Thursday, December 10, 2009

The Matriarchal Ghettos in Hawai'i

I have oft read many an anonymous commenter on various websites indulge in racial denigration and racial superiority debates, often backing their racist assertions with race based crime statistics. I believe there is in fact a large segment of white Americans that are absolutely sick of having all the blame for all that is wrong in the world today in politically correct mainstream society, laid at their doorstep...and many embrace racism out of anger and out of a sense of wanting to fight back from their mass indictment by our Brave New World Order.

Many don't even really realize it, but the primary point of the issue of criminality and what kind of people are predisposed towards it is NOT race. It's about the destruction of the nuclear family through the loss of the role of Fatherhood for males, and dependence upon the Government by females. One can look at ANY 'poverty-stricken' community or inner city ghetto, and you WILL notice the common denominator if you look for it: the lack of an intact, Father-headed family.

Whether one looks at the inner city denizens of New York City's worst areas, to a Southern States "white trash" trailer park, the common denominator of single mother headed households, violent and abusive boyfriends, welfare recipients, and the majority of older men in their communities are either dead, maimed or incarcerated. The particular ethnic race of the community doesn't mean a damn thing.

The Matriarchal-modeled community funded by the Government's welfare system is THE single biggest determinant of whether or not a community will be mired in crime and an endless cycle of poverty.

Racism is but one grand distraction meant to misdirect people into thinking the source of their communities pathology is related to systemic oppression of a minority class by a racist majority.

The truth is that both the "minority" and the "majority" are BOTH under the oppression of the elite power brokers of our corrupt system...and playing the race card is one of the most effective ways they have for implementing the OLDEST strategy in the book: Divide and Conquer.

The same principle plays out just the same, even here in Hawaii.

On the island of O'ahu, we have several areas that everyone "knows" is the "bad" part of the island. Yes, even here in tropical paradise, we have our matriarchal ghettos.

Most infamous on O'ahu is the entire Western Coastline of this island, known as the district of Wai'anae. (That's pronounced "Why-uh-nigh")

In the days before Western contact, Wai'anae was prized for it's mullet fish ponds, as the name translated from Hawaiian means "Mullet Waters." Like all of the other main Hawaiian islands, the Leeward coast is home to some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. However, tourists are advised to avoid going there, and many local residents do as well. As a song from a local group that world famous "Bruddah Iz" first got his start in the Hawaiian music biz with, the Makaha Sons of Ni'ihau, recorded a song about Makaha, a town in Wai'anae that had this refrain:

"But beware, the Boys will be there to set your cars free! It no matter if you lock your door...the Boys will still score."

That song was written back in the 70's...and nothing has changed as far as that observation goes in 30+ years.

I've known avid surfers who specifically bought old, run down jalopy cars just to go surfing, so they could park at some of Wai'anae's best surf spots so they could paddle out and not worry about their cars getting broken into and/or stolen.

The real problem, as I see it, is that Wai'anae is home to the largest population of Native Hawaiians on the island...but like everywhere else in Hawaii, it also has a large population of other minorities that live there. But the reason why I mention the Native Hawaiian population is because for the most part, much of the Native Hawaiian population is deeply rooted into the ideology of victimization by the colonialization of the West. Yes folks, the exact same resentments and hatreds of "whitey" are nourished by the Hawaiians of the 21st century, just like they are in any Black ghetto in America today. Their personal lives, the decay of the social order of their community, the crumbling infrastructure...none of that is anyone's fault..but the 'haoles' that "took all the land and left the Hawaiians with nothing!"

Now...I write this as a man who is in fact of part Native Hawaiian blood. I've also spent serious time in the home base of the Hawaiian Sovereignty movement - the Hawaiian Studies department at the University of Hawaii. I've taken classes from the foremost proponents of the 'hate haole's' Hawaiians. In some ways, Hawaiian activist Haunani Trask is the Hawaiian equivalent of Al Sharpton.

