Friday, March 30, 2007

Women: The Angrier Sex

It's true: Women are showing there rage

(Hat tip: Dr. Helen)

"Heather Joshi, the study co-author, states, "Our study show that women report being angry far more often than men do."

IT is the research finding every man suspected, and every women will vehemently disagree with - women are the angrier sex.

New research that examined the responses of 22,000 people over 50 years has found that women are more likely to feel angry and persistently frustrated than men.

They also are more likely to act on their frustration in an unhealthy manner, choosing passive aggression over non-violent confrontation, psychologists say.

And Hell really has no fury like a woman scorned, as thirtysomething women with no partner are far more likely to report angry feelings than those with partners....

Dr Dryden, who runs a clinical practice in London, said his work with patients suggests women respond to anger in a less constructive manner than men.

He said: "Instead of using it as an opportunity for assertion, they tend not to deal with it directly, often becoming passively aggressive, talking behind people's backs, or taking feelings out on other people."
Who would of thought, eh?

And people get paid to study what any bloke with common sense figures out? It's still good to get this kind of research saved so that the next time you encounter a female that mindlessly drones out the various feminist memes that women are the "gentler" and "more peaceful" gender....or the old "IF women ran the world, there would be no war!"

Dr. Helen makes a good point here:

The researchers speculate that women's anger is prompted by feelings of powerlessness caused by "entrenched sexism in modern society." As opposed to what, less sexism in ancient society? When sexism was more prevalent, women were even more "ladylike." Today's women are encouraged to express anger in our "you go, girl" culture but instead of using anger constructively, women continue to take the mean-girl routes, talking behind people's backs, avoiding confrontation and personal responsibility for their anger by being anonymous and/or passive aggressive in their approach. What this leads to is probably... more anger.
I think Dr. Helen touches on it, but I don't think she understands the entire picture: when women were more "ladylike," it was during the period where orderly society was based on the Patriarchal Nuclear Family model in which shame was an important part of people regulating their social behavior.

But now that we've begun the reversion to Matriarchy, shame has been lost and women (and men) no longer feel the pressure to conform to societal norms to act "ladylike."

Chivalry is dead, and feminism killed it. Women are "equal" and free from the "oppression of Patriarchy."

Yet they are angrier than ever.

You'd think they'd be happier than since feminism has freed them from Patriarchal oppression, right?


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