm quite sure there are a lot more variables that go into this idea, but the general idea is this:

Make the masses dependent on the production of wealth of the productive classes...

...while feminism, birth control, abortion and all the other systems the social engineers have put into place to delay the creation of families with multiple children, eventually results in below replacement demographic trends.

It can only end in one way, eventual systemic collapse.

Look at Social Security - in the next decade, the Baby Boom generation is slated to retire en mass.

Since their social security benefits are paid out by current taxes collected, there will eventually hit the point where there are more benefits owed than current workers whose FICA taxes are collected to payout.

In short - Socialist redistribution of wealth + Below-level Replacement Demographics = Planned Obsolescence.

Which, when you consider the plainly stated agenda of Marxism - to destroy capitalist society to make way for their vision of Socialist utopia - it makes perfect sense.

Right now, Western Civilization is like an old gas guzzling v-8 that roared from 0-60 in a few seconds when it was brand new, made by one of the Big 3 manufacturers in Detroit in the mid-eighties. Any day now the timing belt is gonna break, the head gasket's gonna blow and the engine block is gonna crack, rendering it useless. Than we'll all be needing a new car...only the new model is gonna be a hybrid, environmental compact that struggles to hit 55 on the freeway.


Anonymous said...

The Anglosphere elite (people who admire Cecil Rhodes, etc.) might think they've got the situation under control, but I suspect that they are like Bernie Madoff - i.e. they're riding the tiger, and they can't let go.

When the old-fashioned V8 gas-guzzler crashes, and the Anglosphere elite think they can push the masses into a Prius, they might be overtaken by Russian and Chinese helicopters, leapfrogging ahead.

Tarl said...

By the way, have you ever read "Weapons of Mass Instruction" by John Taylor Gatto? If not, you should. It is a quick read, and very instructive. He shows how "they" (the elites) restructured American education to eliminate creativity and original thought, and to promote conformity, consumerism, erosion of the family and traditional institutions, etc. And this plan goes back quite a long way in time!

An Unmarried Man said...

Technology is the most powerful tool the "obsoleters" have in their arsenal. Reading this post reminded me of something I thought of the other day while talking about work.

In my field, and I'm sure increasingly throughout all industry, there is a movement afoot whereby vendors are able to upload invoices to their customers, and in many cases, the vendor is left holding the bag when it comes to performing many of the functions which the customer's accounts payable staff would have done in the past. In effect, roles, duties, are condensed and "obsoletized."

I jokingly thought to myself that I can foresee the day when all industry will be encased within a single cyberframework and all historically specialized functions will blend together and there will be no demand for physical presence or involvement any longer. An army of jolly button-pushers.


@Tarl, thanks for the heads up, I'm going to check that out.

Thomas George said...

This post has really enlightened me. I have a term for something that I haven't been able to fully explain and planned obsolescence is it.

It's clear that feminism is a spent force. It has done everything that it can for the elite's goal of depopulation. It has made a dent in moving towards depopulation but lots of people are still getting married and having kids. Christians in particular are resisting the elite's depopulation scheme.

Enter the planned obsolescence of feminism to be replaced with mens rights. Mens rights allows the elite to continue having us fight a gender war. Anyone involved in mens rights is telling men to not get married and not have children just like the elite wants. Mens rights has infected the Christian Church in a way feminism never did. I see this in my own church where we have less and less men and they are replaced with boys who refuse to man up.

We need to stop worrying about feminism and start investigating the money behind mens rights. There's also a connection to the anti-Christian philosophy of transhumanism espoused by Pro-Male/Anti-Feminist Tech and The Fifth Horseman. Those two should be investigated for their connections to the elite.

*** ******** said...

that last line aboutt he new hybrid car version of the old is an incredibly precise analogy

Anonymous said...

You lack imagination

tron22 said...

I'll give you two words to describe this phenomenon, no more, no less: HYDRAULIC DESPOTISM. Who controls the spoils controls the masses (unless, of course, they have lots of firepower).

Vito said...

Nude negro law. Its the only way. Safe streets are our right.

Anonymous said...

Well Thomas George, I´m christian (more likely more than you) and even though I sometimes disagree with the TFH and Antifeminist tech, they got something right...UNLESS LAWS ARE CHANGED MARRIAGE IN THE WAY INTENDED BY OUR CREATOR IS MEANINGLESS, in fact is an abomination no one should part of.

Feminism is one of the greates plagues of our century and without a massive shift in attitude from the law and women in the West, I´d better start saving my money to pay a surrogate if I want a child so badly.

You don´t seem to understand that most women in the West, even in your churches (unless you are Amish or something like that) are used whores.

If you wouldn´t by a 70th hand car Why do you want me to?

Don´t be so hypocrite and man up, stop being mangina and a useful idiot for the women and the Powers that be that control them.