Tuesday, April 14, 2009

USA Inc.

This country is NOT the 'United States of America,' the representative Republic designed by the Founders to limit the power of the government and promote individual freedom and liberty.

What we really are is USA Inc.

By USA Incorporated, I refer to the current system of big business and big government colluding to benefit each other at the expense of We the Sheeple. This system is also known as corporatism...which is nothing more than good old fashioned fascism as implemented by Benito Mussolini.

In 2008, after Ron Paul withdrew his name for consideration as the GOP Presidential candidate, he gave his support and endorsement to the Constitution Party's Candidate, Chuck Baldwin.

Chuck is a regular contributor to News with Views website, and his latest article explains in detail what is The Big Business/Big Government Axis of Evil

Corporatism is the marriage of Big Business with Big Government. Corporatism uses the force and weight of government to create giant monopolies, which strangle competition and freedom. Rules and regulations are enacted that make it impossible for "little" guys to compete. The trade laws of nations are pitted against each other, forcing free nations to sacrifice their own peace and security to accommodate the economies of totalitarian regimes. And, of course, Big Business is the recipient of gargantuan profits in the process.

Ever wonder why Big Food manufacturers are allowed to sell literal poison as "food?" Of course, these poisons are all sold with the stamp of approval of the FDA.

Why every single gas station in the country is now required (aka FORCED by law) to sell gasoline that is made up of at least 10% ethanol? Because Big Ag can reap the massive profits of selling their corn to Big Oil that now HAS to buy corn to produce this new corporatist mandate.

The same thing goes for all of the concerns we MRA have with the current family court system.

Who benefits the MOST from the status quo of no-fault divorce?

The lawyers, social workers, counselors, courts, and child support collection bureaucracies all have a vested interest in keeping the BIG BUSINESS of divorce and child support slavery as it is.

I think too many "men's rights" activists are way too focused on a very small segment of injustice in our society. People need to wake up to the reality that the only reason things are the way they are is because our government has been corrupted by big business, and big business has been empowered in return to make profits at the expense of the health, well-being and health of the average citizen. Without modern American fascism aka corporatism, the injustices of the current feminazi-inspired legal system would not have been made possible.

The divorce regime has gotten big government to make big business out of involvement in the most personal sphere of American lives - the Family.

The next big step will be to step into interfering in our lives will be our food.

And there is no limit to how intimately Big Business and Big Government can collaborate to steal people's liberties. A classic case in point is the burgeoning effort to control and regulate private, homegrown gardens.

In the face of a growing recession, thousands of people across America are planting and growing their own gardens. And this is not lost to Corporatism. Remember, Corporatism's great goal is to create monopolies and crush freedom, leaving the cabal controlling both Big Business and Big Government alone atop the world of prosperity and power. Therefore, it will use every tool at its disposal to protect any and all of Corporatism's favored players. And when it comes to America's food supply, Big Agriculture is that favored player.

Even as Michelle Obama plants a White House garden and encourages Americans everywhere to do the same thing, her husband is creating a brand new tool for the Big Business/Big Government powerbrokers: a new "Food Safety Administration" (FSA).

At the same time, Rep. Rosa DeLauro (D-Connecticut) has introduced H.R. 875 to "protect the public health." But it is not the public health that Ms. DeLauro wants to protect. It is the health of the demonic duo of Big Business and Big Government. Two other bills with similar machinations are S. 425, introduced by Senator Sherrod Brown (D-Ohio), and H.R. 815, submitted by Rep. Diana DeGette (D-Colorado).

In a nutshell, when these bills become law, every homegrown garden in the country will be regulated, inspected, controlled, and taxed by the federal government. (No, I am not making it up.) In addition, small, independent farms would most certainly be put out of business. In effect, the great Nanny State is posturing itself to completely take over the food business in America.

I've recently started my own "recession" garden. If the Government wants to try and come and regulate my RIGHT to grow my own FOOD on my own property, I think I will have to exercise my 2nd amendment right to bear arms and tell whatever government agent that wants to come to my house and inspect my garden to go to hell.

It is an ingenious system: first, Big Government regulates legitimate business to the point that it can no longer function in a free and open market. Then it paves the way for foreign investors to gain influence or even seize control of those same businesses. Then it forces the mergers of smaller entities into international monstrosities. Then it passes laws making it impossible for the remaining small, independent businesses to compete. Meanwhile, the newly created super-wealthy collaborators in Big Business are more than eager to share their bounty with their fellow miscreants inside Big Government.

The obvious result of all this chicanery is the creation of a superior ruling class and the destruction of a free and independent middle class. If all this sounds familiar, it is because Corporatism used to be known by another name: fascism! And this is exactly what is being created right in front of our very eyes, here in the good old U.S.A.

As I see it, USA Inc. is headed in one of two directions: Revolution or Dissolution.


Elusive Wapiti said...

"...government has been corrupted by big business,"HL, this may be quibbling, but I think this is the other way around. Government corrupted business through regulation, not business corrupted government through its lobbying.

See, the government's penchance for regulation forces businesses to participate in the government process to ensure that they have a say in potentially harmful policies. But only the big businesses can afford lobbyists, which results in policies that favor the bigger guys and shuts out the little ones. Regulation is anti-competitive and monopoly-producing.

You are right that we have corporatism...and it is the will of the government that it is that way.

Anonymous said...

This along with all the other fascist legislation coming down the pike will result in bloodshed globally that'll make the slaughter called WW-II look like like a mere skirmish. Already there are violent rebellions and riots all over the world over food shortages, created by USA Inc.

Anonymous said...

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