I've been through hours of "education" regarding the "deconstruction" of Western Colonialism. I've endured endless lectures and speeches by activist teachers that tirelessly preached about the injustices the haole have done to the Hawaiians and indigenous peoples the world over.

And while I considered this education as quite eye opening, there was one thing I also understood: these people were trying to create activists to effect cultural revolution to gain political power. I took Hawaiian Studies to learn more about my heritage, my history and my culture. I was looking to find my familial roots. And in those regards, I learned plenty. I don't regret for a single moment, taking all of the Hawaiian Studies courses that I did when I was in college. But I also was fully aware of the ideology of victimology that permeated almost everything we had to study. While I was cognizant of this subtle indoctrination, I also saw many of my classmates embrace it full on, and become angry activists just like our professors.

I, on the other hand, have been raised on the ideology of personal responsibility. My full blood Tutu (Hawaiian Grandmother) used to scoff at the Hawaiian activists whenever they were portrayed in the media, usually in full diatribe mode about the injustices Hawaiians have endured under the greedy, evil haole. She would tell us kids "You mess up, you got no one for blame but yourself. Don't blame da Haole."

And this, in a nutshell, describes the social conditions of the Matriarchal community that is Wai'anae. It's never anyone's fault but 'the haoles.' "Fucking Haole" is used as gratuitously and openly in public as "Nigger" ever was by prejudiced white folks in mainstream American society prior to the Civil Rights movement.

Women justify their welfare dependence - their section 8 housing subsidies and their WIC food stamps - as simply getting something back from what the haole have stolen.

Just as other minorities in other community ghettos across the world, "Racism" is the tool to create a class of dependents easily controlled by their own hatreds and petty bigotry. Rather than focus on what they themselves are doing, they always have "the man" to blame for any and all behaviors they partake in.

One could read Dr. Daniel Amneus' description of the Matriarchal Ghetto and see all of the exact same characteristics he describes in the Wai'anae coast communities.

Now, the reason I bring this entire topic up was because the local, left wing, socialist/collectivist/communitarian "underground" weekly bird cage liner/fish wrapper, community paper, the Honolulu Weekly, dedicated this weeks feature story to the problems of Wai'anae as seen through the eyes of a few of the Wai'anae high school students. When one has his or her eyes opened to the realities of how the Matriarchal welfare State BUILDS the kind of ghetto community that is Wai'anae today, it's fascinating to detect all of the cultural marxist, socialist, left wing progressive attitudes and indoctrination in their featured story, Inside Wai'anae.

Let the Fisking Begin...

Ask kids at Waianae about what high school is like and most of them bring up fighting before anything else. To some, it’s a necessary distraction. If you don’t know how to fight, you get teased or, worse, beat up. Sticking up for friends is a must, too–it’s what led Crystal to get punched in the jaw by one of her male classmates.

“I was trying to hold this boy back because he was trying to mob one of our friends,” she says. “So I was holding him back and he punched me. It’s scary but we’re used to it."

Why of course you are. Men beating women is something every denizen of a Matriarchal ghetto the world over is used to seeing on a regular basis. In a place where it's common to have a welfare mother with four kids from three different fathers and a convict on parole boyfriend living with her and her brood in her section 8 housing, her kids have an upfront and personal view of men hitting women all the time.

This girl continues,

...Plus, people never use guns or stuff like that. It’s not the mainland, just straight-up Waianae.”

I suppose there is something to be said for this. Unlike most other Matriarchal ghettos in the US, gun violence is not a significant problem compared to elsewhere.

However, I'd also like you to take note of her last phrase: "...just straight-up Waianae." That is community pride.

Most people from Wai'anae know damn well that their community is a criminal haven full of domestic and gang violence, drugs, run down homes, decrepit infrastructure...yet they still have a strong sense of pride. I suppose there's something to be said for people that take pride in coming from a rough, lawless place.

