Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Nine FireMEN Killed in South Carolina Warehouse Fire

Hearing the reports on the radio, and reading the first reports on the Internet, I could not find any indication of whether it was Firemen or Firewomen were killed in todays warehouse fire in South Carolina.

Here's the first article covering todays tragedy: S.C. Warehouse Fire Kills 9 Firefighters

No mention of the gender of the fallen fighters....of course, now that the names have been officially released, it's not really surprising to find that all 9 are men.

Captain William "Billy" Hutchinson, 48, 30 years of service; Captain Mike Benke, 49, 29 years of service; Captain Louis Mulkey, 34, 11.5 years of service; Engineer Mark Kelsey, 40, 12.5 years of service; Engineer Bradford "Brad" Baity, 37, 9 years of service; Asst. Engineer Michael French, 27, 1.5 years of service; Firefighter James "Earl" Drayton, 56, 32 years of service; Firefighter Brandon Thompson, 27, 4 years of service; Firefighter Melven Champaign, 46, 2 years of service.
RIP Men. You are true heroes.


Here's one "glass ceiling" the feminist have yet to even come close to addressing: the ratio of men to women in hazardous careers and suffering on-the-job injuries and death. Perhaps if you feminist "Gender Equity" activists thought about it, there's a damn good reason the average woman makes $.76 to the man's $1.00.

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Anonymous said...

I would not be surprised to read news like this:

"The fire started by a man resulted in the death of 17 fire officers and a woman. The woman, named xxx xxx, was studying in xxx, working part time in xxx, happily engaged to xxx, and had a bright future. the relatives of the woman xxx, told out reporters that she was full of life and had a happy outlook in life. ...."