Thursday, November 19, 2009

The Hammer & Sickle Diet

Many MRA bloggers have taken great pains to make the connections between feminism and communism and there role in undermining Western Civilization to prepare the way towards global governance. Rob Fedders from No Ma'am recently connected all of the dots regarding feminism, communism, suffrage and the lie of democracy on a recent comment over at the Spearhead.

But there is another connection between the goal of the social engineers who are carrying out the long march through Western society...

Mary Sparrowdancer, an investigative reporter for, recently published an article entitled US Communism, Food, Healthcare, which discusses in part what she calls the Sickle & Hammer diet:

It was the industrialization of grain agriculture that should have eventually given us a very clear clue of the identity of those taking over the United States from the inside. Our clue should have come from the flag of the former USSR, which contained the symbols that represented communism: a hammer and a sickle. The hammer represented industrialization and the sickle represented agriculture. The combination of industry with agriculture is one of the ten steps toward achieving a communist state as outlined by Marx and Friedrich Engels in the Manifesto of the Communist Party.

I've spent an innumerable amount of time researching the various tangential points regarding diet and industrial mono-cropping and the propaganda for which the big, agricultural corporations have financed and disseminated...but I never once thought to try and make the same connections to the ill health of our modern conventional wisdom regarding diet and nutrition, are the same ones connected to the very same cultural Marxist social engineers fomenting of the gender war and the feminist movement!

By the early 1900s, the Communists had succeeded in putting a Comrade in the White House, who, acting as a dictator then helped them establish Marx's income tax on Americans' labor, thus now redistributing private wages that belonged to the laborer to others who the State felt "needed" them. This was unconstitutional and historically forbidden in this Republic. He also created a banking monopoly called the "Federal Reserve," and established State terrorists called the Internal Revenue Service who would enforce and carry out the confiscation, redistribution and abolition of private property. The U.S. also witnessed the finalization of the compulsory state "education" of all children in all states throughout the nation. The "demoralization" phase was well underway as the dreams and individuality of the nation's children were snuffed out, their creativity dampened while they were given an abysmal "standardized" education that would prepare them to become a nameless laborer working 9-5 for industry. Changes and amendments were also made to the Constitution to better suit Communist goals, and the Communist party gained complete control of the media. At that same time, the nation's diet changed when Americans began to rely upon the "standardized" grain-based diet of Marx's industrialized agriculture.

No wonder we have an unconstitutional bureaucracy such as the US Dept. of Agriculture's "Food Pyramid" that recommends 8 or more servings of GRAIN based foods at the base!

As recorded by the US Census Bureau, industrialized corn production went from 7.5 hundred million bushels in 1870 to almost 27 hundred million bushels in 1900. Just as communism focuses on the importance of the State and its redistribution of wealth to the masses than it does on the individual, mass production in industrialized agriculture cannot waste much time concerning itself with the quality of any particular product. There was a problem with that mass produced corn.

I wish it WAS a fact it's actually gotten worse since than. Look at your ingredients on almost any packaged, processed food product in your grocery store. There's a good chance there is some form of corn in it: Dextrose, maltodextrin, High Fructose Corn Syrum, corn oil...other than Soy, Corn is in everything!

The new "progressive" farming goal was to grow a limited variety of grain and cereal crops on vast tracts of land. Chemical fertilizers were used to force crops from the exhausted earth without concern for that impact. Heavy machinery replaced the once important farmers who, in the past, represented over 90% of the US workforce. This progress of industry was also without concern for the damage to the earth, topsoil, farming or families. Local family farms were absorbed by agricultural monopolies, and processed grain and cereal products became massively available, as planned.

Remember this the next time you read some propaganda or some useful idiot repeating the lies about how everyone should go vegan to "save the Earth!" Mono-cultured industrialized agriculture has been one of the most environmentally destructive practices ever inflicted on the face of the Earth!

In the process, however, many Americans lost their former easy access to local, fresh fruits and fresh vegetables. Therefore, the industrialized grain movement not only changed America, it also drastically altered the diet of Americans. For the first time, like laboring peasants elsewhere, Americans became largely dependent on a diet of grains.