But what gets me is more than few folks are PROUD of being welfare dependents. I once saw a bumper sticker on a truck driving towards Wai'anae that declared


I also noted that this truck that proudly declared their welfare recipient status was also sporting very expensive rims, off road tires, a lift kit, tinted windows and a loud stereo system. Thousands and thousands of dollars in modifications to create a "G" ride...yet proud of the fact that the driver takes tax dollars from working people to pay their rent.

I wanted to run that truck off the road.

One can also see a similar phenomenon in the grocery stores too. Women pushing their broods of bastard kids from multiple fathers, purchasing groceries with their WIC debit cards...all while sporting thousands of dollars of Hawaiian Heritage gold jewelry and having hundreds of dollars worth of tattoo artwork adorn their bodies.

But I digress...

“If you look at Waianae, and specifically the high school, there are some indicators from the school and within the community that speak to the fact that this is a low-income area,” says Sylvia Yuen, director of the Center on the Family at the University of Hawaii at Manoa. “We know that being of low income can lead to a lot of poor outcomes for teens: a higher dropout rate, more kids not going on to college and so on.”

Oh the irony. A woman who is the director of the "Center on the Family" has to look at "indicators from the school and within the community" to indicate Wai'anae is a "low-income area." It is a "low income area" PRECISELY because the FAMILY composed of a Father and a Mother is NOT the center of the community. That "Center" is the single mother and her provider, the Welfare State.

Waianae High School has posted the highest drop-out rate of any high school in Hawaii since at least 2001. Last year’s drop-out rate–as tallied over four-years starting with the graduating class’ freshman year–was 30.6 percent, compared to a state average of 11.9 percent for public high schools that submitted data to the Hawaii Department of Education. That’s compared to 7 percent nationally.

This drop out rate probably corresponds also to a higher rate of incarceration of young boys and the higher rate of teen pregnancies...all hallmarks of the Matriarchal Ghetto.

But to get at the root of these problems, the students at Waianae are right to insist that adults must attempt to understand the complexities of the world as teen’s today experience it.

The students have no clue about getting to the root of the problem. That's because the root of their problem is the social breakdown that is endemic to any community that is comprised of single mother homes subsidized by the State Welfare system.

When it comes to sex, the girls say it isn’t as easy to say no. They say a lot of girls in their class started having sex in eighth grade, when they were still at Waianae Intermediate School.

“I even knew some seventh graders,” says Tina. “Most of it’s pressure from the guys. And you’re not going to go home and talk to your parents about it!”

Note the female rationalization at work here: MOST OF IT'S PRESSURE FROM THE GUYS.

Remember folks, it's always the guys who pressure for sex! Young girls don't want's the GUYS who are at fault.

Students at Waianae say that it isn’t for lack of education–or access to birth control–that their classmates end up getting pregnant.

“There’s a lot of pregnancy here,” says Erica, a sophomore at Waianae. “Like, a lot. The majority of people have sex, I think. They taught us all about condoms, but sometimes people just don’t use them. I don’t know why.”

“We learned how to put a condom on a pickle,” laughs Robert. “And a banana!” Heather chimes in.

Students at Waianae talk openly about sex, and say some of their peers see parenthood as a means to celebrity, and babies as accessories.

“For some people, having a baby is popular, yeah?” says James. “Because everybody will start knowing them and everybody will start recognizing them. It’s a status symbol, definitely.”

Others say teen pregnancy begets teen pregnancy–that girls see their teenaged older sisters with babies and envision themselves as mothers, too.

“Babies who are born to teens are most likely to have a lot of issues,” says the Annie E. Casey Foundation’s Beavers. “They’re more likely to be born into families that aren’t economically stable, they’re more likely to have a low birth-weight, the list goes on and on.”

These are 14 year old girls, exposing the LIES of secular lib-tards that insist SAFE-SEX EDUCATION is the only way to combat teen pregnancy.

The key to be gleaned from this article written by your typical left wing progressive retard is this: INCENTIVES MATTER ON INFLUENCING HUMAN BEHAVIOR.

