Friday, April 18, 2008

My Shallow, Narcissistic & Superficial Mommy!

A plastic surgeon has just published a book that help mothers explain to their children why they decided to change their appearances with plastic surgery.

Newsweek offers a preview of the book with excerpts of some of the pages.

But even this piece of commercial propaganda written by a man with a vested interest in the industry can't help but state the obvious truth to just how shallow and superficial a woman must be to waste so much money on simple vanity...

One page has the young daughter questioning her mother as to why she needs plastic surgery...

"Not just different, my dear -- prettier!" Mommy said. "But you're already the prettiest Mommy in the whole wide world"

From the mouth of babes...

Just how shallow, narcissistic and superficial must a woman be...when she has a husband who was presumably attracted enough to her to marry her and impregnate her in the first place? Wasnt' her nose pretty enough back then? But that doesn't matter...mommy needs to be prettier! Why? She is unable to find happiness in having an intact family and a disposable income obviously large enough to indulge her vanity in the first place? She's obviously pretty enough for her family -- that people whose opinion she is supposed to care about more than any other in the whole world.

Perhaps she's planning for the inevitable divorce and her ability to attract the next sucker...


johnny five said...

h.l., you are spot on with most of the things you say, but you've got to see the flipside here.

like a lot of very masculine, very traditional men, i have no problem with women getting plastic surgery, as long as it's done in moderation and for the right reasons. if i'm ever going to be trapped in a monogamous relationship - monogamy is hell, but, in my view, it's the only reasonable way to raise a family - my woman had damned well better stay hot for me. that's really all i'd ask of her, apart from good parenting skills and the basic rudiments of a feminine personality (= understanding, nurturing, and not bitchy).

if i'm pushing fifty and have the option between an increasingly dumpy wife and an artificially rejuvenated wife, i'd take the latter, thank you very much.

love is not unconditional.

Hawaiian Libertarian said...

I see your point johnny...but the story talks about a nose job, not liposuction, or breast enhancement...things that have to do with restoring a body that has been through child bearing aging. A nose job? IMO, this book is all about playing off the insecurities and/or narcissism of women be specifically using the nose job.

Anonymous said...

I see no reason for a wife to get plastic surgery or even wear make-up after marriage unless
1) she's looking for a different man to get her fuck on with
2) she's looking for a different man to get her fuck on with
3) she's shallow and narcissistic and has self esteem issues
4) she's looking for a different man to get her fuck on with

I wouldn't marry a woman like that in the first place.