This new diet was not based on the nutritional needs of individual, but on the needs of the grain-agriculture industry. The new American diet suddenly went from a varied diet with plenty of fresh, locally grown fresh fruits, and fresh vegetables, fresh clean local dairy and meats, to a diet based on cheap, mass-produced, starchy grain and cereal products that had long shelve lives and could be easily transported over vast distances.

Bacon and eggs was once the ubiquitous mainstay of the American household for breakfast. It still is in the UK. But not America. Grain based foods have become what people consider a "healthy" breakfast, no? Corn flakes, bran flakes, bagels, pastries, breads, pancakes, whole grain cereals...

...What's for breakfast, Komrade?!?!

The food industry was no longer local, decent and trustworthy, but was now "standardized," dangerous and frequently filthy. The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) would eventually issue a piece of propaganda called the "Food Pyramid," which advised Americans that their diet should have a foundation consisting of starchy breads, cereals and pastas, "6 to 11 servings a day." It was a recipe for disaster.

Indeed. She than goes into greater detail about how the first experiments in mass producing corn products resulted in a pellagra epidemic because the industrialization process removed much of the nutritional content of corn grains, which caused widespread malnutrition. But the milling process that devitalized the corn was too profitable for the industrialized they "enriched" the resulting products with synthetic vitamins so that pellagra would no longer be caused.

Remember this little piece of knowledge the next time you go grocery shopping. Note the wide variety of products with the label "enriched" on there.

Understand that "enriched" means the processing the food has undergone has devitalized it and eating it in it's processed state will cause they've 'enriched' it.

That's because REAL food that nourishes and strengthens your body is food that is fresh, naturally produced, AND IT SPOILS. It is not conducive to mass production in a central location and transportation over long distances and for long term storage!

Coincidentally, this is also why Milk is pasteurized - which destroys the vitamin and nutrients in the milk, and why it has to be homogenized and fortified! All so it can be mass produced, stored and shipped!

This is what has been done to the American food supply, writ large!

The resulting systemic symptoms experienced by an entire nation of Americans on a hammer and sickle diet would also be chemically treated, just as they are today, by the wealthy, industrialized "medical" monopoly machine, which was also created during the Progressive Era.

Which is precisely why the medical industry almost always focuses on pharmaceutical solutions to alleviate symptoms rather than actually taking a good, hard look at dietary effects on degenerative diseases, and recommending changes in eating habits to restore health...

...there's no profit in that!

In 1901 the American Medical Association (AMA), reorganized, establishing a new policy-making body, and "policy-making" as well as "regulations" would soon become a form of new power and wealth opportunity for the industrialists. In perhaps one of the most unique methods of securing a monopoly and eliminating competition, Fred Kilmer, the Director of Scientific Affairs for Johnson & Johnson, gave his expert opinions regarding public health to the government in order to help formulate a law that would become known as "The Pure Food and Drug Act of 1906." This would eventually become the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). This law prevented the sale of "adulterated or misbranded" foods, drugs, medicines, etc. According to the American National Business Hall of Fame, while the "less scrupulous" competitors of J&J were forced to change their methods and products, "all of Johnson and Johnson's products and processes met the new regulatory standards" that their employee, Mr. Kilmer, helped write.

Gee, this sounds familiar too! See how that works? Large, industrial corporation funds the creation of a regulatory agency that produces guidelines that penalize or eliminates competition. Remember the equation I came up with last month: Government Regulation + Industry = Cartel.

Medical journals dating back to the 1800s reveal that physicians were well aware then of the dangers of a starchy diet. Physicians also knew then about the need for catalase and other enzymes from fresh raw foods, and that the diet must optimally be based on a wide variety of foods producing the slightly alkaline pH in which many diseases, including cancers, cannot thrive. Catalase converts the extremely toxic (and flammable) hydrogen peroxide that accumulates in our bodies to harmless water and oxygen, but catalase is destroyed by high heat and an improper diet. Without catalase and other enzymes from fresh raw fruits and vegetables, foods are not properly digested.

Decent diets consisting of colorful fresh fruits and vegetables were important preventative prescriptions in the 1800s, along with plenty of fresh air, sunshine and exercise.