Young teens in a Matriarchal Ghetto community don't really see a downside to having children while they themselves are still children. Why not? It's not like they're gonna have a hard time with shelter (Section 8) or food (WIC). In fact, it gives them status amongst their peers.

But remember...the crime, the pathologies...these are not the results of the Welfare State! It's the "fucking haole!"

Whether your black, white, red, pink or green...and whether you live in an urban inner city or on the coast of some of the most beautiful beaches in the world...the socio-economic state of your community will predominantly depend upon the foundation of that community - the family structure. Is it a community built upon Patriarchy, or the welfare-state Matriarchy?


Eumaios said...

'“For some people, having a baby is popular, yeah?” says James. “Because everybody will start knowing them and everybody will start recognizing them. It’s a status symbol, definitely.”'

Yes. Because we are supposed to be fruitful and multiply. That this is controversial makes me want to give up. Dear Jesus, come soon.

Incidentally, my captcha was "jewroja". Red Jew? No idea what to make of that. Once, my captcha was "repent". Yes, I was scared.

Alkibiades said...

Blame today's Haole for all the crap that happened 2 or more generations ago. yeah, that makes sense. It's a lot easier than looking in the mirror. Sad really.

Great Post Dave.

Justin said...

Where do you stand on the Hawaiian Independence movement? Maybe that would be the best thing for them, as it would cut them off from the federal welfare tit.

Ironic said...

Let's enter the real world.

I know it's scary, but I'll be quick.

The FUCKING HAOLE are the ones that force Hawaiians to have and pay for Section 8 and WIC. Section 8 and WIC are what CREATED these ghettos.

Therefore, the FUCKING HAOLE are responsible for what happened.

John Smith said...

to Ironic - just like it's the white people's fault for spending tens of millions on the civil rights movements requests in preferential hiring and govt subsidies...and that is somehow why the literacy, teen pregnancy rate, STD rate, and unmarried rate for blacks is so much higher...b/c money was spent to address problems. but to have done nothing and spent nothing would have also been the fault of which is it?

Anonymous said...

"Many don't even really realize it, but the primary point of the issue of criminality and what kind of people are predisposed towards it is NOT race. ..."

I do believe that this may well be true in large part, but it's hard to not notice the dysfunction, corruption, poverty and violence that exist anywhere in the world where blacks live, whether in all black countries or in countries in which they constitute a large segment of the population. Pockets of white trailer park matriarchal dysfunction are still very much the exception to the rule, whereas it's inexorably the rule wherever blacks are.


Mr.M said...

Have you taken classes/lectures from Haunani Trask? I've never seen her live, but from what I gather she seems to be extremely hateful; almost frighteningly so. A poem of hers off wikipedia reads:

racist White Woman
I could kick
Your face, puncture
Both eyes.
You deserve this kind
Of violence.

The part that bothers me about the tending to blame haoles for everything is the short-sightedness of various things, the top ones being:

1) The bishop estate
While not a perfect organization, funds/supports annually, to the tune of millions (guessing), of native hawaiian blooded children.

2) The lack of logic behind a sovereign nation.
Or - thinking it is possible to sustain this island without assistance. Can you IMAGINE how quickly the island will descend into the 3rd world without millions/billions of Fed dollars being funneled into the economy? Tourism (which would drop if Hawaii were autonomous) can only go so far.

Regardless, due to my job I've been out to Waianae/Makaha/Maili/Verona Villages (Ewa low income area). Shit is pretty eye opening, to say the least.

I've got mixed feelings about it - some people/families truly choose to be homeless/poor/disadvantaged. Maybe some of it is the community pride you spoke of, I know some people do not want to abandon things; such as possessions/pets that shelters do not allow. A LOT of money, from various sources, goes into helping low to moderate income people. Some of it changes lives, some of it is abused, some of it makes no difference whatsoever.

Ultimately - My opinion is the issue at hand is much like your views on health/well being. Too much time and money is spent on treating symptoms after the problems have arisen. Too little effort is spent on preventative measures.

