Friday, May 1, 2009

Lorena's Red Wagon

My wife watches the national morning news every morning while we are getting ready for work. I cannot stand it, and usually am busy cooking breakfast and not paying attention to the TV...

...but this morning, the news did a feature on the "reunion" of John and Lorena Bobbit.

So, today, after I got into work, I googled "bobbit reunion" and did a little reading to see where America's most famous genital mutilator has been up to.

Fascinating to learn that in fact Ms. Bobbit has started her own website, entitled Lorena's Red Wagon.

From her "About" page:

Lorena has overcome many obstacles in her life, and has been able to reach a level of success that allows her to be heard once and for all. Domestic violence is unacceptable! Lorena was a victim of domestic violence herself- everyone has read the headlines and remembers the stand that Lorena took against domestic violence years ago.

Talk about Orwellian double speak!

Domestic violence is UNACCEPTABLE...unless it's a women cutting off a man's penis. THAT is TAKING A STAND!

From her front page:

What is Domestic Abuse?

* Violent and coercive tactics committed by one intimate partner against another

You mean like cutting your husband's penis off while he is asleep?

* A pattern of controlling behavior that consists of physical, sexual and/or psychological abuse is cutting off your sleeping husband's penis sexual, physical or psychological abuse?

* A learned behavior

So who taught you, Ms. Bobbit, that cutting off your husband's penis while he was sleeping, was TAKING A STAND AGAINST DOMESTIC VIOLENCE!?

* Affects not only the victim, but the family, friends and co-workers as well.

Who was affected worse...John Bobbits family, friends and co-workers...OR HIS SEVERED PENIS?


Kim said...

Absolutely disgusting.

Lorena was a victim of domestic violence herself- everyone has read the headlines and remembers the stand that Lorena took against domestic violence years ago.
You see, Ms. Bobbit didn't commit an evil act of heinous cruelty....she was taking a "stand" against domestic violence. She's a martyr, a victim, a hero....along with a myriad of other feminist labels for women who commit abhorrent acts and behave abominably towards men today.

MarkyMark said...


What's even more surprising is that some dumb f*@k is actually MARRYING her! Can you believe it?! Even with her history, some fool is marrying Lorena Bobbit. Since I heard about this last year, the marriage may well have already taken place. Still, I wouldn't have anything to do with someone like that, let alone MARRY them! Talk about stupid...


Anonymous said...

Well, feminism wouldn't exist without male enablers. It doesn't matter how morally depraved a woman is, there will always be a man willing to marry her.

Anonymous said...

There once was a Bobbit named John, who thought he was quite the Don Juan. But his wife disagreed, and one day he could not locate his wand.

Unknown said...

Zero Tolerence Men is back!
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