First, they corrupted our food supply. Than they told us that the Sun would kill us all with skin cancer. Only now studies are showing that vitamin D deficiency is one of the primary causes of ALL forms of cancer!

By the mid 1800s it had been "proved beyond question" that eliminating or even reducing "starchy and saccharine substances" ­ most notably white bread ­ from the diet of a diabetic, would result in a decrease in urinary sugar output. The elimination of starch, therefore, was already being used as a treatment for diabetes. It was also known in the 1800s that if the diet contained dairy it must be in the form of unadulterated, raw, chilled, and scrupulously clean dairy, rather than industrialized dairy because only fresh and raw foods contain the full matrix of nutrients needed for optimal health.

All of the nutrient-based knowledge once available to us in the 1800s was thrown out the window during the Progressive Era, when, as monopolies were being established in the U.S., propaganda told us that modern is always better and new is always improved. We can now see that this was and is a lie. Deaths from heart disease and cancers have continued to climb since Americans were switched to the hammer and sickle diet. According to "The War on Cancer," in the year 1900, there were 12,769 deaths blamed on cancer. The number of deaths blamed on cancer during the year 1940 was 158,335. The number of deaths blamed on cancer during the year 2001 had reached 553,768.

According to a report written in 1960 by the American Association for Cancer Research, "Cancer patients had a 22 per cent lower liver catalase activity than cancer-free patients." According to a National Institutes of Health report, a 1996 study of breast cancer risks found that "Vegetable and, particularly, fruit consumption contributed to" a decreased risk of cancer. They concluded, "thus, the preventive potential for fruit consumption has widespread implications." According to a report found on the American Academy of Periodontology, "Research has shown, and experts agree, that there is an association between periodontal diseases and other chronic inflammatory conditions, such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease and Alzheimer's disease."

Industrialized medicine, however, pays almost no attention to basic nutrition and the effect it has on the human body. According to the AMA's "Concise Medical Encyclopedia" of 2006, they were still advocating the USDA's now slightly revised Food Pyramid, which is still promoting a hammer and sickle diet but with new emphasis now on "whole grains."

As those of us that have discovered the Primal Diet know full well...the difference between processed grains and "whole grains" in terms of dietary health is like the difference between smoking filtered and un-filtered cigarettes. One will kill you faster than the other...but you're just as dead if you smoke 'em long enough.

While the government refuses to acknowledge its own folly, the FDA recently sent warnings to 29 fruit growers for claiming health benefits found in their fruits, including reports of pain relief that many experience after drinking tart cherry juice. According to the FDA warning, "articles intended for use in the diagnosis, cure, mitigation, treatment or prevention of disease in man-are drugs." Cherries are now drugs, and therefore they are now in need of more regulations.

Isn't it wonderful that we have an organization such as the FDA looking out for us and protecting us from unscrupulous fruit growers who would DARE to make unfounded and non-peer-reviewed-researched health claims for their produce?!!?

Friday, November 13, 2009

Sheeple Watching - FUPA

The second in a series of random observations and fleeting thoughts that flit through my mind lately whenever I walk about in public and observe the average, brainwashed, indoctrinated and oblivious American Sheeple.

The Definition of Insanity

Most people have heard of the old "The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting it to come out different."

The old maxim popped in my head the other day while I was standing in line at the grocery store, watching a FUPA in front of me loading up her purchases onto the checkout stand's conveyor belt.

For those unfamiliar with the term, FUPA stands for Fat Upper Pubic Area. In other words...not typically overweight people, not even obese people...but morbidly obese folks.

And it seems like there are more and more of them everywhere I go.

Now lest you think I'm taking this opportunity to cruelly point the finger of ridicule on the morbidly obese, let me make myself clear: seeing such people makes me sad and angry. I'm NOT engaging in an exercise of cruelly indulging in personal character-diminishing schadenfreude here.

I'm sad and angry that we live in a society and culture for which lies and propaganda propagated for a wide variety of reasons, has resulted in a populace of people that have been slowly poisoning themselves to death on foods under the mistaken notions of what is and what is not a nutritious and healthy diet.

And while I do feel pity at the victims of these lies and propaganda, I still hold people to a standard based on my own values of personal accountability. Which brings me back to my observations of the FUPA lady piling up her assorted grocery choices onto the conveyor belt at the checkout stand and my opening quote about the definition of insanity...