So to echo your sentiment - if the nuclear family existed on the West side (because, from my own eyes, it doesn't at all), I'm fairly certain things would improve. More self/family-accountability, less pointing of fingers.

Part of me believes that the system is encouraging this status quo - whether intentioned or not. The phrase "self fulfilling prophecy" comes to mind here, with government funded programs that try to "coach boys into men" and advising them how not to be violent toward women.

Call me crazy, but if all you hear from the cradle is that you're a violent bastard prone to maiming women, you might actually do it. No biological father around to keep you in check & teach you values? Even better.

Anyway - I'm rambling... Still, going to reiterate that preventative measures should be taken - instilling values/morals in people before the issues arrive, INSTEAD of sending people TANF welfare checks for having 3 kids.

Mr.M said...

I guess I should add - the thing about the Bishop Estates is that its something Hawaiians should be thankful for... I don't really get that feeling from the people I do know. A feeling of appreciation for something that others can never have/receive.

Granted, not all hawaiians do benefit from it, but I know its helped a lot of personal friends/families.

David Scott said...

2. Thank you for this Article. Fathers’ right to be a meaningful part of their childrens’ lives, have been eroded to the point of non-existence. My research suggests that this is a phenomenon consistent throughout the industrialized nations. Children who are alienated from their fathers are more likely later in life to have emotional/behavioral problems, suffer from depression, drop out of school, fail in their jobs, and suffer from other social problems. I invite you to visit my site devoted to raising awareness on this growing problem:

Keoni Galt said...

Mr. M - Oh yes, Bishop Estates funded my 5 years of college education...that's the real kind of help for Native Hawaiians that I'm all in favor of. As for the "sovereignty" movement...well, I don't think it's ever going to amount to anything more than a Native Hawaiian council declaring the right to build casinos on Kaho'olawe...

IRONIC - Let's enter the real world.

"I know it's scary, but I'll be quick.

The FUCKING HAOLE are the ones that force Hawaiians to have and pay for Section 8 and WIC. Section 8 and WIC are what CREATED these ghettos.

Therefore, the FUCKING HAOLE are responsible for what happened."

While there is truth to this, there is still the personal responsibility aspects that one has to ignore by focusing all of the blame on the FUCKING HAOLE.

No Hawaiian is FORCED to take WIC, take Section 8, have children out of wedlock and perpetuate the cycle of poverty that is the primary feature of the Ghetto Matriarchy.

As my Tutu used to say "All dese Hawaiians...dey no mo hilahila (SHAME). I would neva go on welfare. We Hawaiians have ALWAYS worked for our living, whether da land was stolen or not, dat doesn't excuse all dese folks who jus take take take from da welfare system and no give back nothing to da community."

Grim said...

The white Matriarchy Ghettos are growing too. Won't be to long before everyone is in the same shitty boat.

Tarl said...

But to get at the root of these problems, the students at Waianae are right to insist that adults must attempt to understand the complexities of the world as teen’s today experience it.

Teenagers don't know shit. Adults need not, and should not, listen to them.

The FUCKING HAOLE are the ones that force Hawaiians to have and pay for Section 8 and WIC. Section 8 and WIC are what CREATED these ghettos.

Um, OK, so whitey should stop paying for them then?

Reality2010 said...

Read my blog- I resurrected it after a year & made a lot of additions.

fmwatkins said...

Great article HL, only thing I could is the added power that the state gets from welfare dependency helps to guarantee votes from these classes of parasite.

But as you know, the whole reason for destroying patriarchy is to bring the sovereign family under the power of the state, just like in Copenhagen now, they wish to bring the sovereignty of all nations under the control of a world government. These methods are scalar, they apply the same basic mechanics to different parts of society.

One more point is that as soon as people start saying 'those whites/ black/ Amdromedans' or whatevever, they're playing into the collectivist trick (not that they have probably ever even heard of the word).

It is one of the ruling classes more powerful misdirection weapons. The third world isn't poor because of 'us in the West' for example, it's poor because of the IMF and World Bank, which only a handful of super-capitalists control, to the detriment of the rest of the human race. But hey, get the different coloured peasants arguing amongst each other about which one is less of a slave and the illusionists behind the curtain can get on with their work...

Anonymous said...

It was Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan of New York who back in 1965 stated, "from the wild Irish slums of the eastern seaboard to the ghettos of Los Angeles, any society that allows large quanities of its young men to be raised without any proper male authority asks for and gets social chaos".

Gx1080 said...

Thanks for this article. What scares me is that, changing the names, it can also apply to every single white, black and latino gheeto of the planet. It freaks me out.

Specially as a latino man, I can say that the gheeto areas are JUST LIKE THAT. And it's always a bastard Communist that pushes this agenda, what better way to have the peasants controled?

Is just sick.

Nick39 said...

Agreed, but two points:

1) Ambition is the best contraceptive

2) The racial element needs explanation, it's just too well correlated. Specifically:

- Every black country is a shithole in almost direct inverse proportion to how little white influence they have
- Every arab country is a shithole, with only minor pockets of affluence when they were lucky enough to have oil underneath them which they can trade for real things that whites make
- White asia (i.e. Japan, Korea, Taiwan etc) don't have this problem anywhere near as much
- Whites created almost every advance in civilisation ever known.

Now it might be that race is merely correlated and there's a better explanation, but this post isn't it.

Anonymous said...

very important piece here HI, thanks

i visited oahu in the late seventies, and the anti-haoli jive already was evident

darn shame because i loved the islands and the folks there

but they were misled, and are still

absolutely correct that the race-hating is a divide-and-conquer red herring used to keep westerners, and americans in particular, from confronting the real problem: the pervasiveness of feminism and matriarchy, and the intentional spreading of that matriarchy to the rest of the planet

the al sharptons, jesse jacksons, and haunani trasks are Useful Idiots of the matriarchy, betraying their own people for notoriety and power (and sometimes money)

it is the willful destruction of FATHERHOOD by the matriarchy and its forces that's at the root of western ghetto-dom -- shit the entire east coast of the u.s., except for certain "gated communities," has become one vast, festering illness of despair, crime, and evil

only the restoration of FATHERHOOD AND SONSHIP can reverse the damage of our gynocracies, and this cannot happen until feminism and the matriarachies have been shit-canned forever

Byrdeye said...

Problem's even worse in Africa...yet none of the guilty liberal enablers and professional victims want to finger the real problems...behind all ghettos and slums.

1) Low IQ
2) Overbreeding

All symptoms of rampant r-breeders.

Anonymous said...

Hawaii's woes make the AP news:

HONOLULU - Hawaii public schools are closed most Fridays, rats scurry across bananas in uninspected stores and there may not be enough money to run the next election.

About the only parts of the state untouched by the foul economy are its sparkling beaches and world-class surfing.

Hawaii's money troubles are creating a society more befitting a tropical backwater than a state celebrating its 50th anniversary and preparing to welcome President Barack Obama home for Christmas this week.

"There is community energy and outrage building up," said James Koshiba, a co-founder of the activist organization and Web site Kanu Hawaii, speaking about the cuts to education. "The people have to play a bigger role. Folks won't forget how this unfolds come election time."

- Hawaii now has the shortest school year in the nation after the state and teachers union agreed to shutter schools for 17 days a year, leaving 171,000 students without class on most Fridays. Negotiations to reopen them collapsed last week.

- Food establishments often go uninspected, a fact highlighted by an Internet video showing rats roaming freely across produce in a Honolulu Chinatown market. The state has just nine health inspectors on Oahu to handle nearly 6,000 markets and restaurants.

- The state Elections Office said it may not be able to afford a pending special election, which would leave half of the state's population without representation in the U.S. House of Representatives until September 2010.

- Homelessness is on the rise as mental health, child abuse, welfare and daycare programs run short on cash.