Why can't this lady, like millions of other people out there who are morbidly obese, make the connection between all of the food products she's buying and consuming, and her state of extremely ill health?

Her cart was overflowing with diet cola, fat free frozen "Weight watchers" dinners, fat free dessert cakes and crackers and chips, and fat free yogurt and fat free ice cream, along with meat and produce.

How many years can such people continue to buy and eat this garbage, and see the kind of results that look back at them in the mirror every day? Is it not INSANE?

Take a look at any packaged, processed food item found on the shelves of the grocery store...most of these products have some sort of label indicating "fat free" or "Lite" or "Low Fat."

As I've written extensively on in the past, one of the biggest lies ever promulgated by the giant Food processing industry was the implications via marketing slogans and promotions on their labels that eating "FAT" makes you fat. There are literally thousands of products in grocery stores that all promote this absolute lie.

Hell, you can actually buy ground meat that is CHEAPER because there's more fat in it's content.

And you have people, herded to their grocery stores like sheep, mindlessly buying these products and eating them...thinking they are at least trying to do something about their dreadful health problems associated with morbid obesity...and actually contributing further to their problems.

Than they get desperate and resort to literal modern day butchery procedures like bariatric surgery, to try and fix a problem...rather than actually deal with taking an objective look at their dietary choices and come to the rational conclusion that eating all of this fat free and lite foods ISN'T WORKING!

But I guess the conventional wisdom and current zeitgeist as promoted endlessly by our mass media culture is too powerful a force to overcome.

There's a reason why large scale dairy producers have a vested interest in selling and promoting all of this 'fat free' and 'lite' dairy products: all of the butterfat is the primary ingredient in producing the highest quality ice cream and butter..which of course sells at a premium price.

And what better way to make a fortune off of both ends of the spectrum than to take the fat from the dairy to produce a premium priced dessert foods and taking the leftover, de-fatted, de-flavored, and de-vitalized by-products, add a bunch of sugar and perhaps natural and artificial flavors, and than sell it as health food? And millions of fat and obese people buy this stuff thinking it will help them in their futile battle of the bulge that they are so obviously losing...

The situation here is absolutely ludicrous...I still have a hard time accepting that people are so deluded and brainwashed by marketers and duplicitous government agencies that have colluded with processed food manufacturers and giant agricultural corporations into promulgating such dietary lies, that they are unable to make the connection between their ever expanding waistline and all of that fat free, lite "food" they're buying and eating?

I almost wanted to grab this lady by her shoulders and point to her grocery choices and than point to her FUPA and ask her if she can't figure out why she's buying all of this "health" food and not getting healthy? HELLO?!?!? IS THERE ANYBODY HOME?

It disgusts me.

Worse yet, I cannot be too judgemental, because it was only about 4 years ago that I myself awakened from the blue-pill reality of our matrix-like existence.

I was developing my own unhealthy deposit of belly fat and a double chin while shopping exactly like this lady I was observing.

I was drinking diet soda every day.

Eating "low fat, low sodium" turkey bacon.

Ground Turkey substituted for all of our recipes that called for ground beef...because they were "leaner."

Sustitute sour cream. Fat free yogurt. Substitute sour cream that was "lite." Fat free Coffee Mate "cream." Fat free soy milk instead of real milk. My wife and I were buying and consuming this artificially produced CRAP for YEARS.

I graduated from High School weighing 155 lbs.

Only when I hit 220 lbs. at 32 years of age, and had to begin contemplating buying new clothes to accommodate my expanding waistline, did I finally take a good hard look at my diet and come to the conclusion that something wasn't quite right...I finally asked the questions about the conventional wisdom I had unwittingly followed for years:

What if it had all been a big fat lie?

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

A Woman's Nation Changes Everything

Welcome to our Brave New World Order folks, because it’s certainly a very different world for everyone than it was just one generation ago. James Brown once soulfully wailed “This is a MAAAAN’S WORLD….but it wouldn’t be nuthin’ without a woman to care!”

My how the times have changed.

We now have Maria Shriver exultantly declaring “It’s a Woman’s Nation!”

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