And next year may be even worse because tax revenues continue to plunge with the economy.

Hawaii is far from alone in cutting the size of government during the global financial downturn, with nearly every state resorting to across-the-board cuts, furloughs or layoffs to make ends meet. This tiny state of 1.3 million residents faces a projected $1 billion budget deficit through June 2011.

But Hawaii stands apart in how its government shrinkage has ripped into what are generally considered to be core functions: education, public health, elections and services for the disadvantaged.

Gov. Linda Lingle warned that government would not look the same after she ordered most departments to slash their budgets by about 14 percent.

"Government is not going to be able to provide the array of services at the level that we used to because we have billions of dollars less," the Republican governor said earlier this month. "We need to be creative and we need to be realistic. We can't be in a state of denial about the reduction in revenues that we have."

Anonymous said...


Among the worst-off states nationwide are California, Nevada, Arizona, Florida and Michigan because of the collapse of the housing market and struggles in the auto industry, said Arturo Perez, a fiscal analyst for the National Conference of State Legislatures.

The organization listed Hawaii, despite having largely withstood the housing market collapse, as one of 13 states with a pessimistic budget outlook for the current fiscal year, and it's projected to have the second-largest shortfall, percentage-wise, in the 2012 fiscal year, at 28.8 percent, behind only Arizona at 30 percent.

"What we hear over and over from the states is that everything is on the table," Perez said. "When you see K-12 education being cut, which is often among the most popular programs, that speaks volumes about the tough choices the states are having to make."

Honolulu's shortage of health inspectors isn't new, but the cuts now call for the elimination of the Health Department's vector control unit, which helps homeowners and businesses eradicate rodent, mosquito, fly and other pest problems.

"This is not good government," said Larry Geller, the Internet blogger and political watchdog who posted the rat video. "Other states are struggling with the same problems, and many of them are making difficult decisions. But Hawaii ... I think the choices have been poorly made."

As for the pending election, Hawaii's elections chief said his office doesn't have enough money to run either a regular or all-mail vote. A special election will be needed because U.S. Rep. Neil Abercrombie plans to resign in the next few weeks to run for governor, leaving a vacancy in Congress. If money can't be found, that spot may not be filled until the regularly scheduled primary election.

Meanwhile, services to poor and disadvantaged populations are dropping off when they are most needed, said Alex Santiago, executive director of PHOCUSED, a consortium of nonprofits.

Unemployment, food stamp applications, poverty rates and domestic violence are on the rise, according to a recently released study by his organization.

The homeless who camp in tents along a stretch of Waikiki beaches are giving tourists from around the world a glimpse of the financial and social problems that Hawaii is facing. But many homeless families have been forced out far west to the Waianae Coast.

[Hey, there you go, Waianae is a dumping ground for the fukkin' losers...]

"The homeless situation is right in your face. Almost everywhere you go now you see people who are absolutely devastated and have nowhere else to turn," Santiago said. "We've allowed our responsibilities to slip."

[Our responsibilities? How about these people's responsibilities to themselves?]

Limits imposed on the amount of time mental health patients can get help from specialists will lead to more relapses, crime and hospitalizations, said Poka Laenui, executive director for Hale Naau Pono, the largest provider of community health services on Oahu's Waianae Coast.

"Half of the problem is a financial problem," he said. "But there's another problem, and that's a lack of leadership. It's not leadership when you get out a calculator and take across-the-board reductions in services. Leadership is looking at specific programs and setting appropriate priorities."

Anonymous said...

- Every black country is a shithole in almost direct inverse proportion to how little white influence they have.

You may as well add every major US city where blacks control the government: Detroit, New Orleans, Atlanta, Baltimore, DC. All known for corruption, cronyism and mismanagement.



Anonymous said...

As a resident of Waianae who was recently attacked for NOT defending Waianae I find this blog post extremely refreshing.

It is so nice to to know that there is still intelligent life out there and those who are not afraid to speak the truth.